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Truck Camper in South America (Gary & Liz Gray) PDF Printable Version E-mail

Truck Camper Travels in South America

Gary and Elizabeth Gray
December 2014

As always their website/travel journal is kept up to datehttp://capepacific.com/

And have a look at their article on South America in: Truck Camper magazine.

They love to receive feedback....from anyone. You can contact Gary directly at:  where he is also happy to respond to questions.

They write

Gary is the photographer, driver, navigator, toilet emptier, fresh water and diesel filler

Elizabeth is the scribe, researcher, translator, occasional photographer, shopper, cook, cleaner and the nurse.

We are responsible for uttering an equal amount of blasphemy :)

This time last year we were well and truly in excitement mode and making last minute preparations to travel to South America.

We spent our last weeks in Florida readying our truck and camper rig for the 4 weeks sea voyage to Buenos Aires in Argentina and readying ourselves with some  Spanish words and phrases, studying our proposed route and compiling a list of what we'd really like to see.

I have to admit we were a little anxious....that fear of the unknown thing. No sane person would have felt any different I think.

As it turned out we had the BEST time ever. At no time did we feel unsafe or in danger. Thanks to many of you for your prayers, concerns and worry on our behalf!

In all 5 of the countries we visited....Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia the people were kind, generous and especially patient with what can only be described as our 101 words and 10 phrases of Spanish. Liz in particular tried really hard.

We get asked what was our favourite place or event ........naturally there's a few 'stand outs' in our memories.

  • The beef in Argentina....absolutely the best in the world, bar none.
  • Gary dancing in the street with a gorgeous tango dancer in Buenos Aires.
  • Being in Ushuaia, the furthest south you can drive in South America.
  • The unrelenting wind in Patagonia, day after day.
  • Taking our truck and camper on the ferry over Magellan Strait to Tierra del Fuego.
  • Getting up close to the Perito Merino Glacier in the Andes in Argentina
  • Riding on the Patagonia Express in the Lake District in NW Argentina
  • Camping in the foothills of a volcano in the Andes
  • Visiting a purple and yellow wooden cathedral in Chile
  • Driving through and experiencing the many aspects of the Atacama Desert in Chile
  • Visiting the reed island dwellers on Lake Titicaca, below sea level in Peru
  • Spending time in beautiful Spanish Colonial cities in Peru, Columbia and Ecuador
  • Travelling up the Sacred Valley then visiting the Machu Picchu ruins in Peru
  • Staying in villages in the Ecuadorian and Columbian Highlands, often blanketed by clouds.
  • Camped in an old quarry, both of us with splitting headaches and nausea from the 4,7000 meters altitude we were at and trying to make meaningful conversation with a local man on his way home from work.
  • Observing llamas and alpacas grazing, with their attendant shepherds dressed in traditional attire.
  • And generally the overwhelming friendliness, kindness and generosity of all the people we met on our journey......no exceptions!

I have only skimmed the surface of what was a 6 month true adventure for us.

After returning we had a few repairs done to our rig as you can well imagine. We spent time in the south of the US with friends and visited some State and National Parks.