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Camping Athens 2010 (Don Madge) PDF Printable Version E-mail



Don Madge
July 2010

For those planning a trip to Athens, this site is ideal for visiting all the city's attractions. The bus stop is close to the site entrance. It is also very convenient for Piraeus Port, 4 miles.

Camping Athens

GPS co-ords:  N38.008590  E23.671996

Large garden-type site with its entrance off an 8-lane dual carriageway. There is some road noise during the day but it's reasonably quiet at night.

Only a very small part of the site was in use; there were six units during our short (19/20 March 2010) visit.

The English-speaking staff were very helpful.


Camper, two persons and electricity:

Up to 31/03/2010   28 per night

After 31/03/2010   29 per night.

There are no discounts available but they do accept the plastic.

This includes WiFi, with the best signal close to the office.

Site Facilities

Toilets very good, showers adequate, all very clean. Could be stretched in high season.

Shop and restaurant open in the high season.

There are no washing machines available.

Local Amenities

There are two supermarkets and an ATM within walking distance of the site.

ATM: Turn left out of gate, Eurobank ATM on left, 10 minute walk.

Small supermarket: Turn left out of gate, on left, 5 minute walk.

Large AB Supermarket: Turn right out of gate, on right, 15 minute walk.


LPG is available within 2 miles.

GPS co-ords:  N37.99304  E23.69742

The BP filling station looks like a scrap yard. As you enter the site, the LPG pump is directly in front of you. We paid 0.69 per litre.

While we were waiting our turn, they refilled a large Camping Gaz bottle and a local 13 kg bottle. They had a set of adapters that would fit most bottles, including Calor gas bottles.


When you drive out of the campsite you must turn right. Within 200 metres there is a set of traffic lights where you can do a u-turn.

We have been in Greece now for five days and I've noticed that many filling stations do not now accept credit cards.

Safe travelling.