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Winter in Greece 2012 PDF Printable Version E-mail

Winter in Greece 2012

Barry and Margaret Williamson
March 2012

Our winterGreece_(12).JPG hibernation and annual financial recuperation took place in the Greek Peloponnese after a long, slow journey from England. We spent 3 weeks at Camping Ionion Beach in the northwest of the Peloponnese and over 2 months at Camping Finikes at the far southern end of the Messinian Peninsula. Our activities included cycling, walking, writing, reading, planning and interacting with locals, fellow campers andGreece_(12a).JPG expatriate friends. At Finikes we hired a car for 4 weeks which greatly extended the range of these activities.

Not least, we closely followed the events of the ongoing Greek Tragicomedy through local TV, online newspapers, the weekly English-language Athens News, Radio Four via the internet and endless conversations with almost every interested person we met. A summary of what we saw and experienced of the crisis can be seen at: What's Different in Greece in 2012?

Leaving Greece will be hard to do: any and everywhere else will be an anticlimax. 

For a visual record of our Greek Winter, Click any of the following:

48 Photographs of Travels in the Southern Peloponnese in a Gallery and Slide Show

YouTube Video of Visits to Waterfalls near Schinolaka and near Haravgi

YouTube Video of Camping Finikes in Finikounda on a Blustery Day

The two videos were made by Ian and Judit with whom we spent many a happy hour in travel and in discussion. Their motorhoming life is very well described and illustrated in their own website.

In due course we plan to return to England by an even longer and slower route, taking a ferry from France to Ireland and then into Scotland and down into England. We'll see!