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Andy and Mandy in Morocco

Andy and Mandy Lawrence
August 2011

The following note was sent to us by Andy and Mandy, experienced motorhomers accustomed to towing a car behind their Autotrail. However, they left the car on the Spanish mainland for their one-month tour of Morocco.

We`ve towed the car (behind the motorhome) overseas before, in France, Spain and Portugal without incident, so we will do the same again (to Croatia and the Balkans) with our fingers crossed! We decided not to take it to Morocco, so left it at a campsite near Tarifa for the month we were in Morocco. I`ll quickly give you our impressions on the subject.

We saw quite a few cars being towed, mostly French, and mostly by people using the main motorways/routes to reach their destination. The Motorways are first class, so in this situation we see no problem. We went off the main routes with our 24 ft Autotrail and experienced varying qualities of road surface, but nothing that wasn't quite driveable. However, we did experience potholes that were real suspension destroyers and roads that, because of the width of the surfaced area, required both vehicles to drop a wheel onto an unsurfaced area alongside. This my husband did, without problem. Had we had another vehicle behind with a different tracking width, it would have been far less easy to dodge the holes and certainly far less relaxing!

I don't think we'd have used the car much anyway. Public transport, including taxis, was so cheap, why bother taking your vehicle into the cut and thrust of Moroccan city driving? The Marrakesh campsite ran its own minibus in and out regularly. In more rural areas, there often wasn't anything in particular that we would have wanted to drive to anyway. Part of going to Morocco is the travelling through varied scenery and we did that, as we were driving our motorhome, anyway. We did use our bikes to explore locally.