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By Tandem through the Indian Himalayas (John Rhodes) PDF Printable Version E-mail
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John Rhodes   (New Zealand)

In 2004, NZ11_(109)_Goodbye_to_John_and_Ann.JPGJohn and Ann Rhodes of Greytown in the south of New ZNZ11_(106)_Johns_Tandem_Apollo.JPGealand's North Island, pedalled their tandem Apollo across the grain of the Indian Himalaya from Shimla through Manali to Ladakh. This account of their travels has been developed by John from emails he sent to friends during that journey.

Both now enjoying retirement, John and Ann regularly take time out from their smallholding to sample the pains and joys of cycling and walking in the more challenging parts of the world. And that includes the mountains and gorges of their native New Zealand, where John edits a magazine for walkers (or 'trampers' as the Kiwis call them).

In the photograph, Margaret (centre) says farewell to Ann and John in their home town. The tandem 'Apollo' is seen at rest in John's well-equipped workshop.