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LPG in Greece

Barry Williamson and Other Motorhomers
Updated March 2015

The latest (March 2015) information we found on LPG stations in Greece is at:


This site has a searchable map and downloadable co-ordinates. 

There is also the Google map with marked LPG stations:


After searching in vain in the southeastern corner of the Peloponnese, we also found an AVIN station with LPG at Nea Kios on the way into Nafplio: N 37.58919  E 22.75850. This is a modern spacious station, with good service and LPG at a cost of €0.87 or £0.62 per litre. 

Previously, we wrote: 

Greece used to vie with Finland and Sweden for the lack of facilities to refill LPG tanks. Finland has none, Sweden has only 13 or so. Greece now has over a hundred!. The Scandinavian countries have the excuse that LPG has a low vapour pressure, or none at all, at low temperatures. The excuse in Greece used to be that only taxis have been allowed to run on LPG, now many Greeks are switching to LPG given the price of petrol.

In fact, for many years in Greece, it was impossible to own a diesel-powered car or any sort of van, unless you were a business! Now Greek motorists are allowed to change over to LPG in their cars and LPG stations are opening all over the country.

On 12 April 2012 we discovered that the new petrol station next to the Lidl store in Amaliada was now open. In its spacious yard it sold petrol, diesel and LPG all at a good price! It lies between Lidl and the main road, on the left as you drive towards Amaliada from the traffic lights. The co-ordinates are: N 37º 46.917´ E 21º 19.318´. The main road in question runs from Pyrgos north towards Patras, with Amaliada off to the right (east).

On 12 January 2012, Ian Manzie wrote:

"A gas update: There is a new (opened last September) autogas filling station at N 37.5923, E 22.7827 near Nafplio –take the coast road west and turn right up a side road. There are signs: larger units may find it a bit difficult getting out!! Guy was very friendly and welcoming: uses CLAW type fitting.

There is a new site on the west of Corinth but we were refused on the grounds the gas wasn't to propel the vehicle!!"

Thanks, Ian

On the 13th of August, 2011, Damian wrote the following:

"You may like to update the information about LPG stations in Greece as it is a little bit outdated. Here's a totally updated POI's list for AutoGas stations in Greece:

http://index.pois.gr/google.asp?SubCatID=143   (map)

http://index.pois.gr/search.asp?OrderBy=Categories.Category&Find=AutoGas (list)

http://index.pois.gr/poicard.asp?POI_ID=143  (POI's for various navigation applications).

About 100 LPG stations so far!"

This is the zoomable map:


Map of 98 LPG Locations in Greece

This is excellent news and we are very grateful to Damian for passing it on. It supersedes some of the information given below.

The excellent Hungarian website POI Plaza lists 41 LPG Stations in Greece. Some of these we recognise, but not all can be guaranteed as being operational.

The free website, not even requiring a login and password, covers many countries worldwide, many SatNav devices and lists POIs in many categories: http://poiplaza.com/index.php?p=co

The page which gives access to POIs for LPG stations in Greece is: http://poiplaza.com/index.php?p=sdb&d=5454&lstpg=ds&lsts=_LSTS_

The website also provides a zoomable Google map of the POIs. Here, on a small scale, is the map for the claimed 41 LPG stations in Greece:


Location of POI Plaza LPG Stations in Greece

For detailed information on the location of an LPG station near Camping Athens, have a look at Don Madge's article.

Barry and Ruth Ward add the following information about a new LPG source in Patras:

“There is a new LPG filling station in Patras. It is well signposted, part of a normal petrol station, and (like the Tripoli outlet) appears to have invested in workshops for converting vehicles to LPG.

We filled up there last night (21 May 2011) and they were charging €0.80 a litre.

It is on the main water front road (Akti Dymaion) near to the junction with Idomeneos, a hundred yards or so south west of a Lidl.

The coordinates are :  N 38.20552    E 021.71078”

Thank you, Barry and Ruth

In December 2010, Danes Lars and Erling Anderson let us know about an LPG station in northern Greece, near the town of Kanali. It's on road 21, north of Preveza, south of Filipiada and west of Arta. The co-ordinates are: N 39°09'49", E20°51'55". Thank you, Lars and Erling.

We are indebted to Andy Newton who had the skill and the patience to find and disentangle the information in this German website. For more information on this important topic have a look at another contemporary article on this website: LPG in Europe.

Thanks to Andy, we now know of a place near Tripolis (on the main road/motorway from Sparta to Corinth) which specialises in selling LPG.

Andy writes:

If you come into Tripolis from Sparta, you go under the new Athens road (the motorway). After 1/4 mile take the first right, and almost immediately right again, and you are heading back in the Sparta direction. Directly after going under the Athens road, turn left on an unmade road. The autogas station is 100 yards.

In short, it is right beside the Athens road, but not accessible from it. It sells only LPG (so it is not a sideline to petrol and diesel) and appears to refill anything if there's an adapter. They didn't have an adapter for UK autogas, but I did. It probably only works standard hours, but I didn't check that.

Because we had been miserly with the gas, not knowing if we could refill, we only used 11 litres in 3 weeks - half  a tank, so we could have got home without a refill if necessary, with gas to spare.

The address is:

Hellas Gas D. Paraskevopoulos
4th km Tripolis-Pyrgou

+30(0)2710-411 730”

In November 2010, Peter Highe wrote in his article on this website:

"Yesterday we set off for Tripoli in search of Autogas, taking the route due north towards the new motorway extension west from Tripoli. Our map suggested that we would pick the motorway up at Loutro, north of Meropi, but it is nowhere near finished. We stayed on the old N road over the mountains until, just north of Paradhisia, we did join the motorway which is now open all the way to Tripoli and cost €4.50. We left the motorway at the Teghea/Sparta junction and followed the instructions given by Andy Newton which were spot on. The GPS co-ordinates are N37.496108 E22.38783 but our TomTom tried to take us via dirt track, so be careful. The LPG station is actually on a dirt track beside the motorway. We needed our (French) dish adaptor and they were happy to fill loose bottles, as well as cars and our Gaslow installation. Autogas was €0.78 a litre."