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Camping in Istanbul Update 2014 (Jamie Wakey) PDF Printable Version E-mail

Camping in Istanbul Update 2014

Jamie Wakey
November 2014

On 18 November 2014, motorhomer Jamie Wakey wrote to us as follows:

"Greetings from rainy Istanbul! My wife and I have just spent 8 amazing weeks travelling around Turkey. The people, landscape and everything else have blown us away. We are reaching the end of our time now and are finishing in Istanbul. When I was researching where we could stay whilst here, I read your page about camping in the city.

The Fisherman's Wharf is still there but the sports complex has moved due to massive construction work taking place all along the shore. It is still very nice and has hot showers, 3 toilets, electricity, security, WiFi and water. We had a bit of trouble finding it as the GPS is incorrect and only stumbled across it by getting a bit lost.

Anyway, I thought I would send you the correct GPS and if you require I could also send some photos later on. It's possible that after all the building work finishes they will move back to the old position.

The GPS co-ordinates are: N 41.004516   E 28.955868

My wife did have a problem which would affect other women staying here. She went for a shower and the men from the 5-a side pitch came for a shower! She was able to leave before they came in but maybe worth a warning."

Many thanks, Jamie.