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796 Readers' Comments PDF Printable Version E-mail



Updated January 2018

Here, in chronological order, are some of the emailed comments we have received from readers and users of this website. To add yours, please Contact Us

Chris & Colin Piper (England): We have been keen followers of your site ever since we bought our first van in 2009, and have enjoyed trips to many European countries. Our best wishes to you both.

Katherine & James Klune (England): Thank you so much for taking the time to help us on our Greek adventure. I did chuckle at the Greek campsite article .... the campsite we stayed at in Meteora fitted the description.

Bob & Lyn Smith (Australia): We used your open all year campsite information and found it very useful - thank you. We travelled in Greece during November and first week of December 2017 and thought we'd provide our feedback to help keep the information as current as possible. Hope this helps keep your excellent information updated, and thanks again for going to the trouble of creating it - it was very very helpful. Excellent. Glad to have put something back into an effort on your part that we really appreciated having access to.  Have a great time in Greece, your spot looks like most of the Greek beaches - fabulous. All the best and congrats on the blog - it looks great.

John & Lesley Jefferis (England): Good to hear from you and wishing you both well for Christmas and the New Year.

Steve & Bev Dalton (England): Read you blog and travel info. Very informative and helpful. We took your advice and stayed at Ionion Beach and then moved on to Corinth where there is a great little campsite. If you come down this way, please give us a knock. Can't miss us.

George Cook (Scotland): Good to hear you are both in fine fettle and still loving your life on the road. I was sorry that our paths didn't cross this summer, but maybe next year. Next year I am thinking that I will leave the UK earlier and stay away longer. Any thoughts or suggestions from you guys would be warmly welcomed.

Jenny & Keith Dear (England): Many thanks for your reply to our mail and very glad to be assured you are still enjoying your travels!  Inconceivable really that this would not be the case of course.  Also many thanks for your kind words about our meeting (in Romania in 2006).  Halcyon days indeed, we have very fond memories too. Thanks for the articles on security, we will be studying these in fine detail before our next trip. Happy Travels as always.

Kevin Petrey (Colombia): Been following your site for a while now! I'm currently living in Medellin, Colombia and am thinking about a type of a vehicle for a 6 month to 1 yr trip around South America. We are 2 people and a small dog. I see you went through many type of vehicles. I was thinking a Sprinter van or a truck and build a tear-drop type enclosed trailer. What say you?

Natalie (England): Just writing to say thank you for the driving safety material you've got on your page (here: http://www.magbaztravels.com/content/view/1602/368/ ). It's been really refreshing to find up-to-date resources - you're a big help! Of course, I'd also love to hear anything else you recommend.

Jim, Marianne & Tess the dog (Scotland & the Netherlands): Thanks for your speedy reply. I thought it was very strange (a threatening notice in Methoni banning camping) as I lived here on a yacht between 2004 and 2014 cruising all the Greek Islands and it seemed so "UNGREEK". I can't think of a better word.

Yves Benett (England): Thanks ever so much, Barry, for your mail. What a life! I wish you the best of health and strength and continuing fulness of life -and hopefully we might meet when you are back here.

Alan & Lynn Parkin (England): You published our email about the Neum gap a long time ago. Hope your travels continue and congratulations on the excellence of your site which we have visited often. Best wishes

Martin & Kate Weaver (Bulgaria/Portugal): Hope all is well with you and life is running within acceptable parameters. Thanks for including us in your mailings, or is it bloggings? Anyway, we really enjoy your output and your take on Brexit is aligned perfectly with ours. All the best to you.

Don Madge (England): Hope all is well with you. I've just read your trip log to Portugal, there is a way for foreign tourists to pay the E tolls, we used them quite a lot. Safe travelling.

Pam Payne (Australia): Hi Barry, I've really enjoyed wandering around your Brompton comments this morning! Thanks for taking the time to read this, Barry! I have enjoyed your website and will be back! Kind regards from Terranora NSW, thankfully on the hill and safe from recent flood waters.

Bob Hussey (Spain): Nice pics, and good to see you on the bikes (even with tiny tyres, ha ha ha). I think all borders should be abolished along with flags, can't see it happening though. Take care. www.fatbikes-españa.com

Pauline Wardle (New Zealand): How lovely...thanks for sharing your sense of humour and great to see you are both still on bikes. What a wonderful border. I have pulled out of BBH now and just have cyclists through the Kennett brothers cycling book and recommendations from our local pub. Love to you both.

Ian Inglis (Scotland): Wow Barry, thank you for summing up how I feel and so eloquently put. Mayday seems good to me! I think here in Scotland at least, we have the vestiges of a lifeboat. Well I think we have because the disaster that is Theresa seems intent on puncturing our last hope of safety. The boat is called Indyref 2 by the way, although I feel confident you have already worked that out! Love and peace.

Pamela Green (Wales): I really like your detailed list of wild camping places, as we look for just this type of opportunity with our Fiat Ducato campervan. However, apart from one rogue listing for Carmarthen amongst the England listings, there seems not to be a Wales list...can this be correct?

Jeff (England): I am motivated by your travels. I am considering a caravan, rather than motorhome. My wife & I are obsessed cyclists and see caravanning as a base for month-long cycling trips in Europe.

Dennis Spearing (England): Hi both! We are travelling to Scandinavia with our motor home May/June this year and wondered if you have visited Finland at this time of year and if so did you have any problems with midges? Any other tips and advice for our trip would be much appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation.

Audrey Valentzas (USA): Happy New Year, Barry and Margaret, trying to imagine a saner, more balanced world in 2018. Fondly, Audrey

Dennis & Julia Harley (England): Hi Barry and Margaret, We do hope that you are both well and happy. Wondering where you are at the moment? No doubt we'll hear in due course. Have a super Christmas and New Year. Best wishes.

Flo & Mike Stevens (England): Hope you are both in good health. You are probably thinking of going to stay somewhere for Christmas. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, have a nice Christmas and happy New Year. And hope it's a better Year for all of us. Look after each other and be happy.

Louis Kenyon (England): What a wonderful photo! I just wanted to say that I hope you are not at all impeded in your travels, if the invocation of Article 50 goes ahead (it is going ahead – but where to?), and I wish you both the best. Lots of love.

Helen & David Homewood (France): When you sent that email from Aranjuez, we were in fact in Nerja for a month. Where are you now? Brexit, then America is Trumped. Hope your (tenant) problems are resolved, and Bonne Continuation for 2017!

Thelma & Howson Gush (Australia):  We are most impressed with your cycling from Perth to Brissie, what an achievement. Anyway just a quick thank you so much for the guidance.

Michael & Norma Henderson (Australia):  In any event, your web site remains a fundamental source of inspiration for us, and goes from strength to strength.  

Shawn Michaels (USA): Thanks Barry and Margaret. I really appreciate that. Sharing your website with my 43K Twitter followers. All the best in your business. Either way keep up the good work with MagBaz travels.

John Punshon (England): Just to let you know that your post has been removed from the CaravanTimes website due to it breaking forums rules. Think it was down to naming and shaming. Just thought give you the heads up. (This refers to us telling something of our nightmare interactions with Marquis Motorhomes).

Philip Letts (England): Thank you for your Reflections on 2016 which I enjoyed reading and 'chapeau' as the French would say for accomplishing so much! Regards, and good luck.

Kathy & Rick Howe (USA): We hold the two of you in the highest regard.  I believe the four of us share many thoughts and opinions. I certainly agree with the comment that traditional satire has been eclipsed. Stay with us.

Bob Burns (USA): It is great to read about your adventures. I thought of you when I read this.

Mrs & Mr Ramaswamy Saraswathy (India and the USA): Your mail gave me real strength and valour. Wherever I go or whom so ever I meet, I always used to talk about you. Let me tell you honestly Barry, I was just shedding tears while going through your mail. I am proud of you being a friend. You are God's gift to us and have touched our hearts and both of you have influenced our life and attitude.

Gary (Camping Asseiceira, Marvao, Portugal): Yes, lots of space for you.

Steve Clarke (Australia): I would like to thank you for a very detailed email, it was great reading and really helped guide me along my way. I had anticipated just a few bullet points highlighting the differences but the detailed reasons and options went a long way to pointing me to where, I think, I will want to go. Be careless.

Belinda Munday (Australia and Greece): Having recently found your website, I wanted to let you know what a great resource it is to travellers like us and thank you for making it available. I am sitting here this evening on the beach front at Ionion Camping and noticed your photo from almost this position! Thanks again for the site and I will continue to read and become enthused by your adventure. 

James, Julie, Imogen & Oliver Diver (Camping Route 45, Hamerdal, Sweden): Hope you are having a fab time on your travels. All the best.

John Foster (Republic of Ireland): Good morning dear 'Magbaz'!  Thank you for your e-mail, I always enjoy hearing your news and am flattered to hear you are keeping up with our limited wanderings through my occasional posts to 'Unreasonablejottings'. Now you are, 'On the Road Again' - a song I long ago chose to be played at my funeral (Willie Nelson – my daughters loath me playing it!) - I look forward to further posts at 'Magbaztravels'. My love to you both, as ever.

Susana  Oldershaw (Portugal): Just to say great to meet you today and what an interesting life. Had a look at your website and how I really miss my travels. Happy and safe travel across Portugal!

Rob Prosk (Greece): Love your website, thanks for keeping it going. Just thinking, I remember reading articles you wrote for MMM back in the days when it was worth buying the magazine and John Hunt, I think, was the editor (yes, he was, along with Audrey Hunt).

James Diver (Camp Route 45, Hammerdal, Sweden): Simply fabulous, thank you for making me smile again today. It is an honour to have met you both.

Martin Smith (England): Would you be kind enough to add a link to the campsites.co.uk search engine on your useful links page please?

Nicole Johnson (Australia) Thank you kindly for your response. It's appreciated that you have offered your assistance; support in times like these is always helpful.

Sarah Buckle (England): How nice to hear from you, and exciting to get an email from Swedish Lapland.

Kerry Reed (Scotland): Again thank you so much for the information you have shared with us.

Robert Davies (England): I was just browsing motorhome and travel blogs when I stumbled across Mag Baz Travels and I think you have an awesome travel site!

Bob Hussey (Fat Bikes, Spain): Hola! como estais? I've put your photo on instagram today and it's getting lots of likes and comments. Hope all is well , reading more of your stories when time permits, amazing, really glad I bumped into you. https://instagram.com/p/BPm8qG_AQep/. I've had a good read on your website, particularly liked the idea of why you're travelling, agree that most people are going through the motions without thinking. Take care and never stop.

Steve Clarke (Australia): I have enjoyed reading about your adventures and am contemplating travelling around Europe and/or The States in the near future. I read your comparison about Caravans versus Motorhomes and agreed with your assessment about the relative advantages of the caravan. I see that you have gone back to using a Motorhome and I was wondering why your change of heart? I would be keen to hear a brief reasoning as I would like to start my research off by heading in the right direction from the start.

Susan & Nigel Dalgety (in Greece): We have found your Greek articles a huge help, as is the rest of your site, and we just want to say thanks for the insight and inspiration. We have given you another (well-deserved) plug in our blog today. We summarised our brief winter in Greece, and credited you with pointing us in the right direction for many of the sites. Thanks for highlighting European Nomad, she sounds an interesting woman, I will try and get in touch with her. Stay in touch, and who knows we may meet somewhere in the EU over the next few months. We have added you to our short list of sites that we look to for advice and/or information. Here's the link: http://wp.me/P7Ue72-e9

Jorgos und Familie  (George and the Fligos Family, Ionion Beach Camping, Greece):

Kalimera, Hallo Barry and Margaret, Vielen Dank ueber eurem e-mail und fuer die netten Gruessen. Bei uns ist Alles in Ordnung, wir haben der ganze Dezember sonnige Tage aber sehr kalt in der Fruehe und am Abend, und jetzt seit eine Woche immer wieder bischen Schnee und kein Wind sondern kalt bis zum 0 und minos Grad. Ich freue mich auf eine Wiedersehen, ich wuensche euch schoene Zeit und natuerlich auch eine Gesundes Neues Jahr 2017! Mit den besten Gruessen

Margaret translates: “Good morning, Hallo Barry and Margaret, Many thanks for your email and for the nice greetings. All is well here. We had sunny days all through December but very cold in the evening and night, and for the last week a bit of snow and no wind, with temperatures of 0°C and below. I look forward to seeing you again, I wish you a good time and of course a healthy New Year 2017. Best wishes, George.”

Ramachandran Sarasram (USA): Wish you and Margaret a very happy New Year. It was simply fascinating to see your mail ,after a long time. I was just remembering those good old days in Chennai, India. Hope to see you. With love from your good old friend Ramachandran and family.

Alan Gentle (England): This made me smile. Apologies for the direct reply. I suspect my uncle (Malcolm Hill) is operating at his technical limits, and the fine points of blind copies and image compression are beyond him. As for his anti EU views, held while he enjoys all the benefits of EU integration, I don't think there are any manuals or upgrades available ...

Karen Ashmore (England): I received your email in which you were ranting at Malcolm (Hill). That's absolutely fine of course & I actually agree with you but no need to send it to us.

We don't have anything to do with him & only met him briefly about seven years ago!

David & Susan Martin (Yorkshire): Hello travellers, glad to hear from you. Your letter was read to gasps of astonishment. Firstly we were surprised that once you'd crossed the channel you weren't sure whether you would turn left for Greece or right for Portugal. By golly you must be an intrepid pair! However what really grabs my attention was the fact that your first long-distance trip in Australia seems to be from Cairns to Perth. Now that's not truly remarkable, I suppose, until you tell us that you did it by bicycle! (Actually, we cycled from Perth to Brisbane.)

Carol & John Finnegan (England and Bulgaria): Hi guys, Really lovely to hear from you as always. We love to hear your stories of your travel experiences, and we hope to meet up with you both this year sometime in Bulgaria. You're more than welcome to stay at our new house in Jerusalimovo.

Michael Henderson (USA): Many thanks for the recommendation. Your site Magbaz has been an essential guide for our touring for ten years now. Very best regards to you both.

Chris & Gill (Canada): Always nice to hear about your journey. Also, thanks for the links - we do need to consider security matters. If you think Brexit is a problem (which it is), we live 60 km from America and the soon to be new President. One twitter from him and the world is back into a nuclear arms race. We truly live in a 'post truth' society. Anyway we will follow your blog and if by chance we find ourselves close by sometime will be in contact. All the best to you both for what should be an interesting 2017.

Martin & Shirley Jeffes (Sakar Hills Camping, Bulgaria): Our little tour took us through Macedonia via Lake Ohrid and the Roman ruins at Heraclea, non-stop across Albania including the madness that is Tirane, then into Montenegro, which came as a delightful surprise. We stayed at Kotor for four days, then pushed on up the coast to Dubrovnik and so on to Split, Zadar and eventually Senj, where we turned inland and went to the Plitvice Lakes, which is one of our favourite spots. Stayed our last night away just inside Croatia, then, next day, Serbia and home by evening. 2200 miles in 13 days. Don't get me started on Brexit !!! 

Ella Dediu (Romania, Dorna Eco Campsite): We have found your site on Internet and we appreciate you very much for your good advice and ideas, your extensive travels, and your effort of assembling a very useful (useful even for us, Romanians) list of campsites, not only in Romania.

Max Barnard (Germany): Thanks so much once again for the super tips and the photo, it really helped contribute to a great article: http://www.wayfair.co.uk/Inspiration/The-Ultimate-Caravan-Design-Guide-E10832. I predict you are having a fabulous time on the road somewhere.

Ian Manzie (France): I like your method to avoid the south of England. A great route if you have time/money. England is in our experience the worst country for MHing out of the 29 we have stopped in!! Still would like and hope our paths cross sometime so sparks can fly!! Affectionately.

Stephanie Lynch (USA): I was doing some personal research and happened to land on your resources page - very informative by the way! Have a nice weekend.

Liz Palmer (Iceland): Thank you for my card. The North York Moors sounds wonderful. Have a wonderful day.

Mike Stergiopoulos (Greece): You are fantastic, every time we talk feel very happy. Also do not forget to tell you how much help me with your overall kindness. I wish you chronia polla and to have good health and see you for many more years. I will wait for you forever.

John Barton (England): Many thanks for your site, it has been a godsend over the years especially for Greece.

Pete Stevens (England): Using your site every day at the moment. Fine tuning my planning from your routes etc. Absolutely brilliant resource. Thanks for all the advice re LPG and once again thanks for all the information.

Sarah Buckle (England): Thanks so much for informing, inspiring and encouraging me through your site.

Bill Nicholson (England): My partner and I thank you very much for the Romanian campsite listing which we actually found to be more useful than some of the official guides.

Alan Bousfield (England): I have just purchased a motorhome so we have been looking on the internet for places that we could pull-up for the night. We came across your website and were very interested to see where you have managed over the year to travel.

 Jorgos Fligos (Ionion Beach Camping, Glyfa, Greece): Hallo Margaret and Barry, Very nice, when you come we make a small grill night in the restaurant with the other camping guests. Have a nice time and see you soon.

Allan & Michelle (Australia): Your reply was inspirational and has boosted our enthusiasm to push forward with our plans. Your web site is a wonderful place for us to see what can really be done in terms of travel.

Peter Charnley (Chairman, Huddersfield branch of Cyclists' Touring Club, England): Thank you for getting back to me. I have had a look at your website. It is inspirational. Over twenty years travelling, what adventures you must have had. Your tips are a good read too. I will go through them all. Yesterday I enjoyed reading about the advantages of a van and caravan over a motor home. If you do plan to spend a little time in Huddersfield and you would like to give a presentation on your travels to Huddersfield CTC I am sure there would be considerable interest amongst our members.

Leigh & Marg Gatt (New Zealand): I have just enjoyed reading 'The Macfarlane South American Odyssey 2009' on your website. Many thanks.

Tina & Peter Goodall Evetts (England): I've been trawling through all your travels and wishing my life away until April when we set off again. I just wanted to say how much we enjoy your writings and also find them very useful with all the information you add. Thank you, keep moving and have fun.

David Wallis (Indonesia): Nice words Barry and Margaret and how right you are about this experience we call life and for the opportunities (some planned some not) that we are fortunate and privileged to have touched. So motor on and all best wishes to you both on your travels. Selamat jalan dan selamat tahun baru.

Christine & Gary Jarvis (England): Congratulations to you on twenty years on the road! How wonderful it all sounds, and as you say, how rich. You clearly made a brilliant choice. It does not seem like twenty years. May your wheels keep turning.

David and Bryan (Bulgaria): Hi Barry and Margaret, it was lovely catching up today, we all really enjoyed it.

Peter Kennedy (New Zealand): Thank you for the excellent article.

John McEvoy (England): I am aiming to travel to Kyrgystan via Kazahkstan, Russia, Georgia Turkey, Balkans EU, and back via Russia, Belarus. Does anyone you know have any experience of the other places I am travelling to and can green cards be purchased at border crossings ? Thanks in anticipation (great site btw).

Chris Strawson (England): All my very best wishes to you both for Christmas and a peaceful and busy New Year. You too are an inspiration to me.

Gary & Sharron Stevenson (New Zealand): We love reading your articles. Thanks for such a speedy reply! We will look at your helpful links.

Martin & Kate Weaver (Bulgaria): We wish you good roads in 2016 or priatin put as they say here.

Penny Weal (Travelling in Sardinia): Hope your travels for 2015 have been good and wishing you a great 2016.

Mike & Janine Lewis (Wales): The two of you never cease to amaze us with your appetite for adventure over our planet whether it be on a bicycle, car, motorhome or on your own two feet. We believe that we will 'pass this way only once' so, like you, we will adventure whilst we can and whenever we can. When we were introduced to your website we certainly found a great deal of advice and inspiration to travel. Thank you for considering us as 'friends'. Our travels with our cat, Tigra, have taken us to 23 European countries (excluding UK). Don't worry, we can't challenge your travel history but we do enjoy reading about it. Hope our paths may cross one day out there in the big round world.

Pete Jenkins (England): Just to let you know that I have recently refined and updated the Greece map with a few additions and took the liberty of adding some of your comments for various entries to bring them up to date, hope you don't mind.

Joe McNally (Scotland): I guess your lifelong ability to adapt is priceless in times like this when you're in such a volatile country...a volatile world, I suppose.

Ken Goulson (England): I have read some of the comments on the website about Marquis Motorhomes. My nightmare began when I bought a new Autosleeper El Duo from them on 6th June last year, 2015. I wish I'd never gone near Marquis and parted with my hard earned £50k. Please no one else be as silly as I was buying a motorhome from them.

Bob Burgess (England): Yes ,we cannot compare with your quite remarkable travels but will be off again in early April for 6/8weeks. Really look forward to another years travelling, good luck with your adventures this year!

Johnny Badshirts (Camping Kromidovo, Bulgaria): Haha! Thanks. A cautionary tale indeed. Sounds interesting though and, short of the wall, could be just a sensible division of labours and opportunities. That's the hopeless idealist in me commenting.

Max Barnard (Germany): I'm creating an ultimate caravan guide and one topic I would love your help on. I know you have 20 years of travel experience and your blog is fascinating. I would love to get your expertise and insights to feature in my blog post.

Michalis Stergiopoulos (Greece): Thanks for your help and kindness, Dear friends Barry and Margaret.

Ian Inglis (Scotland): It would be great to catch up with you both if you are coming to my neck of the woods.

Chris Freeman (England): I read your site with much interest. I do probably overthink things but love the detail you provide. Your experience would be invaluable. Thanks for the comprehensive reply, which I will now digest.

John Karvelis ('En Plo' Beach Café and CamperStop, Aigio, Greece): Thank you for the publicity. This is really valuable to me, especially in the beginning. I am obliged to you & I hope to have the chance of a meeting with you & to offer you free hospitality & some cold beers or whatever you prefer. 

Pete Stevens (England): Using your site every day at the moment. Fine tuning my planning from your routes etc. Absolutely brilliant resource. Thanks for all the advice on LPG. I am really enjoying reading your articles and revising my route and campsites accordingly.

David Simonet (Australia): Thank you so much for your great info here. I'm very interested in your trip to Greece. We may explore this ourselves during winter this year. 

Peter Wilson (Scotland): Great to hear from you. Thanks also for the information on the Outer Hebrides. It has long been on my list of places to see. Happy trails on your journey.

Stuart (Sweden): Hejdo from Stuart. Nice to get such a quick response from you both. I totally agree that Sweden is a lovely place. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.  Keep in touch and watch out for the bears. Have a nice trip and I really enjoy your web site.

Stuart (Sweden): Hejdo from Stuart. Nice to get such a quick response from you both. I totally agree that Sweden is a lovely place. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.  Keep in touch and watch out for the bears. Have a nice trip and I really enjoy your web site.

Jeff Mason (England): Congratulations in March for your 20 years of journeys around the world…..Margaret how on earth have you done it…..you must be an ANGEL ! ! !

Martin & Kate Weaver (Bulgaria): Your visit was an enjoyable interlude for us too and it was lovely to meet you both properly without the background of people howling whilst strumming guitars. We seem to share similar values and your initial writings describing expats struck a chord with us as it was how we used to view landlubbers in general when we lived on the boat, stuck in a groove and all that. I am honoured to have been mentioned kindly in dispatches for my humble musical efforts and thanks for sharing the You Tube tracks. If you ever find yourselves in this neck of the woods again do pop in. Good travels to you, or priatin put as we say over here.

Michalis Stergiopoulos (Greece): I think about it and I'm glad to have your news. I am very happy that you will come back and enjoy once more your stimulating company also. We have much to say, we are waiting. I wish you to be healthy and have good holidays. Best regards.

Mandy & Graham Stratton (England): We have been reading your blog on and off for a couple of years with it being the main inspiration for us getting ourselves organised to hit the road. Now we are on our own travels your site is our first source of information and reassurance. We can guarantee you have been there before and many an evening has been spent with me reading out excerpts of your blog which is both informative and entertaining. So we wanted to say hello and thank you!

I am so impressed at how you keep your site updated. I find it takes up so much time and there is nowhere near the detail that you include. It is . Best wishes with your travels and it may be that our paths cross another time.

Sara & John (Camping Kromidovo, Bulgaria): Nice to hear from you and all the best with your onward travels. Hopefully we can meet up some other time.

Kathy & Rick Howe (USA): Well, folks who aren't interested in your comments don't realize how good it is to hear from someone who's on the ground in an area of turmoil.  I read them with real interest. It's been a pleasure chatting over the years. Maybe we'll run into you somewhere. Be well.

Chris & Gill (Canada): Hi thanks for that article. We often discuss the differences between E and W Germany and how the nation has coped since 1989.   We find the situation is very interesting and the article and links informative. We also like your insights into the relationship the UK has with the rest of Europe.  Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. You two have so much experience! The answers are very helpful as we research our options and develop a plan of action. Safe travels.

Tony & Fiona Gandy (England):  I've been looking at your blog and travels - fascinating, well done! I just thought you may be able to help me in my quest, and who better to speak to than people like yourself! Happy travels and all the best! Thanks for your time.

Yves Benett (England): Thanks as always for your news. Really so captivating. I hope you publish your writings as they are so engaging. We are a product of our past but not its prisoner, and your account of your wartime experience was revealing.

Sheila and Gilroy Coleman (England): Thanks Barry & Margaret and happy travelling. I see you don't have an entry for Japan, and wondered whether you would be interested in our report of our independent trip to Japan in 2014. http://www.themotorhomediaries.co.uk/Japan.html

Peter Osterversnik (Slovenia): Hello Barry and Margaret. Thank you for your first hand experiences! Best regards from Slovenia!

Helen and David Homewood (France): We keep reading these emails and saying to ourselves " One day  . . . "  At least whenever we do make it we will have your notes as guidance for where to go and when! Sounds entrancing, have fun wherever you are off to next!

Ross & Lorraine Groves (England): Thank you so much for your sound advice and taking the trouble to respond. Many of your comments were in line with our thoughts too. Having your experience is invaluable. What a lovely way of putting it. Love your web page and hopefully we will be able to contribute at some point in the future.

John Vasilakos (England): How are both of you? I've been to Hellas (Greece) 30 times. Every time I travel a new adventure resulting in wonderful memories. Have you thought of publishing a book about your travels? Keep on enjoying your travels and experiences of Hellas. Sincerely.

David Wallis (Indonesia): Hi Barry and Margaret - looks like you had a good round trip and sounds wonderful. Take care wherever you are and good luck on your travels - best regards from David, Dewi and Rekha in Medan.

Flo & Mike Stevens (England): Glad you enjoyed your time in the UK. So sorry we didn't get to meet up, it would have been very nice. Will have to try when you come next time. We do hope you enjoy your travels keep in good health and look after each other. Lots of Love.

Paul Hewitt (Maker of our Bicycles in Leyland, England): Thank you for the feedback. Enjoy your next adventure and look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thank you for your custom. Many thanks.

Mike May (England): Just acquired a Carado 2009 T337 motorhome (garage/single beds great) loving it. Good wishes.

Yves Benett (England): It gave me such pleasure reading about your trip .It is many years that I visited Ephesus and Corinth, and have fed on St Paul's words, so full of meaning and promise.

Dave Hutton (England): Very nice to hear from you and I'm really pleased that Camping Akrata lived up to the expectations that I feel responsible for! All the best, and slightly envious of your travels/lifestyle....but Easter here has been wonderful and I'm loving cycling on Dartmoor.

Antonis Zampetas (Greece, Motorhome Dealer): Dear MagBaz Team, We have in Thessaloniki Greece a Camper Stop and a Friend who visit inform us about an article in your Site about us. We want to thank you very very much that you inform your people about our Camper Stop. You are any time welcome by us. Kind regards

Jeff (England): I have a series of questions about Romania and I saw your 36 agents and Romania pages. Nice work.

Martin Jeffes (Bulgaria, Camping Sakar Hills owner): Very impressed with your article on the Greek election and aftermath.

Dr Gica Baestean (Romania, Archaeologist): I certainly remember your visit, because, lately, it is very difficult to find people really interested about things from long time disappeared. Looking permanently for "something new", they miss the essence of life, the fact that we born in past and nobody can predict the future. And most part of answers for our question lie in past. Usual people forget about the reason they are coming in Sarmizegetusa even before leaving the ruins or the museum. Anyway, thank you very much because you do not forget about me and for the nice thoughts and words used to describing me. I really do not know if deserve that nice description, I just do my job. I allowed myself to correct your text a little. Best wishes

Gary Kemp (England): Found your list of insures very helpful. Nice site. Thanks.

Deborah Wade (England): Love the site by the way.

Patrick O'Gorman (Ireland): Gosh thank you for your generous and kind words. Very encouraging. I felt I was being presumptuous sending my link to you and am gratified that you took the time to look at it. Very sweet. Best wishes with your website. It is a gem.

Mike Stergiopoulos (Greece, Restauranteur): As reading your message I feel like you are in front of me and talking together in my restaurant. Your picture and your friendly spirit are present with us. You are so kind people and friendly therefore it is my pleasure that you have written for my venture. Thank you so much for your nice words and I look forward to seeing you again next time. I wish you a good time and a good return back home.

Candy Blackham (England): I have recently returned from a short stay in the Alentejo and linked to your site with information about the pre-historic remains around Castelo da Vide. I love exploring and I particularly enjoy Portugal, which is so little known. I look forward to hearing more from your travels.

Catherine Tranmer (England): Love your blog, loads of useful info, thank you very much for all the work you have put in!

Paul Hewit (Leyland, Bicycle Builder) It seems like the bikes we built you have had plenty of use, it's good to hear that the bikes and presumably yourselves are still going well. Thank you for the write ups and images on your website, and the links to ours, we certainly get some referrals from your site. Many thanks.

Peter & Elaine Borthwick (England): Happy anniversary. Have just read up on your cycling exploits all those years ago. Amazing! .. and nuts! Don't know how anybody finds the stamina for those Alpine passes. Here's to the next 20 years.

Rick & Kathy Howe (USA): Our heartiest congratulations on all the wonderful adventures and sights seen. We hope the best years are yet to come.

Chris Strawson (England): Thank you both for your recent series of articles on safety and security in a motorhome. Best wishes to you both and I hope you don't have to use any of the suggestions in anger.

Gary Martin (Australia): Enjoy reading all the reports etc. We were put onto your site through fellow Aussies.

Yves Benett (England): Barry, very impressive, moving, detailed portrayal of Easter in Greece, thanks a lot.

Christine Jarvis (England): Congratulations on your epic achievement! Long may your journey continue. I do appreciate your updates. Keep me on your list.

Paul & Sheila Barker (England): We particularly enjoyed reading the account of your recent journey up through Northern Greece and onwards through Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia and your way towards UK. Is there any chance that we might achieve that long-talked of re-rendez-vous with you perhaps in Northern Finland? In the meantime, safe and fulfilling travels and we shall as always keep in touch.

Stan & Lidia Robinson (Siciy): We hope you are both well and enjoying life to the full. Thanks for all your Greek information: great reading.

Shirley Grove-Grayling (England): Thank you for a very useful website.

Barbara Swift (England, Pub Owner): Many thanks for putting us on your website. Hopefully we can help some motorhome travellers. Look forward to meeting with you when you are next in our area.

Derk Rouwhorst (Netherlands): It was a pleasure meeting you in the old church in Delden. I wish both of you a very good and pleasant journey!

Marsha Langley (England): Many thanks and we love your website.

Sally Slade (England): Many thanks for your quick reply and your reassurances. Thanks again for your help and your fab website which is such a great resource for so many Motor-homers.

Bruce Ramsden (Australia): I have just read your very interesting article on cross border insurance and wonder if you would be kind enough to offer me some advice.

Daniel Tremblay (French Canadian): Thanks you for all informations in your site. It s very usefull. Sorry for my english.

Dave Hutton (England): Thanks for such an informative site, including all the stopover locations. The more I read your site, the better it gets. Good on you. Kind Regards and keep up the good work!

Peter & Elaine Borthwick (Wales): It was good to finally meet 'the famous Mag and Baz'. We enjoyed your company and could have spent many more enjoyable hours together I'm sure. We'll keep track of what you're up to via your website and maybe we'll run into you again someday. Thanks for the link re Greek crisis. It's always difficult to know where to go to get the overall picture. We wait with bated breath. Keep in touch. Happy travels.

Gary & Elizabeth Gray (Tasmania): Great to hear from you, and we appreciate being part of your website. We do still look through your website - it is on our favourite list, and thanks for the heads up on the Greek situation.

Laurie & Veronika Hearne (Australia): THANK YOU (for info on road tolls in Eastern Europe) AND HAPPY TRAVELS.   

Bec & Kev Watts (Australia): Thanks for this link, very interesting times.

Brian & Patricia Rudd (England): Thanks for the link. I have been watching the situation in Greece for a while.

Ali & Mike Kingston (England): Thanks very much for this.

Mike & Jannine Lewis (Wales): We enjoyed your communication just before Christmas.  I thought it was very interesting and discerning. Although we have gained a lot of experience during our five years of long distance travelling we can not think of matching your efforts.  I can see now how you have been able to become a focal point for novice travellers.  What a wealth of experience you both have gained especially with your long distance cycle rides across Europe. You both must be very proud of your web site. I bow in admiration at your endeavours and wish you both every joy for
the future. 

Keith & Jenny Dear (England): Many thanks for your reply and greetings, good to hear from you.  It's all very interesting stuff.  Have printed the Guardian piece for further study!!  We do, of course, avidly follow your travels in your log. 

Peter Britton (England): Hi, thanks for your hard work on this fantastic site.

Pete Barnett (England): Hello I've been looking on your web site and found it very interesting and inspiring. I'm looking to go to Turkey next year and wondered if you could suggest any routes for a novice traveller.

Andrew Shave (Australia):  Thank you so much for getting back to us so quickly, we appreciate it more than you'd know! Will keep you posted with how we go.

Risto Hemming (Finland): Just happened to notice that you were using the booklet 'Via Baltica Touristica -- Users' Manual', which I produced back in the late 90's. I'm glad it was of some use! We were not sure at that time if it was a good idea to publish a bilingual version (Finnish & English), as there were very few non-Finnish foreign tourists using the route. Apparently we made the right decision! All the best to you in 2014!

Kaye & Alan James (England): Enjoyed reading your account of 2013. Sicily - good memories - when we went over from Italy we travelled from Rome with friends.

Susan Clarke (Sicily): Wonder where you are now? Have just sent link for your wonderful photos (The Cava d'Ispica site) to our son Mark in Auckland. He will be doing a 'distance' project with his architecture students - provision of a variety of facilities (not ruining anything!) along a route through the Cava. Buon viaggio, bons voyages, herzliche Grusse.

Patrick Phillips (England): Just arrived in Patras to spend some weeks in the Peloponnese and, naturally, came across your blog and, in particular, your guide to campsites open in the Winter. Thank you. We hope to be helping out as volunteers on a farm about 20 miles South of Pirgos for a few weeks as our first attempt to get to know the place. If you are around there let us know and we will buy you a drink!

Chris & Gill (Canadian/Australians): Visited your website yesterday and with much envy followed your recent travels. We are still a few years away from following your lead. We have been cycling in Europe and other places for decades - now nearing retirement we are planning to move up from a tent to a camper. Your site is great for inspiration and ideas. Well done! We were reading your website last night - great! Man, you guys have had a lot of different vehicles. Such a variety has given us food for thought. Safe travels.

Ruby & Bill (Australia): I just love you both so much, you always bring so much culture and normality back into our life - please don't let them get you, we'd not be able to exist without your gems.

Martin (England): I certainly envy you your lifestyle.

Ewout & Jenny Snel (Australia): We are motorhomers who travel in Europe and will be on our 6th trip in April this year. Our blog site is www.travelbunyip.com. Check it out; if you think it is worthy of being on your site please include it on your list. We have read numerous articles from your site and will be including your site on our links page. Thanks for all the useful information. We live in Australia and fly to Europe each year to travel.

John & Jennie Briden (England): Since 2006 I have often referred to, and gained much useful information from your website. It was your logs, first of Greece, then of Turkey, which inspired us to travel on our own to where few Brits 'dare to tread'. We travelled in Greece in 2007 and 2010 (thankfully), and in 2009 through Greece and round Turkey from Gallipoli to Kas to Adana, then Nigde, Kayseri, Sivas, Amasya,Corum, Kastamonu to the Black Sea coast, Istanbul and back through Greece. Mostly wild/free camping, being watchful regarding security and safe places to stop at. We have many, many wonderful memories and photographs. Safe travels and very best wishes.

Dick & Audrey Valentzas (USA): I thought I'd send this photo of all of us. Remember the towering redwood, the sea and bay close at hand? What an abundance of memories and what a joy to have known you. You added so much to our visits and we so appreciate your generosity of time and your gracious hospitality. Thanks for all the happy times, we continue to enjoy vicariously your fascinating travelogues. We really have had a fine time reviewing our time in Sicily.

Bernard Genty (France): Nous étions vos voisins français au Camping Paléologio. Vous avez un site magnifique et nous partageons votre avis sur le Castle View Camping. Nous le connaissons bien et nous n'y allons plus. Nous y sommes restés pendant vingt années. C'est un homme qui ne recherche que l'argent et ne veut aucune autre relation avec les clients. Nous allons vous suivre dans votre magnifique voyage. Cordialement …

Margaret translates the above: We were your French neighbours at Camping Paleologio (Sparta). You have a magnificent website and we share your opinion of Castle View Camping (nearby). We know it well and we no longer go there. We stayed there every year for 20 years. He is a man who only seeks money and doesn't want any other relations with his clients. We are going to follow your magnificent journey. Regards …

Bryan Loughrey (England): I don't think I have ever before responded to a Blog. Bad I know. I am of a fountain pen generation sadly. But I thought it would be rude not to thank you for the list of UK parking up spaces. I have in my dotage used them extensively and serially. And note the descriptions have been invariably helpful and accurate. So thank you very much indeed. Ever onwards.

Richard Barsley (England): What a brilliant website, having spent 30 years going to France in a sited caravan, ready pitched tent, own tent, trailer tent and caravan, we then retired, spent three months in New Zealand in a motorhome and on return wondered why we bothered with a caravan. Needless to say last June we changed to a motorhome and a whole new world opened up. Next thing was to get independent info and came on this site, haven't needed to look any further! Always my first point of reference for anything travelling in motorhome related. Main dealers, clubs etc are a waste of time. We always try to be independent and used ACSI for years when we had the caravan.

Jamie Waddell (England): I handle social media for Cosford Caravans. I thought I should let you know that your article “Free Camping for Motorhomes in the UK” was recently voted by our customers and employees as one of the best on the web in the 'camping tips and hacks' category. You'll find the entry here: http://www.cosfordcaravans.co.uk/Press/The-best-caravan-and-camping-blog-posts/2436. Have a great day.

Mike & Janine Lewis (Wales): I have always admired your tenacity and love of adventure in the long time you have spent roaming Europe and collecting so much information to become the 'fountain of travel knowledge'. What I importantly have come to realise is that when we are travelling we become part of a unique universal 'fraternity' under a bonding label 'all for one and one for all'. People we meet are so friendly. Hope our paths will cross one day to exchange some stories of both our adventures.

Philip Clark (England): I use your website a lot. It is both very good and very helpful. Best wishes for your travels.

Rosie Stephens (England): So impressed with your website and attention to detail. It's really helpful.

Peter & Ros (England): We're planning to winter in Spain then move to Greece for the spring and have read all your travel details. Thank you for all the time that you must have spent on it. It is not only interesting but very usefully informative.

David Hunter (England): Thanks for the VERY prompt reply and great detail.

Katie Kelly (England): It's great to hear about your travels, they are so exciting! I'm amazed you have been on the road for nearly 20 years, it sounds great. Thanks so much for offering help! I am sure we will have a lot of questions during production and it's great to be able to keep your contact details in case you can help.

Mike & Mireille Bloom (Australia): We have been following your blog for 3 years now and it has been very informative and helped us organise our travels abroad. We have travelled in Europe the last couple of years, 7 months and 6 months respectively. Planning to continue this way for the next few years or so! Most everyone we chat to has heard of you! This is our blog: http://www.travellingwithmm.blogspot.com (also known as Travelling with Bluey). Keep enjoying yourselves, safe travels and thank you for your great blog.

Pete Barnett (England): I've been looking on your website and found it very interesting and inspiring.

Marilyn Cass (England): We have been following your blogs on and off for a year or two and would like to thank you for information that often proved useful on our current trip.

Gary Tresch (Australia):  I've just been reading your very informative site on Motorhome travel. I hope to do the same next year so I'm busy doing lots of research and have found your site to be very useful.

Lidia Robinson (Italy): Carissimi amici. Grazie per la solidarieta e l`affetto che ci dimostrate.  Io spero di potervi riabbracciare presto. Vi auguro tanta felicita` grazie con affetto Lidia.

Margaret does her best to translate the above: Dearest friends, Thank you for the solidarity and affection that you show. I hope to be able to hug you again soon. I wish you much luck. Thank you. With affection, Lidia.

Peter Greaves (England):  I have followed your site for a while now and I am about to follow in your footsteps.

Helen Clutterham (Australia):  Hi ... love your blog ... We are friends with Jenny and Ewout who we met in 2010 when they drove their motorhome into Ljubljana...we were on our 3rd tent camping trip of Europe.

Kevin Bergstom (South Africa): It was a great chance encounter we had meeting up all those years ago. I still read all your news letters with enjoyment and envy.

Bob & Sandra Lyons (Spain): As ever you amaze us.

ANomad (from Spain): Just thought you might like to know that I found your website very useful when planning my tour of Europe. I have a link to your site on my blog. www.europenomad.wordpress.com  Thanks, and enjoy all your future travels.

Stuart & Sarah Cam (Australia): All the best and thanks for writing all of the content on your site.

Susan, Gino & Maria (Italy): First of all, thank you very much for your e-mail and the photos. Very best wishes to our super travelling friends!

Lyndis & Bob Zirbel (Australia): We have been following your adventures and those of your contributors since before we left. We were astounded one day when we met a couple from England (Dr Bob and Sandra) to discover we had been reading their contributions to your blog. We are hoping to travel Europe and your blog will be very helpful for us. Here's to your 20 years - you have certainly acted as an inspiration for us. 

George & Carol Logie (Switzerland): We are in the middle of a camper trip from Switzerland to Turkey and back and I have just happened upon your site by accident. I have enjoyed reading of other people's adventures and advice.

Olka (Finland): I want to thank you from your good tips on Crete. I found your site via Google search by looking for LPG stations in here. Your information that you kindly share will be used so thank you for both of you! Yesterday arrived in Plaka and staying in the same spot as you did.

Kelli Krige (Australia): I am very grateful to have found your website with their story. We can't wait.

Martin Pagett (England): I certainly envy you your lifestyle.

Tina Goodall Evetts (England): Keep up your good work, it was invaluable to us on our first long haul trip.

Yves Benett (England): Thanks ever so much for your photos and reflections and best wishes for this new year. Really good to read you.

Nick Vincent (England): I've been dipping into your website for quite a few years now as someone who travels around in a Motorhome and it always surprises me when I find another section I haven't read yet. It is a superb mine of information.

Hannah & Rosie Drakeley (England): Thanks so much for your help, we are actually heading to the dealership you mentioned in Athens tomorrow so hopefully all will be resolved then. Trip sounds great, something to consider for the next adventure! We will also use your friends' online shop when we get home as I'm sure the van will be in need of a few new parts. Thanks again for your help.

Andy Matley (England): Just finished self-build Transit mwb van and had first weekend out in it up the east coast from Huddersfield. Used your Secremarston and Edinburgh stopovers and they were spot on. Can't thank you enough. Great site. Thank you.

Colin Turvey (Crete): Have been right through (I think) your travel reports for the area of Croatia /Bosnia/Montenegro and Albania. They have been really enjoyable and informative and have helped us to pick our route home this year, so many thanks for all that work and influencing us ! Many thanks for all the information, it has really helped us.

Bob & Kathy Calvert (England): We've been following your exploits with great interest and are about to set off on our own full time travels.

John R Johnsgård (Norway): Just wanted to say thanks for your webpage and all the useful information here. Now I been reading for 2 days and looking forward to reading more. Love it. If you see a Norwegian on the road it can be us. We might be Vikings but quite friendly so don't be afraid. If you read Norwegian (or use Google translation) you are free to visit our website: www.sensei.no.

Margaret Williams (Australia): Thank you so much for you blog on how hard it is to get insurance. I'm about to read your other pages and hopefully find some great reading and inspiration. 

Peter (England): I am keen to follow in your footsteps so to speak, and will go with a van and caravan.

Ron & Peter (England): Thanks so much for your prompt, informative reply, and especially for taking the time to add the links. We're starting our research right now! We really appreciate the pointers given by experienced motorhomers/caravanners such as yourselves.

Tony Francis (England): I just found your splendid site; this is a great labour of love. Well Done.

Shawn & Emma (Scotland): Just read your blog on Camping Asseiceira (Portugal) and the area around there. The best article we have read on the area. If you are still there please say hello to Gary. Best wishes from a sunny Isle of Mull.

Neil Constable (England): Many thanks for your kind and helpful words and the time you took to give such a comprehensive introduction. Hello again - you may recall you helped us plan our trip last year which was a great success. Again, many thanks for all your support,

Gavin Hanna (England, planning to cycle across the USA): I really appreciate the time you took to share what you have experienced – wow you have done some miles!

Veronica & Peter (England): Thank you so much for your website, which we have found interesting and useful. Thanks so much for your prompt, informative reply, and especially for taking the time to add the links. We're starting our research right now! We really appreciate the pointers given by experienced motorhomers/caravanners such as yourselves.

Gaynor Richards (England, planning to ship a motorhome to the USA)): Just found your site - so helpful. Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I will check your links and see what else I can glean. It's great to read what other people have achieved - it makes it seem that we too can achieve it. I will drop in on your site from time to time to see what's new.

Ann Speirs (England): Hi you two. Your life sounds so much fun, especially interpreted by others (and yourselves of course!), your friends are so witty.

Monika & Peter Schmitz (Germans running a campsite in Spain): Hallo ihr zwei, wir hoffen euch geht es gut und es ist schön warm bei euch ... Das sind sehr schöne Bilder von euch. Wo seid ihr denn jetzt? Für die Weiterfahrt wünschen wir alles Gute und viel Sonne. Liebe Grüße. (Hello you two, we hope it's going well and is nice and warm for you ...Those are very nice photos of you. We wish you all the best and plenty of sun on your journey. Fond greetings ...)

Sue Stamp (England): Love your site and have found it very useful so thank you for your efforts. Thanks so much for swift and helpful reply. Have had a look at your other info too. Following your current travel log to keep up my morale.

Kate Kidiwell (Australia): I came across your website randomly and am so glad I did - what a life you're leading! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures. I'm pleased to report that our travel plans are coming along nicely! Thanks so much for your thoughts and advice, you helped us a lot!

Mike Lewis (England): I have correlated, from the internet, a 15 page list and a 3 page map of 66 campsites in Bulgaria for a future visit. There are many GPS readings and numbered campsite positions on the map that can be stuck together with a Pritt stick/glue stick. It should be very useful for the motorhoming and caravanning fraternity on their travels. I do admire 'MagBaz Travels'. I hope my effort may be a suitable addition. Happy travels.

Melissa LeGates (USA): Hi guys. I stumbled across your site doing a Google search. Wow! fascinating stuff. I love reading your blog. Thank you for all your suggestions. I quoted you on my blog.

John Peachey (England): Hi, I cancelled my subscription very soon after this cartoon appeared in MMM. I thought we were light years beyond this feeble stuff. See also the entry in this website.

John Maguire (England):  I read with interest your travels. I will soon be setting off to Europe with an unknown return date.

Koray Tezcan (Turkey): You are right, we don't know how many New Years we will see in the future. The most important is to leave and to do the best we can do. I believe that we, the camping, nature and human lovers are doing the best.

Jennifer & Glen Jones (England): Our next "adventure" if you can call it that will be to Dubrovnik and we plan to hopefully get across the Neum corridor although we are struggling with insurance at the moment. We read everyone's comments with interest. We have just been reading Dr Bob's Spanish trip information and think we will try Spain or at least the less commercialised part of the country. I find the links to other people's trips useful and we have read them with great interest.

John & Judy Macfarlane (Australia): We have enjoyed so much reading of your intrepid travels during the year. You take us to some amazing places and we really appreciate the time and effort you expend in bringing to life some of the most amazing countries on earth. Oh to live a little closer to Europe ... I particularly enjoyed your reference to Cat Stevens' musings, Barry and Margaret, when I read your email this morning. Our next adventure is a two month-plus self-drive 4x4 guided safari from Cape Town to Nairobi via Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya. Thank you again for keeping us up to date on your travels. Much appreciated.

Alison (England): Have read some of your articles in MMM and have now located your extremely informative website. Wherever you are now we hope you are having a relaxing time - we look forward to retirement so we can take our time instead of having to be ready for a sprint back home!

Chris & Joan Ewing (England): Have read about your travels for 2 years, inspired us to wander. Please keep up your blogs and written info ...  many more years to come we hope. Best regards to you both!

Jay & Aline Reiter (USA): We really love hearing about your trips. Just went to Austria, Vienna, Czech Republic and Budapest. Loved it very much, especially the Czech Republic is fantastic. Really great time. Would love to meet you guys anytime you are in New York or we are by your area.

Bernd Pesch (Germany): I am from East Frisia in Germany. I am retired and since 2 years my wife Anni and me are travelling through Europe with our motorhome. And searching the net I detected your webpage, the best I ever read up to now. Your page is like a mirror of Greece for us. Your webpage with all information is outstanding, I love to read it. When you need help in Germany or information about Germany, don`t hesitate to give me an email, it would be a pleasure for me, to try to help you.

Bernard & Mary Kelly (England): I think, thanks to all the information I have been able to glean from your blogs, that Europe is sussed but I am in the dark about the USA. Again thanks to your site I have learnt about the possibilities of shipping the motor home out (to the USA). Many thanks for your helpful response. I look forward to hearing further from your network of other motor homers.

Will Marshall (England): Thank you for your numerous Blog updates.

Mike & Christine Vere (England): Many thanks for the articles, news bulletins etc. We always read 'em even if we don't always reply. Very sad to hear your side of the Greek story. We know how much you loved going there this time of year so it must be really bad to put you guys off.

Christine Parris (England): Have been enjoying your website for a while now. Keep up the good work.

Karen & Adrian (England): What an amazing website!!

Mark (England): I am a relatively new caravanner yet have met lots of people and your names always come up ... in a very positive way.

Peter Sully & Sue (England): Once again, many thanks for all your help, it was a pleasure to meet you both and I hope we will stay in touch. I think Baz and I are kindred spirits!

Waldemar Kowalski (USA): I just discovered your website, and am excited about vicarious explorations in preparation for future real travel.

Bre Teschendorf (USA): I just wanted to say thank you for your webpage and all the useful information here. My husband and I have been dreaming of moving into an RV for a few years now and are finally realizing that dream in 2013. We have been looking at a lot of RVs and your purchasing guide was full of useful information. I also appreciated your tips on places to camp, your list of legal requirements, and loved your article 'Sensitive Travelling in Less Developed Countries'. What an eye opener! Thank you for your insights.

Again, thank you for your webpage. I am sure we will be studying again and again at length as we proceed forward!

Brian & Patricia Rudd (England): A special mention to Barry and Margaret Williamson for their inspiration. Meanwhile, for anyone interested, we have been fortunate to have the excellent website owned by Barry and Margaret (the best travel website on the internet) publish our adventures from early this year, mainly in Greece and Turkey. See www.magbaztravels.com/content/view/1343/30/ - quite a lot of reading!

Paul Hair (England): Just a brief message to thank you for sharing this information. I am planning my first trip with a larger than usual motorhome to Turkey and N Cyprus from the UK. Your site has been not only informative but inspirational.

Audrey & Graham Pocock (Australia): I just want to say a big "thank you" for the work that you both put in. It is very much appreciated and we will continue to use your website throughout our travels. We have been overnighting with ease everywhere and anywhere, using the wonderful Magbaz site, where people have been leaving their co-ordinates. We were privileged to actually meet Margaret and Barry in our campsite in Greece.  

Sarah, John, Emilee & Scarlett Hobbs (England): We really appreciate you both taking the time to answer our queries and hats off to you both for living life to the full! Fantastic, thank you very much for all your time, advice and help. It was very kind of you to be so willing to spend your time writing to us and you have armed us with some very helpful information. We wish you both all the best for your future and coming adventures. Take care both of you.

Dick Kingswell (England): Thank you very much for letting us spread the word of some of your travels - it really is much appreciated. (Dick and Mo run the Big Pitch Guide)

Keith (England): Love reading your blog as I spent 8 years living in Greece, although not in a motorhome at the time! (Keith runs the Fulltiming in a Motorhome website)

Laura & Roger Plumb (England): Love reading your travel blogs and have found much helpful information. Thank you very much for your helpful and informative comments, which have allayed many of our concerns. Will certainly let you know how we got on.

Alice & Jo Baxendale (England): We are very impressed with your cycling adventures and are considering cycling/walking around Fiji ourselves.

Barry Crawshaw (Scotland): What a shame we did not know and missed a long-hoped-for encounter.

Mark Bloom (Australia): Thanks for your great info. Happy travels.

Sian &Gus (England): Thank you so much for your prompt and informative reply. I look at your website daily. There's so much background of the countries and just all the useful tips, it's actually quite brilliant! I must admit if we ever happen to see you on a campsite I may get quite excited - you are the travelling oracles as far as I'm concerned! Thank you once again!

Alison (England): Having read some of your articles in MMM, I have now located your extremely informative website. Wherever you are now, we hope you are having a relaxing time.

Andrew Kennedy (France): Love your website.

Stuart Robinson (England): Congratulations on your excellent web site – I've been dipping into this and have enjoyed every article so far, with the possible exception of Ian Shires' report on the Hungarian pig killing - I don't think that will be an experience I shall be seeking out!

Rev Murdoch MacKenzie (Scotland): You are angels - and not in disguise!

Margaret & Wayne Evans (England): We are currently planning a return to motorhome-based wandering after 6 enforced years of boredom! Your website in general and the Current Travel Log in particular are an inspiration to us. Thank you for all the detailed information about so very many subjects that are of great interest to us. Keep up the good work and our good wishes to you both for your future travels. Many thanks for taking the time to reply to us. We hope that this mail finds your hibernation continuing to be both pleasant and comfortable! Your site is truly inspirational. So much has changed in these last few years and you highlight or provide pointers to many areas where our knowledge is wanting and where having the benefit of your experience will help us avoid some of the pitfalls. Thank you both so very much. We envy you your annual 'hibernation' but who knows, perhaps in a couple of years' time we may meet at Finikounda and we'll hibernate too! All the very best wishes to you both and please keep the writing and authoritative comment coming, we look forward to each new instalment!

Willy & Denise Groombridge (England): Hi, love your site with endless info on so many places. I am fairly new to travelling afar, only 7 yrs and that just Europe as far as Slovenia, which was brilliant.

Stuart (England): I have been reading your website on and off for some time and must say that it sounds idyllic.

Heidi Watson (England): Hi, I have read your Norway trip details with great interest and we are hoping you can help us.

Terry & Nikki Sutton Murray (England): What an inspiration you two are! Many thanks for posting and hosting such a marvellous website and constant chronological travelogue. Having only recently found you, my wife and I are fans of your prodigious travels, writing and generous style in which you share your information and thoughts. Thank you so much. When you 'crunch the numbers' for visitors to your site against total miles travelled I'll definitely be interested in the answer to the equation! We will from now on follow your adventures, as your experience is such an education and inspiration. Thanks again not just for your descriptives and narration, but for the immense detail you take so much time to document.

Kevin Hawkins (England): Once again may I say how invaluable your site has been, as I have travelled through more than 20 countries in the past year.

Jack & Jenny Halliday (Australia): We are from Australia and love reading about your travels and we have now bought a motorhome in the UK.

Jason & Julie Buckley (England): My wife Julie and I have loved reading your site over the years, and it certainly inspired us to start our own long term travel last year. We update our blog daily and love getting feedback and advice from people who read it: www.ourtour.co.uk.

Steve Russell (England): Great site. What an inspiration. I used it last year for an extended tour of Greece and also for planning this year's trip to Turkey with a return via Bulgaria and Romania.

Denise & Antonio Mazzon (Australia): Thank you for your site. It is a great resource.

David & Michel (England): Fascinated by your site. We have been travelling by car with tent to Greece since 1981, most years and really interested to compare routes and camping grounds. Have failed, always, to camp in Bulgaria, but your site has listed some sites which sound worth trying. Thanks for appearing out of the ether.

Martin Williams (Australia): We've recently returned (to Australia) from a 6-month 15, 750- km motorhome trip around Europe. One of the fabulous places we visited was the Timou Stavros Monastery at Krania. There's no real message, other than the fact that your website was one of only 2 that refers to the monastery. So we had to email you. Great website!

Christine & Bevan Blair (Tasmania): Hi, just wanted to say thanks for passing my message to Sandra and Bob, was so pleased to hear from them again. Very much appreciated.

Adam & Sophie (from Greece): I've just been catching up on your website and wanted firstly to thank you for your advice re Bulgaria and Romania and also for the campsite listing for Veliko Tarnovo where we met Nick & Nicky. We're really not campsite people but we really enjoyed their company and understand you were their first visitors! Look forward to reading about your travels to Greece and Turkey - we are currently exploring Greece at a steady pace.

Julie K Skinner (England): Phew! I know it can be tough sometimes but divorce?? Then all became clear, don't blame you - good for you! Many thanks again for all the work you do to help fellow travellers on their journey. Your fabulous website and emails of encouragement from you guys made all the difference to our travelling adventures. Keep up the fantastic work.

Steve & Janet Richardson (England): All the comments about MMM are so true, I found only the letters and interchange worth a read. Love your website; please keep up the good work.

Sally Davis Brillon (USA): Years ago Ian (Hibell) gave me your website but I had never gone to it because I mislaid the address. I was cleaning piles on my desk when I found it. I hadn't heard from Ian for 3 years and always wondered why. Coming to your site I was shocked and saddened to read of his cruel death. He had been a friend of our family in Illinois for 40 plus years. It is very sad to think of him gone. Thank you for caring about Ian so long.

Karen & Tom (England): Thank you so much for your reply and inspiration. We are nearly ready to jump the water. In fact we are getting somewhat excited at the prospect of discovering the Aires, etc.

Kevin Hawkins (England): I have been on the road all year (having taken a year off work ) and found your splendid website a few months ago. I stayed at ' Sakar Hills ' a week or so ago and then made my way to Istanbul.

Richard & Gail Goold (England): I have only just started to read you excellent website, as my wife and I will soon be returning to a 'nomadic' lifestyle such as yours (albeit with a 4x4 and caravan). Just wanted to give my support to your 'side' and look forward to reading more about your adventures and hope to contribute at some time in the future. Well done!

Ian Manzie (France): Thanks for such a speedy and lengthy response – not really expected knowing your hectic program and the vagaries of internet connectivity. Based on your writings primarily, we really look forward to Greece. Your observations on the E75 route are useful – again thank you. If our plans do work out we will update you. We are fascinated with your latest plans: we have tended to rule out the Scandinavian countries on the grounds of distance and cost. Many thanks again for what I think is probably the best (and free) MH website.

Hristo Simeonov (Bulgaria): I am the owner of Eco Camping Batak in Bulgaria (http://campingbatak.com/en/index.html), which opened in 2011. I see from your website that you've done quite a bit of travelling in this region so I would like to invite you to the campsite and also see if there is any way we can co-operate in popularizing this region. I've met with Nick and Nikki from Camping Veliko Tarnovo and we intend to do joint projects with them but your 2 cents would also be appreciated. Your fellow longtime-camping-fan-now-turned-campsite-owner Hristo.

Gary &Elizabeth Gray (Tasmania): Thanks for the great intro on your website. Hope we meet some time. (www.capepacific.com/)

Sylvia & David Baynes (England): Thought we'd send you a quick email hoping you get what it says in the subject line above (Have a Great Trip). Wherever you fetch up, do enjoy yourselves, stay safe and we'll be looking forward to reading of your adventures as time moves on.

Phil & Lorraine Letts (England, writing from Greece):

We felt we should mail you after extensively using your web-site advice on our trip through Turkey this month. We all found your web-site information and trip descriptions very useful and great to read so thanks for that opportunity. Your website is a work of art and must take ages to keep on top of so credit to you both and much appreciated. Perhaps if all of us motor-homers bought you a beer when our paths cross that might be some compensation!

The more we long-distance motor-homers can share info on camp sites etc, the less we have to rely on ridiculous, over-priced and out of date guides like the Caravan Club ones! Sorry, this is my current rant, as several times, this trip included, I've turned up somewhere obscure, late in the day to find a listed site closed and overgrown! As my wife says, “ Well, we should send them updates!” What, write the guide for them and STILL pay £15 for it! Magbaz guides are better I say!

I can see you are at the opposite end of Europe's motor-homing spectrum so enjoy Norway and the Arctic Circle and hopefully we might cross trip-paths at some stage.

William Marshall (England): I enjoyed reading your site. We made good use of your campsite list for Turkey.

Chris(tine) Strawson (England): Good evening from a great fan and follower of your travels. Your website is a remarkable source of information as well as an inspiration.

Shirley & Nick Milner (England): We are about to embark on a European tour in our first and newly acquired camper and are having difficulty in finding breakdown cover for an extended period of time. We would be extremely grateful for any advice from your long-term camper travels as it would seem foolhardy to travel without breakdown cover? Thanks for a fantastic Website.

(later) Thanks for your most useful advice. We have swapped our insurance and feel far happier we have full EU breakdown cover with the AA. Hope you're having a great time in Norway - we hope to set off for France in about 3 weeks! I hope our paths cross one day.

Ingrid Hyttilä (Finland): We were this summer 2011 in Romania and Bulgaria in a caravan. Your site was very helpful but I would like to make some remarks ...

Mike & Ali Kingston (England) Mike read your article about shipping a motorhome to the USA. This inspired us to do the same and we had a fabulous trip in 2004. We continue to travel in our motorhome and have found your website very helpful and will be consulting it freely as we head for Greece this Autumn.

Your website is fabulous and will be our main source of information/inspiration for our trip this Autumn 2011. Our website is www.motorhomelifers.live.co.uk although it looks seriously amateur next to yours! Best wishes and thanks very much.

Sigrun Mueller (Germany, living in the USA): I cannot believe I found your website - I hope it is still running! I have looked for my old, old friend from our times together in my then-home town Augsburg, where Dieter and I had become friends. You describe him as if it was the young man I knew.

(Later) Thanks for your answer and I will continue reading your exciting travel log, now that I've found it.

David North: So kind of you to take the trouble to reply to my mail. The news is FANTASTIC! Made it from Lourdes and over both the Solour and the Aubisqe  cols with our 6-berth beast. As you mentioned, we really had no problem and the weather was glorious. Now camped in Laruns and ready for the Portalet tomorrow and into Spain. The three lads first biked from Lourdes to the top of the Solour, then Andy continued to bike up the Aubisque but t'other two decided to run it!! Then all three biked it down to Laruns.

Fantastic day and the scenery and weather - well, what can one say - Brilliant! Thanks again for all your support and best wishes with your travels. For a full account of the successful six-week fund raising journey from Catterick to Gibraltar, cycling and running supported by a motorhome, read: http://www.sunshinechallenge.org/.

Christine Costantini (England): It would be great to hear from you with some advice. Your adventures certainly whet the appetite! Would love to hear from you.

Anna Letts (England): My dad Phil Letts sent me your latest travel blog about these islands (Lofotens). It all sounds beautiful and the photos are amazing, really professional looking and makes me want to go there!

Barbara Bailey (England): Checking your excellent website after a short break, I was very startled by the heading of this article (Magbaz Divorce). Now, I know living in a motorhome can be stressful, but you two are such an institution, I was taken aback. How would it be resolved, who would get to keep the motorhome, and who would be heading for Dale Farm etc, etc! So it was a relief to find it was only a break with MMM. I have referred loads of people asking for advice on Continental touring to your website, and none to MMM. 'Nuff said!

Paul & Sylvia Hawker (England): I have just read with great interest the messages following your 'divorce' from MMM. We agree that it is full of adverts and not a lot of useful information. The best part is the letters; we will not be renewing our subscription as we have got all the information we need via your website. Please keep up the good work, I don't know what we would do without you.

Tim Gane (England): Your website is very useful and we have come across several people using it, especially the 48 campsites in Turkey.

Trevor & Susan Hoyland (England): Just want to say how inspirational your site is, and of course your actual travels. I have spent the last few evenings browsing your site, primarily soaking up information on camper van travels in southern Greece, using the Ancona to Patras ferry and making our way south into the Peloponnese, possibly staying at Camping Finikes for a while before exploring the rest of the Mani peninsula (Leigh Fermor in hand of course). Once again thanks, and good luck with your future travels.

Frank & Taylor Goodrick (USA): Thanks again for sharing your knowledge – your page on Romanian campsites has proven very useful – in fact it is our de facto camping guide in this country! (Currently at Camping Aurel Vlaicu)

Peter & Carole (England): Just met your friends Keith and Jenny here in Rome - they suggested we have a look at your website. Will be interested to read some more of your articles, even though we have a different mode of travel.

David Gee (England): Thank you very much for your reassuring letter. It is nice to have contact with someone who understands what it's like not to fit in the box! I find your advice sensible and will follow it.Thanks again. Good luck!

Paul & Joan Johnson (England): Have read several sites - yours seems the best. Myself and my wife are selling our house and going to buy a motorhome ... greatly appreciate advice and help.

Ann Speirs (England): I would like to thank all the contributors on your MagBaz Travels site who have given me such good information about travelling through various countries to Turkey. When I get organised, hopefully I will be able to contribute my travel information and hope more single people will feel the need to investigate these wonderful places.

Ed, Bon & James (Singapore): Just a note to say thanks for your information on Turkey campsites. We spent a month camping (Landrover with roof tent) in Turkey last summer en-route from London to Cape Town and made a lot of use of your list, so thanks.

Steve Else (England): Your website looks very good. Thank you for adding my input. I'm sure it will help a lot of people from several countries who come here (UK) on holiday and want somewhere to park for the night that is nice and quiet and not too far from the ferry terminals. There are many more places to park. I'll find out postcodes however before detailing them, then it will be easy for people to find if using 'sat navs'

Amanda & Andy Lawrence (England): Reading your web page for the first time - very impressed!

Sandra Robinson (England): I wanted to thank you again for your help with our journey from Bulgaria to Croatia, and update you on our route. We have thoroughly enjoyed Bulgaria and thanks again for your tips.

Cliff & Diane Robinson (England): Diane and I both enjoy reading your web site and blogs and, as you know you, were the inspiration that got us here in the first place.

Jane Seigal (France): It was so kind of you to reply and so quickly! Thank you! I keep informed on your trips often via your WONDERFUL web site. Hope mine is half as good and as soon as it's finished, I will send you the link! Keep enjoying that fantastic life you lead!

Anna Letts (England): I have recently come back from 2 weeks travelling in Turkey with my parents in their motorhome. We followed your blog a lot and found it really useful, staying in some of the same campsites you did and seeing some of the same places. Anyway, I'll get my Dad to email as he'll want to talk all things camping, van-ish and cycling. I just wanted to let you know how great your blogs are and very useful. Thanks!

Pete Chubb (England): My wife and I both intend taking early retirement at the end of this year and spending the next two years travelling around Europe in our Motorhome. We have been rather inspired by your website and articles.

Barry & Vivian Pye (England): We visited Croatia 4 years ago and benefited a great deal from your advice. Thank you for your very helpful website.

Jenny & Ewout Snel (Australia): We have been looking at your site as a help with our own motorhome experience. Thanks for the helpful information as it was invaluable when we were very "green".

Maggie Wakefield (England): What a fantastic resource you have put together.

Vince & Christine (England): Many thanks for such a prompt and detailed reply and the trouble you have obviously taken to be so thorough. I didn't realise your website, although clearly flagged up in MMM, contained so much information - the references you mentioned are just the sort of knowledge we want. Once again your detailed knowledge and immediate response are greatly appreciated.

Derek Wellings (England): Many thanks for your very prompt reply to my `basic' enquiry. Now I have plenty to get on with!

Sandra & Colin Ashcroft (England): We find your web site very informative indeed. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you so much for your quick response to my recent query . I am sure you will hear from us again as we are as green as grass! However everyone has to start somewhere, don't they? I have now read the other information mentioned in the email and gradually working my way through all the others. It is excellent information and now in my favourites box !

Rob Woods (England): Really enjoyed your site, many thanks and kind regards.

Ian Manzie (England): Enjoy your site - the best motorhoming site on the web. May I applaud your work with the Bulgarian Woolly Project. Good also to note in your recent Greek postings some Biblical knowledge so often absent today.

Paul & Maggie Matthews (England): Thank you very much for your very quick reply to my email about Croatia, we found it very helpful. We are looking forward to the holiday and hope Croatia is as good as people say. Thanks again, and we might bump into you on our travels. Take care and Happy Motorhoming.

Walter Fisher (England): Good to read about your travels.

Paul & Sylvia Hawker (England): We have just discovered your website and saved it in our favourites, where we look at it every night to get as much info as we can on long-term motorhoming. We can't wait and hope we may meet up with you both.

Chris & Arthur Tinsley (England): Hope you are enjoying your amazing adventures in your motorhome - one day my husband and I hope to do the same as you. Enjoy living the dream and can't wait to hear from you soon.

Diana (Spain): Congratulations on the site, it´s great information and inspiration!

Ann Chaney (New Zealand): I'm thrilled to stumble across your site. Looks like a few hours reading ahead!

Jill Maxted (England): No. 43 on your list of campsites in Bulgaria. Some extra details for you ...

Sheila & James Reid (Spain): We are fellow long-term motorhomers, living in semi-retirement in rural Andalucia. Your Magbaz website has been inspiring, informative and a superb reference for us and fellow travellers - thank you so much for taking the time to document your adventures and share them with us. We have just completed our first trip to Turkey and thought it might be useful to let you have an update of our experiences. Your website already provides excellent details of routes and ancient sites etc, so we have tried to offer a personal report of campsites and, if appropriate, roads or any observations that might be of use to others.

Jay H Reiter (England): I love to travel, been many places: Europe, Middle East and going to Italy in September. But you guys are the ultimate, you really know how to live and enjoy your life. I am so happy to read your stories, they are so amazing. Be safe and enjoy each other's company.

Joe McNally (Scotland): Excellent pics - so nice to hear you are well and travelling happily.

Allan & Justine Wright (England): We have just returned from our first foray into Europe, travelling through Belgium into Germany and along the Rhine. Thanks to your helpful website, we both thoroughly enjoyed this experience and have already started to plan for further visits. Once again, many thanks from both of us.

Jacqui & Kate (Australian Cyclists): Remember you? We think of you often and fondly, particularly when we're in a pickle. 'What would Marg and Barry do?'

Oguz Sevim (Turkey): You have incredible amount of travel information, especially for Turkey. We are caravan enthusiasts from Turkey, gathered in www.karabanturk.org. You're welcome to our site any time, to share your experience and advice to us. The site has Google translate function so it won't be difficult for you, I think. All the best.

Kris & Alydia (England): Just wanted to say how much we are enjoying your tales - we stumbled upon this site recently and it is providing much inspiration and advice. Keep up the good work guys!

Lars & Erling Andersen (Denmark):  We found a new autogas (LPG) outlet in Greece, on the way from Kanali to Filipiada (Eteka petrol station). Great homepage you have. Best regards.

Tom & Jenny McGinnis (England): Been reading both your and Don Madge's reports with much anticipation and are looking forward to our trip. Once again thank for your email and very informative web site. Hope you are enjoying Turkey.

Angela Saffery (England): Many thanks for all your practical advice which has greatly helped us so far.

Julian Graham (England): Thank you for your reply. I have looked at the website and found it informative but if I have any further queries I will contact you again.

John Pascoe (England): We are regular readers of your site which has proved invaluable in helping us to prepare for our 8-10 month journey through Europe.

Sally Seymour (USA): Thank you for all the heartfelt and interesting pieces you have sent me all year. I wish you both another healthy and intriguing New Year. 

Catherine & Chris (England): How very nice to hear from you - the legendary Magbaz! 

Ros Davies (England): Many thanks to you for your enlightened articles online. Makes brill reading.

Carol Weaver (England): I have long had your website bookmarked, from when Don Madge first joined the computer age .... and your page about Comfort Insurance has been posted on MHF. I would just like to say I think your comments were totally justified, and I have had very similar dealings with them over the years and no longer use them. Thank you for your continuing website, which is flagged up often in various forums. May you long continue your travels.

Kathy Howe & Richard (USA): You two always have cool information to share.  I'll poke around these sites; many thanks.

Cathy Louth (England): Such beautiful, evocative photos.

Bob & Judi Burns (USA): Nice set of photos – wish we were there with you.

Steve & Chris Grimshaw (England): We contacted you in 2008 through our daughter Angela about travelling through Serbia and Bulgaria. Thanks again - your information was very helpful. All our love and best wishes for this year's travels.

Meg Blumsom (England): Thank you for this very helpful and speedy response. I thought we might have to wait a while … I saw the address was Alexandroupoli. We had some happy days there last autumn, on our way back from Turkey. Bonnes routes. We look forward to reading your website.

Christos Giordamlis (Greece): We would like to thank you for your comments and your interest. Your comments can help us to convince the authorities for the need to upgrade the provided service (WiFi internet in Alexandroupolis) and any further comment is welcome.

Alan & Jenny Morris (England): Found your web site today and just started a great read (beats the tele).

Henry Love (England): Thank you both for the considerable effort you make for the travelling motorhomer. Your articles on Turkey have been very helpful. Best wishes and Bon Voyage.

Davin Palmer (Greece): Many thanks for keeping me on your mailing list, I am suitably awed by your exploits and wish you endless adventure.

Afsad Alam (?): Thanks for your kind co-operation. By the way I am very happy that you responded to my email at once. Sir, I am interested to know something about you. Thanking you and take care.

Sally & Derek Beasley (Australia): It was great to meet you at the camp site in Carte (Romania).  Thanks for the web site, it is full of information. Thanks for your help.

Greg Herb (USA): Thanks so much for the kind words. I am sad that we couldn't meet with each other in Preslav (Bulgaria) one more time, but it was time for me to go. Time has indeed flown by quickly, and now sitting in my house in the States looking back on it, it seems like a surreal experience. Thanks for contributing to making my time there so great! I hope your travels have been going wonderfully and that you arrive back in Bulgaria safely. Road tripping around Scandinavia sounds like an amazing trip! Thanks again for everything and I wish you both the best! (Greg was a Peace Corps volunteer, who we met when he was working at the Orphanage in Veliko Preslav).

John & Judy Macfarlane (Australia):  Your site provided us with excellent information prior to us motorhoming in Eastern Europe in 2008. We thank you for allowing us access. We are presently accessing your site for information for a motorhome trip next year to Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Thank you again.

Hannes & Zelda Baard (South Africa): Reading about your travels really put the cat amongst the pigeons. So I thought, why not put the complete kit (pick-up and caravan) in a container, ship the lot out to the UK, Spain or Portugal and then drive back home via the UK and Europe to Hermanus?

Lucy Dimitroula (Greece): Thank you again for your time and I wish we could meet sometime. Thank you very much for your response. (Lucy is the manager of the campsite in Koroni, in the SE corner of the Messinian Peninsula in the Greek Peloponnese).

Gerard & Irene Hurst (Bulgaria): We just wanted to thank you for such a lovely time yesterday afternoon, we all really enjoyed your company, hospitality and the tour of the campsite and tourer. We look forward to seeing you, as you say, in the spring for more times of fellowship. We are praying for a safe, relaxing and stress free journey - happy reading and resting in Greece.

Frank & Taylor Goodrick (Canada): We're currently reading your updates as you progress, with an eye to our next trip to the Balkans in our Canadian Winnebago Rialta. Thanks for the informative site! We are at http://travel.jeffersoncampervan.com/

David & Bryan (Bulgaria): Thank you for such kind words! Your site is great. Keep in touch, happy and safe travelling.

Brigitte & Herbert Gloeckner (Germany): What wonderful pictures with which you let us participate in your great journeys. Bonnes routes always and everywhere!!

Sally Seymour (USA): Thank you for the wonderful pictures. You two are truly amazing. You go all the places no-one else seems to go and you are right at home everywhere.

Audrey Pocock (Australia): I don't know when I will finish reading your fabulous website but I have a question that I wonder if you can answer for me.

Jean Withers (England): Thank you so much, Barry and Margaret, for your very comprehensive reply, and for passing me on to Dr Bob. I'm looking forward to dipping into more of your blog. You're so lucky to be able to do what you're doing. We think we're incredibly fortunate to be in this position!

Harry & Jill Perry (England): Thanks for the kind words. You have been considerably braver than us and we have learned much from your previous blogs.

Marty Jakeman (England): Thanks for your lovely reply!! Will furnish Peter and new knee with padded laptop and instructions for a happy hour exploring your website. Kind regards and safe travelling,

Dave (England): As someone who has followed you site with interest you may wish to have a look at this new site: http://www.motorhome365.com/ 

Pete Jenkins (England):  I've been a fan of your website for quite a while now and would like to apologise for not contacting you earlier to thank you for such a wonderful resource. I refer to it all the time and regularly recommend it to other motorhomers. I have managed to compile a Google map of wild-camping spots all over Greece, many from personal experience and from friends' recommendations and also some taken from blogs and travel accounts from the web (see Pete's article in this website). I hope it will be useful to someone and pass this on as a sort of 'thank you' for all the information that we have gleaned from your travels.

Ray Morton (England): Hello, Fellow Travellers, just found your Web Site and it's very very informative. Thank very much for everything.

Irene & Chris Rushton (England): Just wanted to say we have been reading your website and blogs for a few hours now! It is very informing. Your writing has given us lots of useful information and inspiration to get going soon!! Thank you again.

David & Sylvia Baynes (England):  We've just caught up with your current log and have to admit to itching feet when we read that you are in Alexandropoulis and Turkey-bound. Have you a Turkish plan in mind or are you just a-wandering?

Kathy Howe (USA): I am spending far too much time wandering through your website, enjoying various articles, making plans and ... even more ... appreciating the work that has gone into your material. Many thanks. You might be interested in visiting our website: www.Travelin-Tortuga.com to see more about us and our travels.

Julia Detmaur (England): Thank you - I much enjoy reading your website.

Rosemary Newton (England): Thanks for all your kind advice. Very best wishes and enjoy your travels.

Tony & Alison (England): Just a note to say thanks for all the work you have done for this website. We're looking to buy a motorhome and this is a great information and reference point. Thanks.

Michael Hillary (England): Thank you for replying. Brill site - have looked at it before … Good travelling.

Rachael Ayres (New Zealand): Last year when travelling around Europe we came across your site - looking for information about Bulgaria (BTW, we ended up having a lovely couple of weeks at Sakar Hills!!!! and took your advice to drive right over to the eastern side of Greece to get there - oh what a wonderfully deserted road that followed the coast!). Thanks so much for your informative reply. I had a feeling we could count on your experience! The dream might be able to take shape....a big circle from Germany (cheapest place to buy vans), up through Sweden and back down Norway, across to Scotland (obviously via Denmark) and a second try at England, France, Spain, Morocco, back to Spain to catch the ferry to Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey (where we ended our last trip, but in a time frame too short to appreciate - and at the time we said it would be a great place to motorhome), stop in at Sakar Hills on the way across to Croatia, North Italy (for the cities we missed last time, important ones like Florence and Venice!), then hike in the mountains of Austria while the vans sit on Ebay hoping to sell quickly. But it hinges on Libya and Egypt!

James Gamgee (Scotland): Thanks for thinking of me and for your lovely newsletter from the Circle.

Liz & Brian Palfrey (France): What a great website, I have been reading of your travels with great interest. We are planning our first trip to Scandinavia following most of your route through central Sweden. Many thanks for your time and all the useful information and links which are exactly what I have been looking for. We really appreciate your help, it has been invaluable. It has been so kind of you to help me with my planning for our trip. I have gleaned some great tips from your emails and web pages, not least being to take a bread maker!! It certainly makes all the difference hearing from someone with such up to date info and who obviously has such experience as yourselves. There are still pages of your travels I look forward to reading, I don't know how you manage to travel such distances whilst giving such detailed accounts of your many travels and answer all the emails you receive, helping so many novices like me.

Julia & Len Davies (England): Thank you for taking the time to respond to our email, we'll certainly give your website a thorough read.

Dave Gregory (England): Thanks very much for the information you have supplied. Your web site is very helpful.

Tony & Pam Flanders (England): Thank you ever so much for getting in touch, it all sounds terribly fascinating. All your advice and expert knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Alessandro De Paolis (USA): Having read about some of your great travels on this site I couldn't think of better people to ask for help. Thank you for your time and your very informative and helpful website.

Penny and Peter Rushton (England): Your help was really useful and much appreciated. 

Baz and Kelley (New Zealand): Just read your site and thanks for the info on the insurance.

Ivan McLellan (New Zealand): You have my total admiration for all the cycling you do!  To cycle through New Zealand, congratulations, something I've seen many people do, as I passed them at full speed in my air-conditioned car, but it was certainly the way to see the country and a wonderful way to take photographs because you have no problems in stopping or parking. Likewise for Norway, you have my full attention and admiration! Have you considered putting your Turkey travels with the photos into a book?

Colin and Gina Gillard (England): Just a brief note from two novice campervanners to thank you for a really useful and informative site. Best wishes on your journey.

Vic and Sylvi Shane (England): I have been looking at your website; so full of great info regarding European camping. Hopefully bump into you both at some point, and have a chat.

Alan Bell (England): How do I join this great site please?

Mary (USA): I just bought a Flair, search engine searching for price comparison, and found your site. Very nice.

John and Sue Hughes (England): While travelling through Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey I made some notes, which perhaps you could use on your wonderful web site - where would many of us be without it?

Mike Trice (England): Many thanks for your help; I have already had a reply from Helen which was very helpful.

James Gamgee (Scotland): I like to think of you out there. Safe travels.

Lorna and Mark Townsend (England): Thank you so much for adding us to your lovely website and for the in-depth email you sent regarding travelling from Istanbul to Asia. You have certainly given us food for thought.

Vicki Crowther (England): Positive I shall be! Thanks again for your encouraging thoughts and kindness.

John and Mary Cadman (England):  We hope your trip goes well and thank you again for being so helpful. What an informative mail you sent us. Thank you. We have read much of your website and saved some very useful info. It is VERY useful. Thanks for your informative site, listed in MMM.

Jan & Keith Stewkesbury (England): Just taken a first look at your website, intend to take a longer in depth look. Looking forward to future travels and contact.

Amy, Jimmy and Maya Farrington (England): My father has been telling me all about your many adventures recently and he speaks very highly of your experience and expertise in the area. Your website is amazingly detailed and I'm sure it will be enormously helpful on our adventures.

Vicki Crowther (England): I have been reading your blog with much interest. We are going to Greece via Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania, and Macedonia. We hope to cross the Han i Hotit border near Podgorica and then take the road past Tirane and on to Elbasan and across the border near Struga for Ohrid. After that to Kastoria in Greece.

Lorna and Mark (England): We have found your website a great source of information as we have been travelling in our Hymer for eight months full-time through fourteen countries in Western and Eastern Europe and Morocco. Currently we are in sunny Bulgaria at Sakar Hills Camping! 

Lynsey Manton (England): I have just discovered your details in a copy of MMM a friend has lent me. I realise this is going to be one heck of a learning experience but any advice would be very welcome. Thank you for your great reply and information. I have checked out your website and found it very informative.

Eileen Chillingworth (England): Just a quick update because you where so kind & helpful.

Diana Coode (England): Many thanks for your last emails with news of all your travels - and the demise of your laptop. As usual the emails make fascinating reading, both about those countries we know such as Malta - where I spent 3 months during my yachting days - and those we don't, such as Tunisia.

Ruth & Rob Smith (England): We stumbled upon your website by chance whilst researching for a 6 week trip to France, Italy and Switzerland in June & July in our motorhome. We are amazed, to say the least, at the content of your site and the extent of your travels. We shall be following in your footsteps during the next few years and will 'dip in and out' on the site for inspiration. Many thanks.

Gerry Freeman (England): Being a regular reader of MMM I looked on the Travel Consultants page for someone with experience/knowledge of taking a motorhome across Austria, but alas no one lists Austria among the countries they have visited. Having visited your web site (and read with envy of your travels all over the world) you are obviously a couple with vast experience of Continental travel in a motorhome, so maybe you could help me, or know a man who can!

Pat & Mervyn Adams (England): Hi there, having bought the April edition of MMM and reading that you have travelled in Romania, we have had a brief look at your website and look forward to having a longer look. Thanks for your forthcoming comments and look forward to chatting more in the next months.

Garry Scott (England): Your site is a dream. Planned on something like this for a long time. I will escape next year for long term touring and cycling. Your site is an inspiration to all workers.

Barbara Beatty (England): Very many thanks for your reassuring advice on Croatia. Very comprehensive and much appreciated.

Gilroy Coleman (England): We have greatly enjoyed your website and used it extensively to plan our forthcoming trip to Turkey. We also read the account by Dr Bob of his recent trip to Morocco. Thanks again.

Richard & Verena Gits (New Zealand): I have done a lot of work using the information on your fantastic website and now have fairly good routes planned through Greece and Turkey. Thanks again for doing this, it is much appreciated. I wish you both safe and enjoyable travels!! The only way to travel these days - by Campervan - who would want to fly?!!

Gary Box (The Motorhome Vagabond from ***): I have been reading some of the articles on your website with interest. I started a blog about my adventures a couple of months ago and wondered if you would be interested in trading links? My blog address is http://motorhomevagabond.com.

Brian & Mary (England): I have recently read so many of your notes that it almost seems that I know you!!

Gianmaria Pagnacco (Italy): I don't find Ukraine in your travels. I am going there for the second time this summer for three weeks, preparing the voyage with some difficulty in finding campsites. Some information I got from Lonely Planet, but most of them from Google Earth: I work out a list of places I want to go and write down the co-ordinates, so that with copy and paste I can review the places. If you are interested I could send you what I've done, hoping to receive some more information back. Excuse my English and have my compliments for your site.

Jorgos Fligos (Ionion Beach Camping, Greece): Have a nice time in Tunisia. Very nice fotos and hope to see you again. Many greetings from Maik and me!

Peter Davies (Wales): Thanks for your quick response. We've toured across Europe a couple of times but managed to survive on our own gas (electric hook-ups & BBQs etc).With this info we'll get our van converted. Diolch ('Thanks' in Welsh).

Sue & Geoff Birch (England): First of all, thank you for your wonderful website with lots of useful info for motorhomers.

Sylvia & David Baynes (England): Hi, just a quickie using the (apparently!) free wifi on the municipal site at Alexandropouli. How are things with you? Hope the sun has started to bring some warmth and you are enjoying Sicily.

David & Helen Homewood (France): Fascinated to see what you are making of Tunisia!

David & Helen Luck (England): Thanks for all your information, we are off next month. It's always good listening to other motorhomers' travels.

Harry Holmes (England): Hi Barry and Margaret, sorry to have missed you at Ionion Beach and Finikouda, would have been good to see the faces behind the website.

Gianmarino Biasin (Italy): I am sorry I did not realize that I was emailing a 'private person' - the miracle of Internet. I do appreciate even more you taking the time to answer.

Steve (Barny) Jones (Bulgaria): We are the next valley over from Sakar Hills, nearer to Greece in a village called Varbovo, which is off the main (ugly drag) road that leads to Svilengrad and beyond (Turkey/Greece). We like to think we are in the pretty area. We have room for people to stay over in our caravan or our 3 family tents, not that we're an up and running business, just a friendly pair who want to promote Bulgaria, as I think so many are missing out on what to see. We also have tips for 'wild camping' as we never camp in campsites.

Mike Vere (England): Good to hear from you and note you're back in Greece - we have wonderful memories of the Zagora/Pindos mountains at this time of year. How we'd love to be there. Hope you're both well and enjoying the 'Sprinter' - we saw several Germans using 'em when we were in Burkheim (Kaiserstuhl) last October. It looks a neat idea - do you sleep in it? Bit of a downsize for you but must save a fortune on fuel (although I guess you don't travel far each day on average).

John Hughes (England): Thanks for the email received this morning. Good luck with your trip to Tunisia. We will follow your progress on line

Tom & Joan Calverley (England): Hello Barry and Margaret. I have just spent a very enjoyable hour looking at your website, in particular your Balkan journeys, but can't actually pin down what I am looking for. So I am writing to you in your capacity of MMM Travel Consultants, hope you don't mind. Very many thanks for such a prompt and useful response. I don't know why I didn't find the list for myself, I can only assume that I got carried away reading travellers' tales! I hope to find appropriate cover from one of the firms in the list, so I have been out and bought the maps! Keep up the good work.

Richard and Maralis Cowper-Brown (England): We find your website so interesting and full of inspiration. Amazing. What adventures.

Richard &Janice Wright (England): I must say your web site and information is very helpful and interesting.

Helen & David Luck (England): Wow, it all looks amazing. Love your web site. We are practising in comparison! Many thanks for the links. Feel excited with the drive now.

Arlene Davies (England): I've just found your very helpful website and have a couple of questions, as it seems you really have done a lot of the countries we are looking to do.

Harry Holmes (England): Just been looking at your fantastic website which we hope will be of lots of use to us for our next trip, beginning very shortly.

Anthony Poynter (England): Thank you for the very informative information - will help planning our trip.

John & Sue Hughes (England): Many thanks for putting together your useful list of campsites in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Your list, along with a local publication, (Bosnia and Herzegovina Campsites) which we spotted in the Tourist Office in Sarajevo, helped make our brief venture into Bosnia such a success. With many thanks for your wonderful website. We always recommend it to fellow motorcaravanners.

Al and Dorothee Davies (Republic of Ireland): Thank you for your reply and the excellent detail regarding the availability of LPG in Turkey. We look forward to reading your inspirational accounts of your travels in Sicily, Tunisia etc. The Vodafone saga on your site is very good. Well done for tackling this shower. Hope you are both well and enjoying the winter months. With any luck we may one day encounter you on our travels.

Maureen Donovan (England): Love your web site and have passed it on to several of my motorhoming friends.

Estelle Hart (England): Thank you for your help with dogs on camp sites in the Czech Republic.‏ It's comforting having experts around.

Becky & Rick Serra (Florida, USA): We have enjoyed reading your emails over the years. We still remember our great motorhome trip through Europe and meeting you in Crete 1997. We would like to make another extended trip. If we get closer to the trip happening, we will be picking your brains for information and advicea

Rudina Peposhi (Albania): Good to hear from you. I just saw your site and it is so amazing! We are really happy to have you at Kamping "Paemer".

Malcolm and Rita Howse (England): Many thanks on help regarding the trailer.

Claire (England): Thanks for any help. Your web site is extremely helpful. We have stayed at many of your recommended campgrounds.

Stephen Tomlinson (England): I've just read of your future travel plans and I would just like to say I think you are an inspiration! Your blogs and reports instil in us a desire to travel to many of these places you mention and push the boundaries of our own comfort zone to see and experience other cultures that people most only read about (but funny enough are able to pontificate on for hours!) We hope one day to catch you up and meet our internet guides face to face, but until then bon voyage and safe travelling.

Verena and Richard Gits (England): Firstly, we must congratulate you on your excellent website. We have found it extremely interesting and what you have been doing in recent years is an inspiration to us. Well done!!

Nick and Lila Jones (England): Thank you so much for your advice, we will certainly look at your blog and contact the other experts re Portugal & Spain. You certainly have travelled in the East - must have been fun and we wish you both many more adventures. All good wishes and once again thank you for your time.

Susan Jones (England): Have just read your insurance reviews, which I found very helpful.

Pat and Roy Bottle (England): Thank you both for your speedy reply to our queries, you have answered a lot of our concerns, we do keep dipping into your web site but there's a lot there to take in, in fact the telly's been redundant lately as I'm logged into you. Its seems such a huge thing to be doing, we keep getting scared as well as excited, then we read your comments and feel better.

George Ryan (England): Love your website. Many thanks for such a rapid and very helpful reply. I will certainly follow all the links that you have kindly provided me. Keep up the fantastic work you marvellous people! Best wishes and bons voyages.

Bill Randall (England): Very impressed by your constant travelling and always find the reports interesting.

Mac and Pip Mckenzie (New Zealand): Ivan McLellan recommended we contact you regarding storage for our Motorhome in Athens as you spend winters in Greece. Thanks so much for your recommendations. We are currently in Serbia and making our way south to Greece shortly which will be our first time, so very excited. Hopefully we get to meet you both somewhere down there. What an excellent website you have, we will enjoy looking through it in the future for travel tips. I've just had a quick read of the winter brochure for Greece-"absolutely brilliant". I'm looking forward to meeting the Untersturmfeldgruppencampingplatzführer.

Rod Heeley (Greece): I am so pleased to see that you are still experiencing cultures and places anew. I am sure you will have many tales to tell when i see you both again. Keep happy, keep safe and see you soon. Really looking forward to it.

Dr Bob and Sandra (Spain): So good of you to help out yet again - we really do appreciate it and I just want you to realise that.

Koray Tezcan (Turkey and www.kampkaravan.org): I receive regularly your messages and I'm very happy to read your journey and informations. I send you all my best regards.

Edward Michell (South Africa): Many thanks for the kind email: a wet and misty Saturday evening here in Durban, South Africa! I would like to underline our thanks to you both for your comprehensive response to my requests for information: Dale joins me in sending warm wishes across the miles, and we look forward to being in touch at some future time.

Brigitte und Herbert Gloeckner (Germany): Grüße vom herrlichsten Platz‏. What surprise and how nice to receive your letter written in German. Thank you so much.

Caroline Down (Engand): I have been losing myself in your wonderful website while I am hunting the internet for fellow travellers. I am planning a trip with my partner to go through Norway, Russia, Mongolia, the Stans, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Europe and so I have been getting some top tips from your logs.

Pat and Tony Devlin (England): Thanks very much for coming back to me so quickly. I'll have a look at the web pages you've sent. Thanks also for the hints you've given in your email. Kind regards,

Graham Ford (England): Found your site really useful; thanks for your efforts.

Malcolm Hill (England and Canada): I have been following your travels with enormous interest on your website (yes, people do read you) since I was in those areas a couple of years ago myself and visited the Wolf's Lair and those concentration camps and Krakow (did you see the Schindler factory?)

Richard Cowper-Brown (England): We have also travelled much of the routes you have. Interesting to read of your experiences in Finland to Estonia etc. We did that as part of a 3 month trip from our home in Cornwall to Scotland, Orkneys, Shetlands, Bergan, Norway, Lofoten Isles, Nordkapp, Finland, Estonia, Baltics,Poland,Austria Germany and back through the tunnel to home in 2007; Some trip I can tell you. It was superb. I continue to follow your adventures and may catch up with you one day

John Owen (England): Very many thanks for your very swift reply. The info you have already given will be very useful especially regarding the size of vehicle as it looks like we will have to rethink that.

Peter Bull (Latvia): Latgale is a bit primitive but lovely in summer. Enjoy your trip. Now we have found your website we will follow your travels. Hope to do the same in 2 years!

George Cook (Scotland): I look forward to catching up with your travels on your extraordinary website, which is a wonderful resource for other travellers (and indeed, would-be travellers like myself). One of these days ….

Anthea and Gerry Owen (England): We have just done a fabulous tour (of Turkey - see www. ), similar to yours of last year, and I thought you may be interested in a few updates: Thanks very much for your diary which helped us in planning our trip.

Pat and Roy Bottle (England): We've been reading your fascinating website and are going to take the plunge ourselves, now - sooner than later. We loved reading about your travels and pitfalls you met along the way.

Anastasia & Giorgos (Greece): We are a family from Greece and we have been reading your website for almost 2 years. We love your reviews and we hope to have the same way of life in the future. But our children are still young! We wish you enjoyable and fulfilling travels. All the best.

Sarah-May aka Baddie the Pirate (On the Waterways of Britain): Many thanks for that. Extremely fast and efficient, and much appreciated.

Jean-Roland (France): I'll always remember the wonderful time I spent with you in the Sakar Hills Campsite last September! Take care, à bientôt.

Barbara Hurley (Wales): Barry & Margaret, two lovely caring people who managed to help me in starting off this Bulgarian Woolly project, which has now expanded to me getting educational items for the children as well.

Stephen Gray (England): Very kind of you to share your info, I will investigate and make a decision as now in Lefkas for a month or so windsurfing, Thank you for taking the time.

John and Jennie Briden (England): In 2008 when we first thought of taking our Rapido 986F to Turkey to tour anti-clockwise we were very apprehensive about travelling so far on our own without any knowledge of the Turkish (or German) languages.Whilst researching for information I came across your website. We had toured all round Greece in 2007 and the information given of your travels in Greece and Turkey in 2008 gave us the confidence to go it alone in Turkey. Many thanks to you both for such an informative website, we have enjoyed reading of your travels although we are not into every historical site.

Stephen Smith (England): Just been on your website and got some useful info on Stellplatz in Germany.

Keith Mashiter (England): Simply to say what tremendous value your website is - I'm constantly referring people to it when on MotorhomeFacts or MotorhomeFun forums and have derived great pleasure personally. I've meant to make contact for a couple of years!! Your list of travel books is erudite and I recognise many.

Malcolm James (England): Thanks for an excellent and thorough answer - and so quick!

Andrew Harris (England): Just a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed trawling through your website.

Vernon and Magdalena Cundall (England): Thank you so much for your prompt reply to our request for information. We envy you being in Finland, we went to Denmark Sweden Finland and Norway some years ago and also saw the Northern Lights at Northcape. It was a clear night. Thanks again for the much valued service you provide and answering our questions and more. Wishing you both all the very best.

Ian Farrington (England): Barry and Margaret, Thanks again for reminding me how I'm wasting my life while you travel and broaden your mind, if not your behinds with all that cycling. Shouldn't you publish a book? I will reply at greater length when I have the energy, just reading your e-mails exhausts me.

Philip Christodoulou (Greece): An excellent website, full of useful information for other fellow travellers. You are obviously reasonably well travelled and have gained a good knowledge of a number of countries.

Soufiane Chakir (Morocco): Good morning dear friends, I am the son of the painter, who has make a drawings on your camper in 1999, me you greeting for his/her part I met this photograph by hazard in your site good continuance.

Onur (Turkey): I am trying to put up a website about Turkey based on people's experiences in Turkey (www.iwasinturkey.com). I read some of your entries about Turkey and I think some of them are very useful for other travellers.

Vijay Navlani (India): Hi sir, see your site its really knowledgeable and cool i want to add url at ur site.

Anne and Bob Gryzowski (England): Thanks a lot for you help again. That's great. Hope you are having fun. Anne

piruz bujang Macpherson (Sarawak, Borneo): If ever you come to sarawak ,borneo in kuching hopefully we can meet up. Would love to meet up with you guys, have the same aspirations but dont know when n how to start the long time dreamt.

Vivienne Luscott (England): Thank you so much for taking us to heart. We have felt so ineffective on our own. The article is perfect! I hope it saves others from painful experiences. I hang on every word of advice you give - it's worth a dozen guide books. lt really helps to have the opinion of "trail blazers". I think you're really brave to do Eastern Europe. Perhaps one day we will do the same!

Susan Cassidy (England): Thanks very much for your reply. I am just going to look at those web sites you recommended. It sounds like you have some real adventures, good luck in Bulgaria. Thanks again.

Peter Falandysz (England): We are thinking about long term EU travel using a motorhome of some kind. All of the questions that concerned me re; insurance MOT etc etc are all covered in your website. This has taken a lot of work and I wish to thank you so much for making it that much easier to understand all of the many details. Many Thanks.

Ian Biggar & Sue Stanley (England): First, let us add our congratulations to you on such a well run and informative site. We have referred to it on several occasions for info regarding our trips. We have been running our own blog (www.motorhometrips.blogspot.com) for a couple of years now and we thought it might be of interest to a wider audience via a link on your website.

Richard Francis (England): I have been a follower of the famous Magbaz Travels website over the years so I was pleased to meet them at the campsite. Margaret and Barry have been my heroes and a great source of information and they are so friendly and were very helpful to me, helping me with my washing and even using their van as a clothes line. Leaving Sakar Hills was quite a wrench, I'd felt so comfortable there and could have stayed longer but I could hear the road calling so said my farewells and hit the road.

Graham and Verica Peacock (England): We have, as you know, followed your previous Motorhoming travels with envy, despite being on the road ourselves, off and on for some 50 years.

Rob Davies (England): Hello, firstly great site, have really enjoyed it. Now I am going to be buying an old motor home.

Sonia (Italy): Your information very interesting for me. I'll go in Turkey this April until June, by bicycle, from Bodrum - Tasuco and Cyprus. I'll use camping site and your addresses are very useful. Tks for all your information.

Bernadette Cronk (Australia): Amazing -- your site! I didn't realize you had such a great -- and huge! -- site! I spent ages reading on it yesterday. Your site is going to provide me with many delightful hours of the kind of reading that I am now addicted to. I may, actually, download a lot of your articles now as pdf files so's I can read them as we travel. Lovely, Barry and Margaret! Many many thanks. And thanks so much for the Vodaphone warning!

Janet Howard (England): Thank you for your prompt reply. It is very appreciated giving us the help like this, certainly the most information we have received so far.

Mark Waters (England): You know, there are times when I really wish I was somewhere else in a camper van! Now is one of those times.

Peter Smith (England): I've greatly enjoyed looking through your website.

John and Leslie Jefferis (England): We met briefly at Sakar Hills in September (Burstner caravan and Hyundai Santa Fe). Since then we have made much use of your website and also recommended it to countless others. Many thanks. www.travelpod.com/members/oldagetraveller

Alan Spence (England): My wife and I have been inspired by your account of your travels in Greece to undertake a trip there ourselves. I have a couple of topics on which I would be most grateful to hear your advice. It's these small practical details that I haven't seen mentioned on the various web sites, magazine articles etc I've been reading about. I hope you might be able to give us a few pointers. Many thanks.

Damien Enright (Eire): Great site and great piece on Croatia. Thank you for very helpful email. You seem to be doing a great service for motor-homers with you web mag! Goodonya! I'm looking forward to reading your story and the others you recommend. And many thanks again.

Ivan McLellan (New Zealand): Wonderful information on your web site, great info on Turkey one of our countries for this year.

Rachael (England): I have looked on your webiste and its got great addresses for campsites in Turkey.

Brian and Patricia Rudd (England): Hope you are keeping well. We have been avid followers of your adventures for some years.

Pota Pikios (Canada): I'm just writing to tell you thank you for sharing that one serendipitous meeting (the Bangladeshi migrant workers whom I imagined huddled around the phone booth, perplexed as to why there was no work during olive picking). I now teach 14 year olds world history, and I enjoy showing them how people have always moved around the globe from our very beginnings in Africa to the present - my students come from all over the globe. You have brought that ancient past, my past, the present, and the future into my mind's eye and my heart in ways I have no words to show you. And you in your caravan (we call them mobile homes) are a part of that never-ending stream of humanity, and without you I would not have seen so vividly the history I "am" and teach. Thank you for letting me see what you saw.

Neil & Rachel Hunt (England): Thank you for the very swift response. The website is excellent - lots of information, very informative and some great articles.

Bernice Smith (England): Many, many thanks for your prompt reply, much appreciated. Best tip, don't overplan - so thanks for that - nice to have some surprises! Happy travelling and thank you again.

Dave Johnson (England): I have read your web site for several years now and found it very informative.

Vic Over (England): Many thanks for your quick response.

Helen & Kostas and the small Dimitris Dosiou (Greece): Thank you for all the useful informations that I found in your site! Thank you very much Barry and Margaret for your immediate and detailed response!

John and Sue Brenton (England): I've only just found your website and am amazed at what you have done! Thank you so much for your swift and excellent advice! Maybe we'll see you somewhere?!

Viv Luscott (England): Got your tremendous website from the Caravan Club. I was beginning to feel negative about our plans but this has inspired me with enthusiasm again. I have printed off loads and will read avidly in the next week!

Nakshathra (India): Greetings!!! We visited your website, and found your Site is Travel and Tourism related and as well it has been noted that your website had been created by putting greatest efforts to convey the very best informations. We have also understood that you have invested strenuous efforts to promote the site in the Search Engine.

Paolo Pilotto (Italy): 'Ciao' Barry and Margaret. I, my wife Marisa and our two sons, Teo and Milla, love a lot the 'plein air' life with our caravan. Your website is very fine, complete and suggestive. Very very nice!!! Your community is very interesting and you love what we love: nature, people, spirit of things. Hi and thanks for read us!

Detlef Lindner (Spain): I just like it ... Just to tell you that I found one of your articles referred to in my home forum, AC-Pasion of Spain, and that through the article (which lies printed on my desk) I found the website. Far from having seen everything, not to say "read", I am enchanted with what you transmit. I encourage you to keep on with your work and the good things you are doing. The only bad thing I can say about the site is: Why didn't I find it some years ago!!! Take care, and I hope we'll meet one day to laugh about silly things.

Liam and Mary Cheasty (Eire): Firstly may I say how much we enjoy your website and the mindful of information that it is, keep up the good work. Your website and information is truly wonderful, the info on Greek campsites is excellent, precise and to the point.

Barbara Hurley (Wales): I am so fortunate to have come in contact with the lovely Margaret and Barry Williamson and it is through them I was put in touch with Ruth and Carol, then Ruth passed me on to Kelsey, Kelsey then to Alexa, and am I pleased that I have found you all. So Margaret and Barry can be so proud of what they have done to enable me to get Barbara's Woolly Project off the ground and by the end of this year we will have got so much over to the ones who need it so much. Thank you Barry and Margaret, you are one special couple.

Leigh Johnson (England): Hi, first I'd like to say that you have a very inspirational website. I have spent many a happy lunchtime at work reading through it and dreaming! I hope you have a great winter over in Greece and many more happy and informative travels in the future. Keep on writing!

Paul Humphreys (England): I found out about Ian's (Ian Hibell's) death quite recently and read more on your excellent website. I did appreciate reading the obituaries and comments about Ian, here on your site.

Peter and Sylvia Butler (England): Your website has been a pleasure and an inspiration to us both since we discovered it last year. We're both taking early retirement and plan to buy a motorhome and just GO! Very best wishes to you both.

Roger and Wendy Pepper (England): We have obtained your web and email addresses from MMM. I have sat down to write this email on several occasions over the past month but have always made the mistake of opening 'magbaz travels' first and then spent the time reading about your amazing adventures!

Steven Bishop (England): I have been reading about your travels for some time with interest.

Jenny & Mike Davies (England): We recently learned that you are joint Travel Consultants for the MMM, and would like very much to take advantage of your kind offer of advice, as and when you can fit us in. May we thank you most sincerely, for anything you can put our way.

Andy Newton (England): We spent 2 months in Turkey this Autumn, much of it following your itinerary for which, thank you very much - it was very useful. We have posted our diary and photos on the web and Don Madge has suggested that it might be useful to put a link to it on your own excellent site as extra information for Turkey travellers. The Turkey trip is on http://www.pippins.me.uk/2008_Turkey/2008_Turkey.htm At Sedre Camping we met Koray, who mentioned that he had spent some time with you. He was our guide during the festival, although so many others spoke English it wasn't a problem. Drum Bun.

John and Ruth Breslin (Eire): Found your web site and really enjoy it.

Jane Seigal (France): I do the odd articles on travel but nothing like your wonderful site! It is all most interesting and particularly I was interested in your latest comments on technology and your laptops! With kind regards and thanks as everyone has said for your diligence and your generosity in sharing it all with us.

Eileen and Paul Chillingworth (England): Thank you very much for coming back so quickly. Your thoughts helped us a lot to keep digging for answers. It makes a lot of difference to be in touch with someone who is living the dream. Also to know how others are dealing with things and backing up our own ideas. Thank you, happy travels.

Jacquie Fournier (England): Probably just one more thank-you to add to your pile! Thanks again for your intelligent and entertaining. Articles. Looking forward to many more! What a lovely reply. It would be great fun if we bumped into each other on some rocky acropolis. How reassuring for a Greece newbie that you are drawn there over and over. Kind of you to offer a link - I hope whatever I can contribute will be worthy!

Paul & Alison (England): I felt that we had to write to say thank you! We still regularly refer to your excellent A-Z - it helped us to change our lives! Thank you for helping to make our dream a reality.

Chris Post (England): While surfing the net I found your beautiful website.

Carol Crisp (England): I have just begun to read your wonderful articles and peruse all of the valuable information.

Andy Pettitt (New Zealand): I found an English run campsite on the Bulgaria Turkish border where I had the good fortune to meet Baz and Mags Williamson, who have been travelling the world for 14 years. They printed off a list of Turkish campsites that they had visited, which proved to be very useful.

Dylan and Daisy (England): Just a short note to thank you both for such an enjoyable web site. We have been travelling for two and a half years and I still awake every morning feeling on top of the world! Just wanted to say thank you to you both for such a valuable resource on the web. It is so sad to see more and more people charging these days. Wishing you both well.

Nicky and Stefan Persson (Sweden): Even though we only got to spend a short time together in Bulgaria, the most memorable of minutes was realising that we were in the company of people who lived life in their own way. You are our heroes. Your site is great and we look forward to seeing you both again.

Rachael Lowe (England): We are finding your website very useful and thank you very much for it!

Patrick Walsh (Ireland): Great web site by the way.

Audrey and Dick Valentzas (California, USA): What a luscious treat! I was tickled to see that Bulgaria has a more trustworthy post (bicycle parts) than Turkey. But mostly I have lost myself in your writing and excellent photographs. How lovely to see the red poppies and the garlands at Aphrodesias, and everything I looked at. Having spent most of the day perusing your travels I must get off to do a few things now. However, it seemed necessary to say thank you, and to tell you how wonderful it is to see pictures of you two. Looking totally splendid. Thanks.

Rob Foster (England): Margaret/Barry - great website which has informed and amused me over last couple of years. Your spirit and sense of adventure inspirational.

Dan (Scotland): Greetings bonnie people. Been enjoying your escapades in Turkey, almost as good as being there.

Don Madge (England): Many motorhomers are abandoning the Iberian Peninsula for their winter trip, in favour of Greece; I've had many emails from people wanting info. I recommend the Peloponnese and point them in your direction. I think your site is the best around for touring info, I don't know of another site that comes anywhere close to it for in-depth info.

Helen & David Homewood (England): Have just fallen across your website. I don't need to tell you that it is most interesting; sites like yours are an inspiration.

Mel Gallacher (Scotland): We love your website and find it extremely informative and valuable to us less experienced Jocks. Thanks from Edinburgh.

Murali (England): I have been searching for possible link partners for our site. I just came across your website and found it to be very well-written and interesting. I think your site would be a good resource for our visitors as you have a really nice content and good-looking site.

John and Carol Parry-Finnigan (Bulgaria): Many thanks for writing about us on your web site. It has been a pleasure meeting with you both, you are both lovely people and so humble about your travelling experiences travelling around the world.

Stephen Simpkins (England): About 3 years ago I wrote to you saying I was so impressed by your travels that I intended to follow your example. Since then I have sold everything and acquired an Auto Trail Scout. I love the lack of domesticity!

Jonathan & Mandy Chapman (England): Congratulations on your excellent website and thank you very much in advance for your selfless work you are doing for us novice campers.

Ann O'Connell (Ireland): Thank you so much for your recommendation for campsites. We stayed in Meaux, Camping Village Parisien. It is a lovely camp site with a swimming pool, our grandchildren enjoyed it and it was a short drive to Disneyland: a good time was had by all.

Jennie Langley (England): As avid followers of your travels, via your website, I would now like to add a campsite to your Romania list.

Jane Parkinson (England): It has been my good fortune to have found your fascinating site and have been delighted and enthused with your travels.

Dr Bob & Sandra (Spain): Love to hear from you and can't tell you how impressed we are with www.Magbaz. It really does you and fellow travellers so much credit. We would litter-pick the free sites as we travel as a thank you (of sorts). Yours is a thank you of a different sort. If only all the travellers you meet. . . . .

Alison Murugesu-Ghani (Malaysia) I just stumbled upon your site looking up campsites in Romania - it's awsome! We are a family of 3, into our 2nd month of a 2.5 year round the world overland expedition in our 4x4. Our website is www.malaysiansinmotion.com. Will watch your space and I think your experiences will be a great help to us along the way, and to many others, too.

Kevin Bergstrom (South Africa): It is really great to receive your letters and to hear that you are still on the road. You are visiting some fascinating places, that's for sure. I'm dead jealous.

Geoff Allan (England): Hi to you both, many thanks for the info you sent me earlier. Enjoying reading your trip through Turkey. I drove back to the UK from Dhahran in Saudi Arabia back in 1999 (Landrover), so all the place names in Southern Turkey into Greece have brought back some fond memories. We are hoping to drive to Cyprus in our motorhome next year to visit friends so your info on the ferries was interesting. Many thanks again, take care.

Tony and Karen Byrne (England): I very much appreciate your help to two novices in long-term travelling, as well as your quick response. Enjoy and thanks again.

Milton & Penella Monk (England): We cannot thank you enough for all the valuable information you have supplied these two virgins of motorhome travel. I'm sure the learning curve will be very steep to start with and mistakes will made. However with all the information supplied by you both and others we hope to keep them down to a manageable level. Once again many thanks and if we find ourselves in your neck of the woods perhaps we could meet up.

Hazel and Simon Jackson (England): Oh boy.... you 're just trying to make us all jealous aren't you! It looks fabulous and thank you for the update. Hope all continues well and you enjoy a great trip. Best wishes and happy travelling.

Bob Burgess (England): We've followed your travels with great interest. Hope you enjoy your remaining travels, will follow with interest.

Jax and Glenn Adams (England): It is lovely to hear from you, thank you for taking the time to answer. It sounds like you're having another great adventure. Wishing you lots of fun and interesting experiences.

Cindy and Martin Webb (England - To their friends): Our very good friends Barry & Margaret Williamson kindly publish the accounts of our journeys on their excellent website – magbaztravels.com – so if any of you want to keep track of our future travels, that is where to look. It is an excellent website to browse through anyway, highly recommended.

Verica Peacock (England): What a fascinating read your account of your wonderful journey halfway to Varanasi has been! Our trip through Sachsische Schweiz, Dresden, Potsdam, Berlin, Prague, etc, though enjoyable and exciting, pales into insignificance beside it.

Ray Berry (Crete): I very much enjoy reading about your travels. Thanks again for an excellent site, which has given me many hours of fascinating reading. Thanks for the lovely email, it would be wonderful to see you both anytime you feel like coming. All the very best with your travelling,

David and Karen Draper (from Greece): We decided to travel round Europe at the beginning of the year and I just wanted to say thanks for such a helpful and informative website! I found your website whilst doing some research on Eastern Europe and it has proved a very valuable source of information and parking spots. We are doing our journey in a self-converted VW Transporter and have so far driven down through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and are now entering the Peloponnese. Greece as you say really is a stunning place and we have found so many beautiful spots to park up for free as it is still relatively quiet and the beginning of the season. Anyway, enjoy your newest set of travels and perhaps we might bump into you somewhere down the way - we have only seen three other GB plates! Keep trucking and keep happy.

Steve and Ann Tomlinson (England): I love reading your blogs and following your travels. They are one of the main inspirations for us, along with our love of travel and motorhoming, for starting out on our new adventures. Thanks.

Ian Bonell (England): Thank you for a wonderful website. In our Swift motorhome, we have visited France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Italy, the Greek Peloponnese and back through France and Luxembourg. Suffice to say it was the best times of our lives. We are now one year into a five-year plan to go travelling full-time. Your web site has proved a real inspiration to us and a wealth of useful information. Once again, thanks for a great website: keep up the great work and happy travelling.

Ann O'Connell‏ (Eire): Thank you so much for your reply and all that info, we look forward to our adventure. I have spent several hours on your website today, printing off you info. I'm so excited at the thought of it, travelling of course!!. What a lovely way to spend your time travelling with such great freedom. Enjoy Turkey. I will continue to view your web site with intrigue. You're doing a GREAT job!

Pat Liddiard (England): Many thanks for responding to my enquiry. I got information from a journey you made last year when you travelled home from Greece, written in diary form, amongst all of your interesting info.Have thoroughly enjoyed reading through much of your web-site. Feel quite envious of the time you spend on travelling!

Anne Gryzowski (England): I have just finished reading your Balkan Return 2007 which I enjoyed very much. We are thinking of doing the same trip. Hope your are having fun wherever you are!

Jayne Doyle (England): I hope you are both well and happy and enjoying Greece (I think that's where you are now?) Enjoy! Many thanks for your reply and very helpful tips Barry. I will read, digest and look at your website for further detail. It does sound as though I am on the right lines though and preparing in the right way.

Norma and Brian Snowden (England): Thank you so much for your very comprehensive reply - all questions and queries taken care of!! Many many thanks once again and we will certainly pass on your regards to your Greek friends. Happy travelling.

Ann Honan (England): Thank you for the information on Sicily and for the trouble you took to help us.

Justin Candy (England): As ever thank you for the effort and time you put into your website, it is certainly our inspiration. Maybe we'll bump into one another one (not literally), but thanks in anticipation of any help you feel able to give.

Malcolm Hill (Canada): Thanks again for all your info. You do a wonderful service for us homeless folks. Hope we encounter each other again some day.

Cliff Anderson (New Zealand): My partner & I are making plans to do what you are doing. Travelling Europe in a motorhome.

Des Whearty (England): Really enjoying your diary. Only recently found the site. Thanks!

Angela Grimshaw (England): Thanks for your help Barry & Margaret, your advice is great. I will pass your email onto my dad, he will be very grateful.

Susan Guscott (England) Thank you so much for your reply. Yes I agree about the freedom of the bicycle, we have spent many happy days cycling in different countries, of late in Italy last spring. Surprising what you come across sometimes isn't it! In the meantime, happy travels.

Dave Whiteman (England): I contacted you a few months ago and you very kindly gave us very good advice. Many thanks again for your advice, it is very much appreciated! Will keep in touch.

Neil Coles (England): I stumbled across your website this morning completely by accident. I have to say that what I saw totally amazed me! In case you haven't already realised, I am the person that bought 'Rosie'. Just to let you know that, although I haven't actually been on the road yet, she has already given me such a great deal of pleasure. I am looking forward to doing some touring in the summer.

Joanna Lawrence (England): Just reading about your travels has given me goosebumps....we are off in 6 weeks, initially for the summer in the UK and then hopefully down to Spain for winter. Many thanks and happy travels - hope to see you out there!!

Julia Waugh (England): Hi, I found the work on your site really mesmerizing.

David Burley (of www.motorhomefacts.com and England):) We regularly get comments from people saying what a great site you have. We added a link to your site in our travel links section so hopefully others will find your site and get useful information from it. Good luck with your travels.

Anita Sheard (England): I have scoured your fascinating website. What a great resource!

William Binney (England): Thanks for your information on Greece. I bet you think you are in heaven! Thanks once again and enjoy your travels in safety.

James Rowley (Jersey): Thank you very much for the useful information on routes to Slovenia. We hope you continue to enjoy your travels.

Rita e Renzo (Italy): First of all our warm compliments for a great site indeed. Many thanks for your kind attention and hoping to exchange your courtesy as far as Italy is concerned or some of other areas we visited, we remain, yours very truly.

Bill & Ruby Johnson (Australia): How rich your lives are with the amazing people you meet, how lucky we are to meet them too.

Klaus Gruner (Germany) I just came across your website. Good reading and I also liked to see the photos.

VijiSree (India) We visited your website and found your Site is Travel and Tourism related and as well it has been noted that your website had been created by putting greatest efforts to convey the very best informations. We have also understood that you have invested strenuous efforts to promote the site in the Search Engine. Kindly note we are also holding some Travel Websites which are having a good page rank and we too work very hard in updating the contents as well strongly investing our Time and efforts in bringing the very best informations at our Site as well to have a strong base in Search Engine dominations.

Jon Mills (Wales): I read a nice letter on your website from a lady who with her family cycled to Tenby in 1976. We launched a new cycling club in Tenby last year, Tenby Aces, and I was wondering if we could use the letter on our website as it makes interesting reading. I am in the process of adding a links page and could add you to that if you wish, and hopefully you could do the same for us. Feel free to check out our site at http://www.tenby-aces.co.uk/.

Gerry & Di (England): Planing trip to Greece via Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria. Your website is brill and inspiration to all with the travel bug.

Gill & John Coupe (England): We are getting so much info from your site - it is excellent! Many thanks for your email. Do hope that the recent earthquake didn't affect you at all and we will certainly keep in touch with you during our travels - never know, our paths might cross?!

Geoff Allan (England): Really enjoy the website keep up the good work.

Colin Hamilton (England): I am enjoying reading the accounts of your trip, very informative!

Michael Thompson (England): We're planning to start long-term touring and have found loads of the info on your site useful - thanks.

Martin and Jane Day (England): As novices we contacted you before starting our travels in September. You were very enthusiastic, as we are 5 months later. The best thing we have ever done.

Juliet (England): I am not a motor homer, but one of my colleagues, Audrey, regularly reads your website articles and raved about the site so much that I thought I'd check it out too.

Anthony (England): Fantastic journey, do you have any advice for the South Island of New Zealand. I'm being told it's difficult to cycle because of the distances between the towns and lack of amenities?

Ian Shires (Hungary): Thanks for the info. After wasting my time on various websites I found that yours is the best.

Stephen Stewart (England): Thanks for your collected insurance wisdom, just what I was looking for.

Richard Francis (England) What a great web site you have, keep up the good work. I have linked to your site. I would be honoured to have my link (www.richardfrancis.com) on your site. Hoping to meet up with you one day.

Andy Stothert (England): Thanks for taking the time to respond so thoroughly to my request for information. Hopefully our paths will cross somewhere warm and deserted in southern Greece some time.

Alan & Lesley Mann (England): Thank you very much for taking the time to reply in such a comprehensive manner. I will use the links you provide to read the information available. I have been on your website many times and really enjoy it. Lesley and myself are very much looking forward to our European trip or adventure as I like to look upon it. We hope to experience many of the countries you have visited. I will keep tabs on your travels via your web site between now and when we leave.

Howard Cook (England): Kind regards to you both on this a very wet January day in London. We have started a blog in preparation for the start of our next life, http://www.honotravels.co.uk/. It's always a pleasure to read yours.

Bill & Anne Binney (England): Your website is like a bible to all motorhomers out there - full of info & pics, great!! Thank you for your return email - you have been very helpful with your answers, I very much appreciate it. Enjoy the rest of your trip and take care.

Terry & Shir Carvell (England): We have read some of your notes on some of your trips. We have just retired, sold the house and bought an Autotrail Arapaho - 28 ft - big enough for us to live in. We hope to do a lot of travelling in the UK and Europe.

Peter Byrne (England): Your are great. Many thanks.

Ilene Atkins (England): Hi. I've been Googling ancestral spots in Sweden, and came across your journal through there. You passed through my grandparents' birthplace, Asele. I've been exploring my own connections to the past. I appreciated your story and pictures. It looks just like I imagined it would. Thank you.

James Smith (England): Love your site, full of great info.

Tom Salmon (Florida, USA): For consideration to your fine site, we submit our URL to our travel blog of 2 Yanks touring Europe and Asia Minor (so far) in our Winnebago View, named Papillon: http://www.papillontravels.net/t. Love your site and the info therein.

Patricia Tribelhorn (Ireland): I wish you a very Happy New Year and good luck touring the world.

Burt Cottle (England): Your web site is great - thanks

Jim and Jackie Morris (Greece): For the last 3 years we have been cycling around Europe, having left the UK on recumbent trikes with trailers. We plan to be near you in the New Year and it would be great for us if we could meet up and pick your brains.

Lesley and Geoff Tutt (England): We have managed to source a lot of info from your brilliant web site but still are unsure of . . . . look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance.

James Brown (Motorhome Fun, England): There are a few of us on www.motorhomefun.co.uk (hundreds of RVers) that follow your travels on your website. Keep it up its a delight. Meanwhile I look forward to more of your writing and photos.

Christine Strawson (England): I'm so glad to see you both back on your travels again! I'm a covert fan of your diaries and, if I can't be away in our motorhome, then you are the next best thing. I do hope your present journey is all that you hope for and will look forward to reading about it. Best wishes and thanks for the advice and pleasure I have gleaned from your site.

Sally Young (England): Hi there, just checked out (although very quickly) your site and it looks excellent and full of very useful info. We intend to full-time in - well anywhere the road takes us actually - starting out in France, but we don't really have a strict route after that, just really want to see as much of life as we can, Any other information AT ALL that you could possibly give us would be very very much appreciated.

Roger & Andrea Seymour (Cardiff, South Wales): I have just found your web site and have found it absolutely riveting, thank you. We wish you well for your next expedition.

David Mattinson (England): Great site, we are planning a Croatia, Montenegro, Greece trip: can you give advice on gas?

Karen Mickleson (USA): Greetings, Barry and Margaret! You are beacons on my horizon. I get lost for hours on your site, following and envying your travels, so first I want to thank you for your inspiration and helpful practical information. With warm regards and hopes you are having fun,

Libby & Terry (England): Thank you SO much for your speedy reply with all that info!!! I had a real good look at the links and they are most informative - what a great site you have put together. WOH! and to think we are just going across to Europe with lots of excitement, quandaries etc. Happy days!

Helen & Ted Kiddie (New Zealand): Just a short note to say how grateful we are reading through your website and all the wonderful info we have collected from it to help us when we are motorhoming around Europe next year. We will email you when we are in Europe; you never know we may be in the same area at the same time and we would love to catch up and hear first hand all your wonderful experiences. Very happy to see that you are back on the road again. We trust you are living in luxury with the new motorhome.

Debbie & Neil Manson (England): We are avid followers of your website! We intend to do what you both have been doing (without all of the cycling though!!) We will be taking your advice and intend to winter in Greece this year. We would love to meet you both and hope to see you on our travels. Keep up the good work with the website.

Andy & Sue (England): Hiya. Thanx for your excellent website. Spending the next 3 years in our motorhome in Europe: both keen skiers and will be spending winters skiing.

Dave Whiteman (England): Greetings to you both. We have got itchy feet again and will be setting off in the New Year for an open-ended European tour. Your website is wonderful, a mine of information. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to email me. There is a lot of very useful information and I have added your website to my favourites so that we can continually use it as a reference point. I will drop you an email from time to time and sincerely hope that we can thank you with a glass or two of wine sometime in the future!

Stephen Stewart (England): Thanks for your collected insurance wisdom, just what I was looking for. (I had a 7.5 tonne Unimog insured with the NFU.) You might find www.silkroute.org.uk of interest and maybe the 'What Van' page might help in your search for a new van.

Steve & dogs (England): It was lovely to meet with you and talk with you for the briefest of time. Talking with you evoked very strong memories and this briefest of conversations has re-awakened me. Thank you. Long may you travel and open others' eyes that have been closed so long.

Maureen Donovan (England): You were very helpful when we went to Croatia in 2005 - it was wonderful.

Jacqui Young (Australia): Love your informative web site - very comprehensive and fun too!

Julie & Martyn Skinner (England): Really just wanted to thank you again for your advice. We dip into your website from time to time, it makes for great reading and is very inspiring.

Jane & Martin Day (England): Many thanks for your prompt reply to my email about Croatia insurance. We have investigated your site and find it full of useful and fascinating info. Your enthusiasm must be catching.

Paul Crilley (England): A great website. We really enjoy reading your website and we both find it very informative. Please keep up the great work, you never know we might meet up one day and discuss all our adventures. My website is: http://www.crillpix.com/

Paul, Tara & Family (England): We came across your website today while researching the beginnings of our new life. I read your stories with great excitement and thanks for all the hints and tips - a Bible to the new full-timer. We are off to tour Europe, following the Sun, just as soon as we can. You are certainly an inspiration, good luck on your continuing travels.

Ann & Jim Stones (England): How I managed to log on to your web site I honestly do not know. It certainly was fortuitous and happened as we were planning our trip through Poland, the Baltic states, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Having just returned I thought I would let you know just how much we enjoyed having a printout of your travels with us. You really do have an excellent site! Where on earth do you get the time to keep it updated? We do envy you your travels, but don't do to badly ourselves! Good luck to you both.

Theo & the Maniski-Luke family (England): What an impressive website. Thanks!

Lois & Ron Richardson (Canada): Thanks for your always interesting mail. We live vicariously through you, though still enjoying our own soft little trips here and there.

Helen Vaughan (England): Thank you both so much for such an interesting and informative website - we love it!

Patricia Tribelhorn (Ireland): Thanks for your lovely website and the nice interesting pictures.

Peter Byrne (Republic of Ireland): I just discovered your web site last night. it is wonderful.

Jim & Elle Dover (Australia): We feel a bit guilty reading about your travels all the time without saying thank you for the fantastic effort you have made of documenting them all. Thanks, what you have done is almost unbelievable, and as for coming back here and riding from Perth to Darwin, didn't you suffer enough across the Nullarbor? Incredible. Never know, we may catch up on the road one day. Thanks again and safe travels

Cath & Nick Louth (England): Thanks very much for your update. As always, you give us itchy feet. All the best to you both and looking forward to all the news from your next world tour,

Christine Jarvis (England): Good luck with your trip. It sounds gruelling as well as exciting. I hope you find South America fascinating - when will you run out of new places? The light in some of the photographs is fabulous, thank you. I love those greeny/blues on the water. Have a great time.

Jeanne (USA): I just came across this site and think it is fabulous. We are a family of 3 doing a multi year RTW trip and have been in Europe the last 8 months (with a short trip into Africa with more to come). As Americans, we are kind of rare birds on this side of the pond with a motorhome, plus the fact that we are homeschooling as we go. We are learning lots as we go and having a blast too. We have lots of adventures planned for the next 7 months including Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Czech, maybe Poland and short flight into Russia and two months in Italy in the fall. I love this site and cannot wait to read more!

Hazel Jackson (England): Isn't it interesting how many people are doing such great and exciting trips: lots to read on your excellent site. I need more time! Best wishes and thank you both for your help, Take care and good travelling and have fun.... we're all with you in spirit if not in body!  ( Maybe that would be a bit of a squeeze in the old moto!).

Anna Williams (en route to Montenegro): I love your website, and envy your lifestyle. My partner and I are going to Montenegro. Many thanks again for your help, if you could let me know about the question on border insurance that would be fabulous.

James Cherrington (England): I was browsing through your impressive website and wondered whether you could help me. I am travelling through Europe this summer for 6 weeks, in my beloved VW Bay Window Camper and would like to camp wild. From your extensive travels do you have any advice for me?

David Robinson (Australia): Wow, great website, you've done so much travelling! I've bookmarked it to read in leisure later. Good for you - it must be a great life wandering about all over the place – so much to see, to feel, to experience. Maybe our paths will cross someday - more likely if we stay in touch.

Jayne Moore (England): Wow - lots of times I've wondered about where you are. What a lot of travelling about you are both doing ... incredibly technical website. I envy the places you are seeing but not the way in which you seem to be experiencing them - very matter of fact - but perhaps that is due to the limitations imposed by language. I really hope that you have both found some satisfaction in your lives. Clearly you have 'done a lot' and hopefully that has gone hand in glove with satisfaction.

Barney & June (England): We do log onto magbaztravels from time to time: your pieces are by far our favourites with the most information, humour and interest per megabyte/pixcel/square inch. The last email about Sarajevo was yet another aspect of life on the road.

Dave & Suzie Simpson (England): after many years of thinking about it, and taking in lots of enthusiasm and advice from your website, we've taken the plunge!! Last Wednesday afternoon we collected our Ducato Rotec from a dealer north of Hamburg. Drove from the ferry direct to Motorhome Medics (you are right, they can walk on water) and within 24hours we have an MOT, full service and the outside cleaned! Again, many thanks for all you advice, perhaps we'll meet one day, Very kind regards to you both.

Davin & Cathy Palmer (Greece): Cathy and I are on a CTC tour from 6 to 20 May, starting at and returning to Zakynthos. We go via Olympia, Dimitsana, Vityna, Tripoli, Napthlio, Leonido, Sparta, Kalamata, Kiparissia, Olympia, Killini and Zakynthos. We hope you are still having a great time on behalf of us workers!

Julie & Martyn Skinner (travelling in Croatia): Wow thanks for such a detailed response - wasn't expecting such a prompt reply. We will check out your website asap and will let you know our chosen route. Thanks again, have a good break in the UK.

Tony McCann (Cyprus): You are incredible. Wow, what more can I ask. You have given me all the options I need, said all the right things, so glad we 'met', thanks a million, I'll let you know how I get on.

Dan Lanier (USA): I find your site very interesting. You are indeed a wealth of information. I can see why MMM and others would want you writing for them. Thanks so much for your quick and informative response to my inquiry about the gas situation. It sounds like ya'll are enjoying life.

Bob & Judi Burns (USA): Your adventures in Greece sound really fascinating

Paul & Ffiona Wrigley (England): I've had a good trawl through your web site and found it fascinating, some really good useful info, thanks.

Sandy Campbell-Smith (England): What a splendid site you have created. There is so much informative and inspiring information there. And it is so beautifully written.

Tom & Judy Salmon (USA): Thank you so much for taking the effort to write up your travels. We enjoy following your trips, especially since we plan on passing through the Balkans this spring and summer.

Peter & Sue Middleton (England): The Caravan Club gave us your web site and it is quite excellent. Your slide shows are superb. Many thanks for your help.

Mark Waters (CTC, England): Fantastic! Many thanks. The pleasure, I can assure you, is all mine!

Bernie & Lyn Phillips (England): I have been enjoying your web site and admire what you are doing. Many thanks for your reply to our query, it is reassuring to know that one can get around these problems without too much stress. Looking at your website, and the A-Z of long-term travelling, you are an inspiration to anyone thinking of pursuing the dream.

Patricia Bird (England): I hope you are enjoying your down time in Greece, it really sounds lovely. Looking forward to your posting and articles in MMM. Happy cleaning!

Trish Ward (England): Your website is wonderfully helpful - thank you very much.

Hazel Havell (Caravan Club, England): A great web-site! It was recommended to me by one of our overseas site inspectors. Wow!! What a fantastic answer!! Thank you so much, I think you should change your website address to the Oracles!!

Graham Peacock (England): Thanks a lot for all that - great to hear from you. I envy your lifestyle and am so impressed with the multiplicity of information for just about everywhere on your website. I normally take about 20+ books with me to read on our 'short' summer trek but this year perhaps I will read your e-reports and envy.

Brian Macdonald Watson (Scotland): Many thanks for your very positive and supportive words re the kids' cycling saga (John and Sally Watson are cycling from London to Delhi – visit their website: http://www.cyclingtoindia.com/.

Moira James (USA): I found your site in the MMM and will now spend some time reading it; it looks full of great info on places that interest us. Many thanks for your prompt and informative reply. Your advice was much as we expected but it is good to have it confirmed by experienced travellers.

Brian & Jen Kay (England): Just hit upon your site as we have been planning a long tour of Europe. I am sure there are many things you may be able to offer advice and comments on and look forward to mailing you in the future. Keep enjoying yourselves.

Liz Woods (England): Your website is such a mine of information and so interesting. I don't know how you have the time to keep it up. Such a wonderful free way of life you have had.

Gary Dorward (Scotland): Thanks for taking the time to answer my email so quickly and thanks again for your advice.

Peter & Jeanette Harrison-Sleap (England): Thanks for all the good info.

Marlene Ross (USA): My husband Roy and I met (and rescued) Ian (Hibell) while travelling in Alaska in the summer of 1996. We have kept in touch with him ever since. We received his early "Happy Christmas" card today. In it he provided us with this website. It's so great to get caught up on his recent adventures!! Isn't he amazing!!!?

Tom & Jenny (Scotland): Been on your excellent site for last hour or so! Brill! My wife and I are going to expand our horizons and instead of going back to Spain again we are heading to either Umag or Porec in Croatia.

David Bennett (Australia): I read your interesting article on insurance, and wondered if you could advise me of any agent who will issue motorhome insurance for a non-resident of the UK?

David Dunn (England): We discovered your website today and found it excellent and would love to follow in your footsteps one day. While in Belgium, we did some wild camping, which we thoroughly enjoyed: something different everyday and, as you say, meeting the world's people. Can't wait to do it again.

Derek Rust (England): Very interested to see your website. Am visiting Cuba in late March and would like to do some cycle touring. With your vast experience I wonder if you have any advice about hiring a decent bike in Cuba. (Later) Thanks for that. Very useful indeed, as is you website in general.

Bob & Glynys Burgess (England): Really good to have you back on line again ,we did wonder all over Xmas how you were getting on. Have much enjoyed your travels this summer and autumn. Can I offer my thanks for the info on the Swiss tolls, none of the clubs seem to carry this info.

James Reid (England): Love your website, very helpful and entertaining.

Ray & Angie (England): I have enjoyed your website very much and have found it very useful. Angie and I will be full-timing from February 2007.

Michael & Wendy (England): Hi, just finished reading about your travels in Norway, I and my partner are planning much the same trip for next year. Tell me did you get to see the lights?

Howard & Norma Cook (England): We have been reading your fantastic web site for the past year, and have decided to do the same. World here we come, counting the days, thank you for your inspirational ramblings.

Martin & Ann Addis (England): Best wishes and many thanks for keeping such a site which I'm sure will prove invaluable.

Peter & Sheila Bird (England): Many thanks for answering my questions re-Croatia and sending some very useful advice, my wife Sheila and I are really looking forward to going.

Mike Riley & Jackie Smith (England): Just read your 'Magbaz' which has convinced me Motorhoming is the way to go when not sailing. My partner Jackie and myself love to travel and a motorhome seems a great way to travel around Europe in the winter. Your comments have proved very informative and a pleasure to read. Many thanks for taking the time to pass onto others (less experienced) your experiences. Good Luck and we'll keep reading your adventures.

Don & Maureen Madge (England): Thanks for the Internet on the Move, it makes very interesting reading. I took the liberty of posting it on the four main motorhome forums and it was very well received, there were many positive comments as an article like that was well overdue.

Sue Boxer (England): We have recently come across this site and were very impressed by your A to Z of Long-term Motorhoming. We are always on the look out for new and interesting features and feel that this would be ideal for our next issue of our magazine (Roamin Times).

Brian & Pat Anderson (England): What an excellent article (Internet on the Move) which I am sure would be published by any 'travelling magazine'. Thanks for including me in your email list.

Mike Gilpin (England): As novice motor home owners we have decided (as I'm sure many do) to ignore logic and launch ourselves off to Spain over Christmas/New Year after collecting the vehicle (Autosleeper Clubman) next week. Having read up on the practicalities - paperwork, safety, spares etc - I'm reasonably comfortable with those issues but would appreciate any little 'extras' you may have to share.

. . . . . . Many thanks for your quick reply and I will certainly follow up on your suggestions. Enjoy your next trip.

Ian Hibell (World Traveller): Wonderful and thoughtful stuff. Thank you.

Sally Seymour (USA): Barry, I know you are wise and take the long view of history - but I am unable to do that and continue to loath GWB & Co.

Walter Meikle (England): I found your web page to be the most useful provider of good, sound, sensible information on motorhoming especially the AtoZ, thank you for taking the time and effort to produce this excellent piece of work.

Ian Rowden (England): Hello, some impressive travels and a fantastic website. I have been travelling also for some time and write articles and booklets for VW owners. I am hoping to set up a website soon.

Justin & Anne Candy (England): I read all your travel logs with great interest, always disappointed if I log on and you haven't had an opportunity to update. I guess at one level I just wanted to say thank you for the obvious time and trouble you take in writing up your travels in such an interesting and informative way. We will continue to read and enjoy your exploits, planning some of ours to travel in your wake.

Glenn Harvey (England):  We hopefully will be on the road for a year or two . . . your thoughts would be much appreciated. Hope you are having fun where you are now.

Kim Barnes (England): We have read many of your articles and they have helped us enormously, especially when travelling through Romania and Bulgaria. Many thanks for your help. Hope you continue to have a good journey and enjoy Sweden.

John Watson (Hebrides, Scotland): Eschewing the "Three Gs" of retirement - golf, grandchildren and gardening - Barry and Margaret left the UK twelve years ago and now live on the road full-time. Although I'm looking forward to indulging in a bit of topiary and dishing out Werthers Originals in later years, I admire what they are doing and above all their spirit of adventure. As seasoned long-distance cyclists, they are very interested in our trip and offer lots of helpful advice. Barry and Margaret are also the Bulgaria and Romania roaming reporters for Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly, the UK's top-selling motorhome magazine. They have excellent knowledge of roads and camp-sites, as well setting us straight on basics like the Hungarian exchange rate. Hearty conversation, rich tea biscuits and a ploughman's lunch trump plans for an early start, but it's worth it for a very enjoyable encounter with kindred spirits. John and Sally (who we met in Esztergom, Hungary) are cycling to India - follow them on: http://www.cyclingtoindia.com/.

Maureen Wright (Canada): I just read your website briefly but plan to go over it in detail. We are headed back (to Europe) to follow almost exactly the route you took. We have all the worries and misgivings you have outlined, so are now feeling much more comfortable about our route. There is so much to learn from people who have gone before us! Good on you for sharing.

Patricia Bird (England): Here am I just about to embark on full-timing, and what do I find, your amazing site! All the advice especially the security tips will be so useful.

Lois & Ron Richardson (Canada): Thank you for continuing to include us in your mailings. You really put us to shame with our trips these days. Keep on truckin'!

Daniel & Rodica Pop (Romania): Hallo Liebe Freunde, Danke fur ihre wunderbare Fotos; ist fantastik was unser Gott geschaffen hat in dieser Welt fur uns Menschen. Preis der Herr. Viel Liebe in Jesus verbunden, Haleluia. Amen. Margaret translates this as: "Hello, Dear Friends. Thank you for your wonderful photos. It's fantastic what our God has created in this world for all of us. Praise the Lord. Much love united in Jesus. Halleluiah. Amen."

Dave & Carol Hughes (in France): Hope you're both keeping well. Thanks for your emails, we find it very interesting to hear where you are and appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thanks for the offer of a link to our website from yours; hopefully by the time you get this it should be up and running. Sorry to bother you with such mundane questions (about cleaning tanks and wash-basins), but you always seem to have the best answers!

Will & Fleur Blanford (England): Great website! Heard about you through MMM. Thank you so much for the brilliant help! Have maps open and are studying...will get back to you just to let you know what route we decide on. So grateful for help. As always thank you so much for the great info and really useful updates. Your trips and those of your fellow travellers sound amazing! We are most envious!! It's good to know that the route we intend to take is do-able and we are definitely looking forward to the adventure (Driving to Greece via Montenegro and Albania, returning via Bulgaria and Romania). Watch this space . . . we will keep in touch.

John & Liz Saunders (England): I have just opened your email and we absolutely loved it - it is spreading round the globe. Hope that your travel continues well - please keep us posted.

Davin Palmer (in Greece): Just a quick note to say I have just stumbled across your accounts of cycle tours in the Peloponnese on the CTC tours list. It is of great interest to me as . . . a cyclist I am mad keen on the area. I notice you have been going for some time and obviously know the area well.

Alfred P Bright (England): Thank you for your detailed and helpful advice which I am now relaying to my pal and hope that your advice will help him to sort out what seems quite a complicated farce! Nevertheless, he is determined to be a traveller before he gets too old so I daresay he will persevere just as you have done. Best wishes for good health, excellent karma and God Bless.

Joy & Ian Riley (England): We are planning a visit to Croatia - thanks for a superb website

Vivienne Bloomfield (England): Just coming to the end of planning our trip to Turkey travelling via France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and back via Greece, Italy and France and would just like to say how useful and entertaining I've found your website. Quite a few pages of info will be travelling with us!

Nigbo (from Mexico): Hi! I saw your web page in a mag and have just had a great hour! I`ve been travelling since I was 17, and I just wanted to say well done on turning into wanderers! On my return to Germany I`m off for a month's bimble in my 20 year old transit hightop, sort of south east-ish. Anyhow, good roads, and big skies.

Bob & Glynys Burgess (England): Back in UK after a very successful trip. We took some pictures in Dubrovnik nearly identical to yours! Thanks again for your advice, we certainly had the best of the European weather. Following your latest trip with interest, hope you have a great time.

Jonathan Side (England): Hi, cool site - cool van. I think Ecuador's calling again. Look after yourselves, and hello to Arad and stuff.

Martin & Kathryn Law (England): I visit your web site regularly for an update on your travels and continue to find it very helpful with my planning.

Pat Harrison (England): Many thanks for your very prompt reply. The information you sent was very useful, and I am looking forward to joining my husband Tom in September for a very interesting trip. I will keep you informed on my return. Many thanks again and also for the useful links

Murdoch Mackenzie (Scotland): Thanks for these absolutely stunning photographs helping us to enter into another world - one which we remember from long ago.

Shelia & Paul Barker (England): Am looking forward to continuing reading your site. I realised that I had much to catch up with your wonderful travels and have spent a happy day reading through your equally admirable web site - so much enjoyable reading and I still have lots more to read.

Sally Riggall (England): What lovely images. It all looks so peaceful. Good to hear from you and thanks for your last email - some interesting points on living in France.

John & Sally Watson (Scotland and England): We really enjoyed meeting you. No doubt there will be a bit of a break from it when we have kids, but cycle touring is something we want to be doing all our lives. So it is great and inspiring when we meet people older than us who are still racking up the miles ... and covering considerably more than us on a daily basis!

Ann & Harry Tock (England): Thank you for the information so far and let me say a big thank you for taking the time to answer our queries. Your site gives such a lot of information which can be adapted for most of the questions relating to full-time. I am still going back to it and re-reading some information.

Stephen & Kay (England): I have been perusing your website over the winter months - indeed it is now in my "favourites" on the toolbar. Currently I am full-timing in a caravan, but "The Beast" arrives next week! It's an Autotrail Scout with which I hope to emulate your adventures. Our current plans are that in September we will sail to France. On arrival, we will turn right, follow the coast until November arrives and then return via central Spain and France. Perhaps, one sunny day, our paths will cross and we will sup a glass or four. I do so hope so!! I just had to say what an inspiration you have been to me. Bon Jour!!!!

Audrey (England): I've read your articles in MMM over the years and log in regularly to read your well written and interesting travel logs. I want to do exactly what you are doing when I retire and your articles inspire me in my ambition. Enjoy your travels and I shall continue to enjoy reading about them.

Peter (England): Thank you for this site, I have followed your travels with interest as your articles were printed from time to time in MMM. I am at present recovering from a heart attack and have thoroughly enjoyed the wider view of your travels that this site provides. It is also giving me a clearer idea of the things I want to do in the future.

Martin & Kathryn Law (England): My wife and I are going full time in our 5th wheeler from September this year. We intend to spend 2 years or so in Europe and have found your various articles very helpful. I think (with the help of your articles) that I have prepared for the adventure in all other respects but would be very grateful for any advice you could offer with regard to LPG. Hope you are enjoying your current travels and maybe we will bump into you along the way.

Jeff & Maxine (England): Just a few lines to say thanks for your useful and inspirational web site. When we made the decision to sell our house, buy a motorhome and spend as many years as we can touring France, Spain, and Italy, we thought it was our idea, we didn't know that others were leading this way of life, and we were not aware of the term FULL TIMERS. So now we have started the ball rolling and we look forward to setting off on our adventure as soon as possible.

Joan & Peter Waddington (England): We would like to thank you for the fulltiming information. It will help us to go fulltiming later in the year. You have provided all the information that we may require. Thank you both once again.

Tim & Helen (England): Just read your site, what a wealth of info, thanks very much. We are currently looking at campers with a view to going fulltiming and will hopefully join you in a couple of years. Love to see you on the road somewhere. Good luck and happy travelling.

Graham Peacock (England): Great to hear from you. Your 'traveller' status is well known in the caravan world!  Have had a look at your comprehensive web site which is very informative - well done.

Vicki Phillips (Singapore): Have read your excellent A-Z, this has added much to our previous research.

Keith & Jenny Dear (England): We have been avidly scanning your most excellent web site, this has proved very useful to us. Very many thanks for your thorough reply to our queries, we greatly appreciate your help. Will be in touch again shortly, probably with another long list of items!

Bill Ord (England): Love the web-site. Isn't the Aire at Oradour wonderful?

Bob & Glynys Burgess (England): We met very briefly at Camping Thines in May 2004 (just after the big storm!) We have found your full timing articles and your website both excellent. This year we will be going to Croatia for the first time so have found your info especially useful. Thanks again.

Ray & Geraldine Byrne (England): I found this website by accident and found it so full of info. My wife and I are going full-timing when we retire, as we want to be young enough to enjoy it. Many thanks for the tips in website journals, they will come in handy.

Sue & John Brincat (England): Many thanks for your valuable advice. It has really helped to focus the mind on the route.

Carol & Dave Hughes (England): I would like to say how much we enjoy your website with all your wonderful stories & information, it really is a good read.

Graham & Kay Rees (Australia): Love your website - informative and interesting.

Joelle & Alex Hoggan (England): We found your site via MMM, and read the A-Z of full-timing with great interest. Thank you for compiling such a detailed list.

Greg (England): Just a quick line to say I enjoyed your website and reading your travels. I have lived in a self-converted van for a while when relocating to Devon, so I could relate to a lot of the "challenges" you experienced.

Brian & Patricia Rudd (England): I am really enjoying reading your diaries, I have a few books lined up yet, but haven't got to them for reading your diaries. Again thanks for all your reading and information, absolutely invaluable.

Caroline Cain (England): We thoroughly enjoy our web-site. We have been thinking a long time before deciding to buy a motorhome. Yesterday we have put the order in!

Enid Martin (England): I have found your web-site fascinating....if only to capture David's Diary.

Graham & Kay Rees (Australia): Love your web site - informative and interesting.

John & Heather Lucas (England): Just a quick note to thank you for the prompt response to our email. I've checked out your website and a wealth of information is there. I'll be in touch again shortly and benefit from your experience, and share our plans with you. Happy travels!

Bob Moore (England): We read with interest your exploits travelling from home towards Greece. Very tempted to go there next winter. Just off to Portugal and Spain for 5 weeks or so. Have a safe journey. We'll be keeping up with you via the www.

Joy & Ian Riley (England): Discovered your excellent web site through MMM magazine. In 2004 we took a Maui rental van from Cairns to Adelaide and have recommended your site to friends doing likewise this Spring. We are currently planning trips to Italy, Croatia and Montenegro for this year and are finding your articles most helpful...keep up the good work!

Stewart & Shona Wall (England): We are in the throes of planning a motorhome purchase to do a lot of travel as well. Your site is proving very helpful.

Brian & Patricia Rudd (England): Thank you for your information. We first came across you in the MMM, A to Z of full timing , quite some time ago. We are enjoying your travelogues. You give us hope and inspiration.

Ian Joblin (New Zealand): I am a Kombi camper, you could say a hunting, shooting, fishing type. I enjoy reading your NZ journeys. Kindest thoughts.

Sheila & Paul Barker (England): This superb site is packed with excellent travel articles, pictures and experience from European and world-wide ventures; wherever you plan to travel, you'll gain valuable help and advice from the Williamson's travel site. Your magnificent site certainly contains such a wealth of valuable experience and advice.

Lois & Ron Richardson (Canada): Your travels are an inspiration and joy to read about.

Steve & Sheila Pyke (England): Your website is very interesting with lots of useful information and photos. We found the contributions from other motorhomers useful.

Larry Hansen  (England): Thanks loads for your quick response.  This was very helpful.

Wulf Berg (USA): I love your web-site.

Arthur & Cilla Morris (England): Thanks for your immediate reply to my request. Also your information on your website. Makes us want to set off right away.

Jane Swindail (England): The wonders of modern science - from us in Devon to you in Nevada and onto your website in less than 24 hours!

Russell & Rosemary Wood (Australia): We will definitely follow up the recommendations on your website (on the use of LPG in Europe).

Chris Wycoff (US Truck Driver): You have a very nice website.

Peter Frankland (England): Congratulations on the incredible web site.

John Foster (Greece): Great to see that you seem to be "getting your kicks . . . .". Amazing images. We have with us two twenty-something girl wwoofers from Portland Oregon who have spent the past three years working at a "Dude Ranch" at the Canyon. The girls have been viewing your pix and jumping up and down with nostalgic excitement! 

Fred & Roma Alberts (India): Beautiful photos of the Grand Canyon. 

Ruby & Bill Johnson (Australia): Wonderful to hear and see you are still ploughing onwards,and getting your kicks on route 66!

Pauline Wardle (New Zealand): Really enjoyed reading your website; look forward to reading the next update. I have also referred your website to a friend who is travelling to India next holidays. I am going to upgrade my bike and get cycling this summer with a long-term view of cycling in Vietnam. You have inspired me

Ian Inglis (Scotland): Wow - I don't know of anyone who has their own website! I feel very privileged. Is it OK if I name drop occasionally?

Alistair MacDonald (Scotland): I am genuinely envious. I have just started to look at travelling through Europe in a motorhome for retiring in three years' time. Your web site is excellent and will save me a lot of work. Like you, I plan to travel for an extended period of time and I look forward to your future articles or updates in your web page. All the best in your travels.

Ken Norris (England): Congratulations on your editorship.

Cynthia Webb (England): We enjoy reading your articles and letters in MMM, always informative. Now we have checked out your website and think that too is great. Keep up the good work and continue to enjoy your travels.

Steve Clark (England): Just discovered your website, superb, and inspirational. I am considering selling up and full timing in the near future, your A to Z helps to answer so many questions.

Paul Montgomery (Northern Ireland): In July my son and I travelled to Romania and Bulgaria in our motorhome. Your articles in MMM January and March 2005 proved invaluable. Once again many thanks for all the advice provided in your articles. Incidentally, I've just read your account of travelling round Australia in the September 2005 edition of MMM. We've done the East Coast section in a rented campervan but would love to do the full circuit some time.

Lindsay & Nick Whitlock (England): Your website is fantastic and providing links to other travellers is a great way to keep it interesting - not to imply, of course, that your own continuing adventures aren't enough on their own.

Maggie Bevis (England): Slovenia was wonderful and your info helped us. I think we're hooked on motorhoming, as when we got home last night we almost went back to the van to sleep as we couldn't settle.

Bob & Judi Burns (Round-the-World Sailors from USA): We are jealous - have a Steinlager for us!

Maureen Donovan (England): Lovely helpful website; keep up the good work and thank you for all the information - very helpful.

Tim & Ann Gibson (England): We have enjoyed looking at your website which is very well laid out. We shall follow your travels with interest.

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Gordon Hyde (New Zealand): I cannot fault the text or the photos; I was particularly impressed with the photography.

Kaye & Alan James (from Sweden): Well done on this website; it is as interesting as your many email letters over the years. Reading some of the contacts brought back happy memories of Bucharest and Greece. Downloaded great info from the website - all info on Australia being put in our planning folder!

Harvie Beetham (New Zealand): I found your website most interesting: I even learnt a little about my own country.

John Rhodes (New Zealand): I just peeped at your website - the current log looks great with wonderful photos.

Claire (England): Just wanted to say thank you for the email with the website info. We are hoping to leave England on our journey soon so it has come at the perfect time and has been very helpful. Thanks again.

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George & Jane Swindail (England): Great site! We've visited several times and just discovered we feature in one of your photos.

Lewis Owen (Wales): Coming across you here has been like hitting the Big Seam.

Mike Guggenheim (England): Super website - most impressed.  

Maggie Bevis (England): My eyes were drawn to 'Kamping Karpouzi' - it made me smile so much because you encapsulated the whole 'Greekiness' of it. I look forward to reading the rest of your website and savouring it. Keep sending people to Spain!

Warwick Taylor & Julie King (Australia): Thanks for this info, invaluable. Your tips on crossing from Bari to Dubrovnik made that so straightforward compared to the bothers some others had. Hvar Island (in Croatia) in May was utterly our sort of place, just brilliant. With thanks.

Alan Brown (Margaret's brother in Suburban England): Thanks also for the website address, though to be honest I shall not be spending much time on it.

Myra & Neville Tarbath (England): Have already printed off Croatia information which looks as if it could be very useful to us. There are lots of other things on it that we will peruse at a later date as it looks very interesting!

Steve & Sue Reynolds (England): Thank you for setting up such an excellent website; it really is very useful for full-time travellers. Best wishes.

John Foster (Greece): Congratulations to you and to your site builders and thanks to the Pentagon for making it all possible; it's amazing.

Christoph & Birgit Oberhauser (Austria): Visited your new website minutes ago - it great! Your are doing a great job and living your life the right way - just following your heart, go on this way and we will follow you on your website!

Andy Clarke (England): What an excellent resource your site is! You may like to know that your original 'A to Z of Fulltiming' series in MMM is the main thing that set us down the road to long term travelling.

Pat & Brian Anderson (England): What a fantastic site - we feel very privileged to be featured. The structure of the site looks excellent and is great to have all your previous newsletters available.

Gordon & Wendy Rowley (Greece): Well done you two. The site looks great.

Ian & Judit Shires (Hungary): I think your site is the most professional I've ever seen. No bullshit. It is concise, it works, it's welcoming... and there's a photo of me! Once again, congrats on the site. We love it.

Andrew Hague (Wales): There are two ways to travel and you uniquely convey both to your readers: the geographical movement that carries body across the globe and mental imaginings that move into areas not yet existing. It is this realisation that existence comes into doubt that is exciting; did it happen or was I imagining it? With a vast data base of experiences to feed the imagination, the multiplication of possibilities increases and you have served yourselves and us all.

Sara Eastburn (England): Many thanks for this information, and happy travelling!

Jean & Roy Slack (England): Congratulations to both of you. We often think of you in Greece but it is nothing to your recent excapades around the world.

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Keith Durham (England): Just visited your new web page - fantastic, many congratulations to you both and to your designers. I can appreciate all the hard work thats gone into its preparation and developing the content.

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