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A European Journey 2014-2015 PDF Printable Version E-mail

A European Journey 2014-2015

Ten Thousand Miles Overland To and From Greece

Barry and Margaret Williamson
May 2015

The following 10,000-mile journey was made between August 2014, when we purchased a Carado T337 motorhome from Brownhills of Newark, and the return to England at the end of May 2015.

In order, the countries visited are: England, Scotland, England, (ferry), Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, (ferry), Ireland, (ferry), Scotland, England.

The journey can be followed with the following links:

UK to Greece in the Autumn of 2014

In Greece in the Winter of 2014/15 

In Greece in the Spring of 2015 

North through the Balkans in the Spring of 2015

From Slovenia to Ireland 2015 

In Summary (as at 5 May 2015):

Number of Countries:                            18
Number of Days:                                   265
Total Distance:                                   9,294 miles  (14870 km)
Average Daily Distance:                         34 (54 km)
Number of Places Stayed:                   106
Average Length of Stay:                           2.5 days
Average Distance between Places:      88 miles  (140 km)
Longest Daily Distance:                        270 miles  (432 km)
Shortest Daily Distance:                         10 miles  (16 km)
Number of Free Nights:                          51
Percentage of Free Nights:                    48%

Breakdown of Distances Travelled:

In England and Scotland:                                    1,150 miles     (1840  km)

Through the Netherlands and Germany:         1,205 miles     (1928 km) 

Through Eastern Europe to Bulgaria:               1,374 miles     (2198  km)

Through Northern Greece:                                   895 miles     (1432  km) 

Around the Greek Peloponnese:                      2,437 miles     (3899  km)

From the Peloponnese to Slovenia:                    908 miles      (1453  km)

From Slovenia to Ireland                                    1037 miles      (1659  km)

In Ireland and Scotland  (so far)                          288 miles      (461  km)

Total Distance                                                   9,294 miles       (14870  km)