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Camping around Istanbul (B Williamson) PDF Printable Version E-mail

Camping in or Near Istanbul

Barry and Margaret Williamson
February 2011

For a recent update about the two places to camp right in the tourist centre of Istanbul, click:

Camping in Istanbul 2012

An email from Henry Love asking for information on camping in or near Istanbul stimulated the following search. We hope that you also find it useful.

The situation has been confused of late with the closure of Atakoy Camping, sadly missed, and undertainty about Londra Camping.

We hope that this article clarifies the situation and opens up another possibility: a guarded 24-hour car park only a 15-minute walk from the Blue Mosque.

Ataköy Camping: This campsite on the Sea of Marmara was the nearest to the city centre but it is now closed and the land used to build apartments.

Londra Camping Otel: Now closed and used for TIR truck parking and could be OK also for motorhomes. In Istanbul, west of the centre and out towards the airport. Click here for a map.

Guarded Car Park: In the centre of Istanbul, on the Fisherman's Quay, 15 minute walk from the Blue Mosque.
See the following on our website:
http://www.magbaztravels.com/content/view/870/30/ and http://www.magbaztravels.com/content/view/1028/30/

Istanbul Mocamp: West of Istanbul, near the main road and just north of the Sea of Marmara.
See map and more on this ACSI site:

Semizkum Mocamp: West of Istanbul, on the Sea of Marmara and not far from the Istanbul Mocamp.
See map and more on this ACSI site:

Mistik Camping: On the Black Sea, 35 km East of Istanbul (45 minutes by public transport).
This is their own website:  

Good Summary on the Google Map:

Click here for a link to the map.

On 15 July 2011, Henry Love wrote:

To find the secure car park near the key sights, aim for the big white tower on the sea front.

Key points to consider - Istanbul traffic is very dense and driving requires high concentration, so best attempt to find it when reasonably well rested. The car park is just that: you will have minimum space, it will be noisy and if it is hot weather then you will share your peace with radios, traffic and kids in the adjacent playground.

The Selimpassa campsite (west of the city) is two and a half hours of public transport away. The northern site is two hours away and, although close to beach and shops, is very basic with cold water showers and all Turkish toilets.