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Security and Safety in the Motorhome
Senior Discounts and Free Entries
Replacing your Passport
Pitfalls of 'Full-timing'
Margaret's Lemon Drops
Travelling in Green Card Countries
Web Guides to Campsites in Europe
The Henry Love Page
Staged Accidents
Mobile Phone Tips
TV Standards Worldwide
BBC Radio in Mainland Europe
Hints & Tips for Cleaning
Speed Limits in the UK
Gas Attacks (MMM)
The Use of the EHIC in Europe (Don Madge)
Medical and Dental Treatment for Long-term Travellers
Maggie's Packing List
LPG Cylinders in the EU
German Pollution Badge
Legal Requirements in Europe
Third World Travel by Motorhome?
Sensitive Travelling in Less Developed Countries
Albania: Response to GB Privilege
Maps & SatNav (Ian Shires)
Travel Tips from Ian Shires
Ian Shires on Photography
Some Thoughts on Downsizing (Don Madge)
Free Camping in the UK
Seat Belt Use in Europe
Advice for the Victim of Attack
Internet on the Move
Our Vodafone Complaints
LPG in Europe
Stopovers on Farms etc in Europe
MTC Complaint
Home Guard Employment
Advice for Australian Motorhomers in Europe
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  • Copy of Marquis Malpractice  ( 11 articles )
    This is the story of how Marquis Motorhomes failed to deal with any of the several complaints we made arising from their mis-advertising and mis-selling of an overweight motorhome from their South Yorkshire branch and how they refused to refund the money we had paid without inordinate delay and draconian conditions.