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Return from Greece Spring 2016
Return to England Spring 2014
ACSI Reviews for Campsites in Italy and Sicily
In Sicily Winter 2013-14
In Italy Winter 2013-14
Newsletter: Among the Ancients
Free Camping in Sicily (The Homewoods)
Spain to England via the Balkans (Audrey Pocock)
Webbs in Sicily 2013
The Rudds on the Road to Turkey 2012
Winter Ferries from Italy to Greece
From Greece to the UK April 2011
Tour d'Italia 2011 (The Dears)
Greece to Tunisia via Sicily 2010
UK-Tunisia-UK Summary
Lest We Forget
The Barkers in Sardinia 2009
From Bulgaria to the UK 2009
The Barkers in Sicily
Don Madge in Sardinia 2004
The Webbs in Sardinia 2008
Autumn Journey 2007
A Balkan Journey Dec 2006
Road to Venice 2006
Return to the UK 2006
Travels in the Far South East of Italy
2003 March (Wales, England, France, Italy, Greece)
2001 October (Italy, Greece)
2001 September (France, Italy)
2000 January (France, Italy, Greece)
1998 September (Corsica, Italy, Switzerland, Germany)
1998 May (Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica)
1998 April (Italy)
1998 March (Greece, Italy)
Across France and Italy to Greece January 2006
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