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45 Travellers Web Sites PDF Printable Version E-mail

45 Websites by and for Motorhomers, Cyclists & Other Travellers

Updated January 2018

The following non-commercial websites have been produced by and for long-term, long-distance motorhomers, cyclists and other travellers. Please let us know about any other websites of this type that you can personally recommend. Or perhaps you can recommend your own site! It is very easy to Contact Us!


Recommended by: Barry Williamson

Chris and Gillian live in Vancouver but have visited Europe each year for ten years, cycling a total of 30,000 km (19,000 miles). However, in 2017 they bought a Knaus TI 650 motorhome in France and started this new website. They give a thorough account of who they are, their motives for travel and adventure, as well as the mechanics of how they purchased the motorhome, which they leave in France while wintering in Canada. There are also useful links, details of accessories, the timeline of their travels in 2017 and plans for future travel.


Website: http://oureurope.co.uk/
Recommended by: Barry Williamson 

Susan Dalgety and Nigel Guy's maxim, taken from Mark Twain, is 'The Road is Life' and for a year it will be for them. Starting in September 2016 and travelling in a classic Hymer motorhome, their aim is to visit all 28 EU countries to learn more about each one. They are trying to understand what makes 21st century Europe work and who the British are within that continent. The looming 'Brexit' fiasco adds poignancy to their search.


Website: http://www.michaelandnorma.com/
Recommended by: Paul Barker 

Australians Michael and Norma Henderson are seasoned travellers on land and on the sea. They have travelled in Europe every year since 2007 in their Fiat-based Trigano Tribute campervan. Between 1981 and 1988 they sailed their 10-ton, 37 ft fibreglass yacht 'Cera' out of Sydney to cross the Pacific to Los Angeles. Using the Panama Canal to reach the Atlantic, they then cruised to the eastern Mediterranean at Bodrum in Turkey. A highlight of the return journey to Sydney was time spent in and around the Galapagos Islands. Each journey is written up and illustrated in what can only be described as a thorough and professional manner, informative as well as inspirational. 


Website: http://michaelandpamstravels.com/
Recommended by: Barry Williamson

Before becoming motorhomers Australians Michael and Pam had travelled extensively in New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Central and North America. Following Michael's retirement after 34 years as a firefighter, they bought a Hymer B584, based it in the UK and made two major journeys within the mainland of Europe. Their website describing these journeys is very well illustrated with a useful menu system, further strengthened with maps showing each of their overnight stops, details of their motorhome, links, galleries of photographs and a full account of their costs. 


Website: http://www.travelswithnicolle.co.uk/ 
Recommended by: Margaret Williamson

John and Sue Hughes, along with 'Nicolle' the third member of the team, have travelled throughout Europe, Syria, the Lebanon and South Africa, including Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar, Zambia, Botswana, Angola and Namibia. Latest news is that they are planning another motorhome journey in the USA. So far they claim 65 countries. Who is Nicolle? She is their trusty motorhome, a Ford-based Chausson Flash 02 with the number plate: NK08 LLE. And yes, she is French!


Website: www.motorhomeandaway.com
Recommended by: Paul and Sheila Barker

Sheila and Steve Pyke welcome you to their website about travelling in the UK and Western Europe over the past 10 years. As well as the journeys, they describe their present motorhome (an Adria Twin) and their previous Autosleepers Symbol Hi-top, with details of modifications made. There are useful Tips for Beginners, Costings, an article on fitting a deadlock to a Peugeot Boxer, and a link to Steve's other website of photographs:  www.spyke.ukgo.com


Website: http://www.travellingwithmm.blogspot.com/
Recommended by: Margaret Williamson

Australians Mireille and Mark have just completed their third 6-month tour in Europe, travelling in an Italian-built Rimor Blucamp Sky 20 motorhome, bought in France. Inevitably, it is called 'Bluey'. They describe and map their journeys in Western and Eastern Europe, including Bosnia and Montenegro. As well as giving useful links and unusually full information on gadgets, keeping in touch and their motorhome, they list their costs in detail. There will be more good information to come as they plan their next European journey.   


Website: http://www.langdale-associates.com/
Recommended by: Margaret Williamson

'Travels in a VW Camper' is the most understated title in the history of internet travel writing. Paul and Sheila Barker have prepared for and travelled in 15 European countries in the last 11 years - but what travel. Their preparation, scope and depth are without equal as is the excellence of their writing and photography. Here is  essential reading for any aspiring European traveller. With prologue, epilogue, decisive campsite reviews, music, photographs and detailed travel logs based on up to 6 months in each country.


Website: www.marg-leigh.blogspot.co.nz
Recommended by: Margaret Williamson

New Zealanders Leigh and Marg spent 4 long summers since 2011 exploring widely in Europe in their Italian-built Coupe motorhome, 'Vanni'. It was bought in Germany, then registered (and finally sold) in the Czech Republic. They are now planning a trip to South America for 2016/17, perhaps in a hired motorhome.


Website: http://www.themotorhomediaries.co.uk/
Recommended by: Barry Williamson

Sheila and Gilroy Coleman have been motorhoming for about six months of each year for the last 8 years. Initially with an old Autotrail as a learning vehicle, they soon moved on to a 2005 Autocruise Starblazer with its much-preferred fixed bed over a garage. More recently, they added to the range of their travels with a Mazda MX5 car in tow.

Altogether, they have travelled in over a dozen countries in mainland Europe, with Portugal and Spain as a winter destination. Beyond Europe's immediate bounds they have taken their motorhome to Turkey and Morocco. They have also hired motorhomes in Japan, New Zealand and Argentina for tours which, like all their journeys, are written up in fine detail and fully illustrated.


Website: https://heidihymer.wordpress.com/
Recommended by: Margaret Williamson


Website: https://davehutton.wordpress.com/
Recommended by: Barry Williamson

We met Peter and Elaine in their 'Heidi Hymer' at Camping Finikes in the far southwest of the Greek Peloponnese in December 2014. At the same time, Dave Hutton in 'Henrietta Hymer' contacted us on his winter journey through the Greek mainland. Their websites speak for themselves with accounts of intensive travels in Hymer motorhomes, digging deep into Greek life and history and mixing campsites with a majority of nights out in the open. Still a destination for an elite few, Greeks welcome motorhomers who reach out to them.


Recommended by: Barry Williamson

Marilyn and Geoff Cass are travellers who are also motorhomers and they have written this travel log for motorhomers who are also travellers. It is packed with useful information about a fascinating and unusual journey through the Balkans, starting and finishing in Calais. Their experiences are recorded in 12,000 words and 47 pictures giving a depth that brings the route and the journey to life. In 35 days, they travelled 4,000 miles (6400 km) through 10 countries staying in 25 different places, giving each its key features, location and co-ordinates. The highlight and focus was the journey through the Balkans: Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia Herzegovina (including Mostar and Sarajevo) –Croatia and so into Hungary. This is an account to inspire others to travel in these oft-neglected regions. Marilyn and Geoff found a warm welcome but too few other travellers, with almost none from the UK.


Website: http://europenomad.wordpress.com/
Recommended by: Barry Williamson

ANomad's website has everything that I look for in an interesting and useful account of a motorhome journey. She tells something of her history as a traveller from a young age, her motivation in wanting to travel on mainland Europe in a motorhome on her own, something about the motorhome itself and her ambitions whilst travelling. She records where she stays and offers to share information on the costs of the venture. But, above all, she describes the world through which she moves, its people, places, sights and tastes. Too many 'blogs' are simply a personal anecdote, an ego trip, inward looking and clinging to a role in a social world. Connection is rarely made with the physical world, the real world. ANomad avoids all these pitfalls.


Website: http://blog.travelpod.com/members/oldagetraveller
Recommended by:
Margaret Williamson

John and Lesley Jefferis have made two major, one-year European journeys since 2008. What makes them unusual, indeed special, is that they travel with a Burstner caravan and a Hyundai Santa Fe tow vehicle. Retired from banking and librarianship respectively, their writing and photography is interesting, articulate and informative. Meeting them in the Basque country was very useful to us: for once, we were the novices and they were the old hands, sharing something of their life on the road as caravanners. Our paths had crossed briefly at Sakar Hills Camping in SE Bulgaria in 2008, and we had interacted recently on the subject of traversing the Neum Enclave in Croatia.


Recommended by:
Barry Williamson

Many years of travelling in mainland Europe by car led Jennifer and Glenn Jones to buy a Swift 580 PR motorhome in March 2012. Their aim was for more intensive travel, with opportunities to stay and explore places they discover. Their first journey took them as far as Croatia; Jennifer enjoys writing so we can expect more.


Website: http://www.bevisonwheels.blogspot.com/
Recommended by:
Margaret Williamson

Maggie and Pete live in South Yorkshire but roam England and Greece in their motorhome. They recently exchanged their Autotrail Apache for a new Autotrail Tracker FB and plan another summer in the Peloponnese. They explore with their bicycles and their website includes details of other, non-motorhome travels including a recent visit to Cuba. Maggie already has five articles on this website which you can find in the Fellow Travellers section.


Website: http://www.capepacific.com/third-trip/Home.html
Recommended by:
Barry Williamson

Tasmanians Elizabeth and Gary Gray are engaged in a planned 50,000 km (31,250 miles) motorhome journey through 3 continents. Currently (November 2011) they are touring Europe in their Mercedes-based Autotrail Mohican. Their dream, inspired by the escapades of Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith, is a third round-the-world journey. The first was by sea, the second by air and this one will be by land. Future plans incude a 4wd truck to explore parts of the USA.

The website is beautifully designed, the photographs excellent and the overall ethos is one of excitement and enthusiasm. Not least, there is a full description of their motorhome, which is obviously very close to their hearts. Overall, this is a classic definition of life lived to the full in retirement.


Website: http://www.travelin-tortuga.com/                               
Recommended by:
Barry Williamson

Richard and Kathy Howe's website is by far the most comprehensive motorhomer's website we have used (except, perhaps, our own!) Starting from their home in California, they have been travelling fulltime for ten years (in 2011). Their initial focus was on the Americas: North, Central and South. In the last two years they have shipped their motorhome to Europe to undertake major journeys, initially right across the southern countries, including much of the former Yugoslavia, as well as Morocco and Turkey.

Starting with a motorcycle and a tent, they soon moved on to a secondhand motorhome. More recently, they have covered over 100,000 miles in a purpose built 4wd motorhome and it's a pleasure in itself to read about this vehicle and discover its unique design and powerful features. As well as full details of their travels and their vehicles, the Howes share valuable advice on subjects such as camping (they mainly find the 'free' variety), shipping, Schengen, electrics and accessories. All this is accompanied by excellent photographs, links and apt quotations. Their motto is: 'No Checklists; No Schedules'.


Website: http://www.motorhomelifers.co.uk/             
Recommended by:
Barry Williamson

Mike and Ali Kingston started long-term travelling by motorhome in 2003. They have motorhomed in the USA twice. The first time, they shipped their European motorhome and travelled from Florida to California via the southern states; returning via Alaska, Canada and the far northeast of the USA.The second time, they bought a Forest River motorhome and drove from Florida to near San Francisco, via Alaska. Currently they live and travel in a Wildax Aurora motorhome, customised for them by Duncan Wilman who runs the business in Elland, West Yorkshire (right next to Huddersfield). Their European travels have included Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy and brief foray into Corfu, with ambitions to travel in the far north.


Website: http://www.ukgreynomads.co.uk/      
Recommended by:
Barry Williamson

In 2007, Alan and Jenny Morris sold up, set up their website and made a 12-month round-the-world journey (USA and the Cook Islands, before motorhoming in New Zealand and Australia). Back in the UK, in February 2009 they bought an Autocruise Starblazer motorhome. Now they were set up to be the UK Grey Nomads of their dreams - and are they living it! The website uses text and images to describe their life on the road, on their RTW journey and the length and breadth of the British Isles. Other pages list some of their equipment and a long Guest Book speaks to a healthy following from aspiring and actual fellow travellers.


Website: http:/www.europebycamper.com     
Recommended by:
Barry Williamson

Since October 2008, Adam and Sophie Blacklin have motorhomed in 30 countries, including all the EU except Cyprus and Eire. In the New Year of 2011, they plan for a new, smaller motorhome and a new journey to new countries: Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia and the Ukraine. Great extra features include a general guide to buying a motorhome, a guide to buying and importing a motorhome from Germany and links to other relevant websites. We look forward to learning from their experience.


Website: http://charliedogcametoo.blogspot.com/  
Recommended by:
Adam Blacklin

Lesley and Rob Hale are taking (at least) a year out from February 2010 to explore Europe in their panel van motorhome, accompanied by Charlie Dog. They have made a great clockwise loop from the UK through the very top of Norway and down through Eastern Europe to Greece for the winter. Where to next? Find out!


Website: http://www.theworldisourlobster.com/           
Recommended by:
Barry Williamson

Catherine and Chris have visited 47 European countries and Morocco in their Burstner motorhome. They have travelled 66,000 miles, including brief visits to Serbia, Moldova and Macedonia. They know a lot about border crossings, insurance and the vagaries of travel outside the familiarity of the EU! A real bonus is the section describing their motorhome in detail.


Website: www.theworldismylobster.org.uk  and  www.theworldismylobster.me.uk 
Recommended by: Christine Strawson

At the end of December 2013 Sue set out in Thebus, a 28-foot Daybreak American RV, accompanied by her Great Dane pup, Phoebe. Her first website describes in detail her first year of travel, the length and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales. The second website starting in January 2015 covers her journeys in France, illustrated with many photographs. Not to be confused with the website 'the world is our lobster' (see above) which does have detailed information on useful matters such as costs, distances, maps, number of countries (47), insurance, border crossings, the motorhome, etc.


Recommended by:
Barry Williamson

Gary Box bought a Hymer B564 and set off 'on the road to find out', to quote the former Cat Stevens. His purpose-built website does full justice to his ambition and his achievement; well laid out, super illustrations and a good background story. It's also an easy pleasure to follow his journey at your own pace and your own depth. Well done Gary!


Recommended by: Barry Williamson

Lorna's writing: http://europeanmagicalmysterytour.wordpress.com/       
Lorna's photos: http://www.tripntale.com/me/europeanmagicalmysterytour  
Mark's writing: http://travelsbymotorhome.travellerspoint.com/      

Taking two years out from work while still young, Lorna and Mark maintain three websites as they continue their extensive tour of Europe. Known jointly as MarkLorna, they set out from the UK in their Hymer, with bikes and a kayak on board, in November 2009 heading south for Spain. But they soon turned their attention to southeast Europe - Bulgaria, Greece and the former Yugoslavia. They write a website each while Lorna uses the third site to show how effectively she uses her camera to capture the passing scene.


Recommended by: Paul Barker

Darina, from Ireland, met Kurt, from Switzerland, in China. Kurt was a cyclist, Darina wasn't but soon she shared his passion. This led to numerous rides around central Europe and a bicycle pilgrimage to Santiago di Compostela. This in turn led to a major ride through South America. This excellent website takes you along, through a photo gallery with a parallel written commentary. Recommended by Paul who, with Sheila, produces the best and most detailed website for those motorhomers keen to explore Europe in depth: http://www.langdale-associates.com/


Website: http://tortoisetales.wordpress.com/ 
Recommended by: Margaret Williamson

Frances Platman uses the facilities of Wordpress to give a well-illustrated account of her travels with Bernard in their Rollerteam Granducca, bought from a showroom in Toulouse. Starting in October 2003 with a graphic description of coming to terms with motorhoming life, Frances intends to bring the travelogue fully up to date with  travels planned in Portugal and Greece. 'Tortoise Tales'? In her own words, Frances's account is of 'slow travel in a motorhome throughout Europe by two adventurous pensioners'. We echo that!


Recommended by: Barry Williamson

After his life at sea, Ian Biggar and partner Sue spend a large part of every year travelling in their beloved Rapido 741F motorhome, posting regular accounts of their adventures as well as the occasional article and pictures. Among other countries, they have travelled in  France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. They have written for the MMM and of particular interest is the description of their own Rapido motorhome and their criticism of the general practices of fashion-led European manufacturers.


Website: http://crete.wordpress.com/   
Recommended by: Margaret Williamson

This is the most amazing, wide ranging, labyrinthine, complex and enjoyable website I have ever seen - and all on and around the subject of Crete, the Mediterranean's most beautiful island. The editor and main author, Ray Berry, drove a VW campervan to Afghanistan, but was turned back at the Pakistan border. Returning, he settled in Greece and now lives in Crete. This is an island he knows and loves well and it is a pleasure to share that love and that knowledge.


Recommended by: Margaret Williamson

Mike & Judith Annan describe themselves as 2 sexagenarians travelling in a Rapido 972M motorhome, fortunate to be able to travel many months of the year from their French base. Their Rapido is on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and has been modified to meet their needs for months of travelling to numerous remote locations. So far, these include the Arctic Circle, North Africa and the Middle East including Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Libya and Turkey. There is excellent advice on the preparation of the vehicle and all the paperwork required for such a journey. 


Recommended by: Margaret Williamson

Since April 2007, retired Florida residents Tom and Judy Salmon have toured Europe and Turkey in an imported Winnebago View motorhome called Papillon. Their splendid website is arranged as a series of well-illustrated 'narratives' of their journey, as well as giving background information about shipping from the USA, notes on camping in Europe and an excellent map of their route so far.


Recommended by: Stephen Stewart

This non-profit Anglo-French club organises motorhome journeys to distant places, including China. It has over 500 members and was formed in France in 1993. Currently about 60 members are native English speakers. Annual membership in 2007 cost £35 (one van/two people) or £25 (one van/one person.).


WebsiteUltimate Truck Park Guide    
Recommended by: Ian Shires

This link takes you directly to the download of a 6MB pdf file which lists truck parking in every European country including Russia. This is the detailed 2007 edition and runs to 91 pages!


Website: http://europemotorhome.blogspot.com/   
Recommended by: Barry Williamson

Share the travels of Jacqui Young's Australian family as they take a 50-day motorhome holiday around Western Europe. These first timers travel through Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Scotland and England in their rented motorhome. Fully illustrated and with a map. Learning from their experience with France Passion, Jacqui now offers a similar service for motorhomers in Australia.


Website: http://www.soultravelers3.com/  
Recommended by: Margaret Williamson

This is an opportunity to see Europe through the eyes of mature and talented American motorhomers. This family of 3, Dad Da Vinci, Mum Jeanne d'Arc and 5-year-old Ms Mozart (all pseudonyms), are doing a multi year RTW trip. They have been in Europe for the last 8 months (April 2007), with a short trip into Africa with more to come and blogging as they go.

They write: "As Americans we are kind of rare birds on this side of the pond with a motorhome, plus the fact that we are homeschooling as we go including violin and piano via internet. LOL! Add to that the fact that I am mobility challenged and we are learning lots as we go and having a blast too. We have lots of adventures planned for the next 7 months including Greece,Turkey,Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary,Romania, Czech, maybe Poland and a short flight into Russia and 2 months in Italy in the fall."


WebsiteEurope in a Motorhome      
Recommended by: Barry Williamson

Hazel and Simon Jackson, along with 13-year-old son Jack, took a year out to tour Southern Europe in an American motorhome. Calling it a 'mid-life gap year', they kept a thorough written and photographic record of their journey which they have since turned into a book. The website is mainly a promotion for the book but it does contain lengthy extracts and so can be used as a resource in itself. On the other hand - you can buy the book.

Not least impressive is the way they continued Jack's schooling during this year on the road so that he received a double education!


Website: http://www.cyclingtoindia.com/  
Recommended by: Barry Williamson

Thirty-somethings John and Sally Watson are cycling to India as an adventure in  its own right and as a means of raising money for 2 very well worthwhile charities - the sort where your money doesn't go straight into overheads. If they are successful, the route will take them through France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and then onto Turkey. From there they will head across Iran and into Central Asia, passing through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and then over the Karakoram Highway from China into Pakistan. The final leg will take them from Islamabad to Delhi.

We met them in Esztergom on the River Danube (on Hungary's border with Slovakia) and we later heard from them in Edirne in Turkey, just over the border from Bulgaria. You can read about our meeting and see some images by clicking here


Websitehttp://www.pippins.me.uk/  and https://dottieonthego.wordpress.com/
Recommended by: Keith Dear

These are the Newton family (Andy, Rosemary, Bobby and Charlotte) websites, recording in detailed words and pictures motorhome journeys throughout Europe since 2001. The first website also contains links to Andy's previous career in the Royal Navy with connections to HMS Sirius, HMS Minerva and HMS Bacchante. The sites promise     much more travel to come.


Website: http://www.adv-cycling.org/                
Recommended by: Barry Williamson

This is the ultimate resource for the long-distance cyclist in America. In business for over 30 years, and among much else, the Adventure Cycling Association (formerly Bike Centennial), developed the great routes crossing and circling the US of A. They claim to produce the finest bicycling maps in North America and you can even download waypoints for your GPS!


Website: http://www.biketheworld.at/                 
Recommended by:  Margaret Williamson

We met Austrian cyclists Christoph and Birgit Oberhauser in west Texas on a hot and windy day. They were heading west towards Marathon and into the wind; we were pedalling easily east, towards Sanderson. We had a lot in common and a lot to talk about: we were all on round-the-world journeys by bicycle.

They had started from Austria, crossed Europe and rode down in to Spain. From the north-east states of the US they had followed a long route down the east coast to Florida and then west across the southern states. Later they were to fly to Singapore and on to Japan.

There is an excellent section on the equipment they used and the detailed diary (in English and German) is well illustrated (we appear on 29 March 2001!)


Website: http://www.longpassages.org/              
Recommended by: Margaret Williamson

We met Bob and Judi Burns in November 2003 in the Greek port of Patras, on the campsite near the old Rion/Anti-Rion ferry. We thought they were fellow-motorhomers but it turned out they were also round-the-world yachters (they call themselves 'cruisers'). Living and sailing in their 38-foot ketch Long Passages for the last12 years, they have almost completed a leisurely circumnavigation of the globe, starting on the east coast of the US. They have taken time out in many countries, living in some and travelling in others, including Europe, from Spain to Turkey, by motorhome.

This excellent website includes detailed logs and splendid descriptions of their equipment and graphic accounts of their worst moments!


Website: http://www.thewhitlocks.org.uk/           
Recommended by:  Margaret Williamson

We met the Whitlock family in September 2003, on a campsite on  Hungary's Lake Balaton. We were travelling by motorhome and bicycle; they by train. Lindsay, Nick, Tom (aged 9) and Esther (aged 4) were embarked on a one-year backpacking tour of the more challenging countries of the world. From Eastern Europe, they progressed through SE Africa, S America and Asia, finishing on the Trans-siberian Express Railway. They left us on a local Hungarian train, bound for a week's WWOOF-ing on a goat farm and then on to Romania.

Their splendid website includes maps, photographs and a diary of how to travel round the world by public transport with a young family.


Website: http://www.greektravel.com/        
Recommended by: Maggie Bevis

The site is run by an American called Matt Barrett and it grows and grows. It really is comprehensive and I can recommend it for when you're far away from Greece - it'll take you straight there in spirit. Matt responds quickly to emails too, if you want to contact him. I haven't yet met him, but as we're off to Athens in the near future, we could meet him for an ouzo or two.