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Major Improvements at Camping Thines in the Peloponnese PDF Printable Version E-mail

Major Improvements at Camping Thines in the Greek Peloponnese

The following email was received on 2 July 2017 from the new manager of Camping Thines. This campsite is one of five in Finikounda, the small fishing village at the southern end of the Messinian Peninsula in the Greek Peloponnese.

Thines (meaning 'Dunes') is one of the two campsites that reliably stay open throughout the year. We first stayed on the site at Easter 2003, before Camping Finikes had been started. We stayed for 3 weeks, during which time we left the motorhome for a week while we cycled 357 miles (570 km) round the Mani Peninsula and back via Kosmas, climbing a total of 19,000 ft (5,700 m).

We enjoyed staying at Thines during several following winters, before transferring our allegiance to Camping Finikes, although that ended in fiasco in the winter of 2014/15 (see our Report on the Deterioration of Camping Finikes).

Sadly, over recent years Camping Thines also experienced decline, particularly in the sanitary facilities and the state of the camping field. However, Theodore Michail, the new manager, has now written to us to say that things are improving! We will be in Finikounda this winter (2017/18) and look forward to seeing for ourselves; it certainly sounds a lot better.

We believe that Theo is the son of the original developers/owners/managers of the site: Despina and her husband, Takis.

Theo wrote as follows: 

Dear friends,

I'm Theodore Michail, the new manager of Camping Thines. I wanted to inform you that our Camping will be open this winter and a lot of our facilities are improved. I saw your report from 2013 or 2014 and has passed a lot of time since then.

Now we have all around wi-fi, program for cleaning the toilets at winter time, fireplace with woods and local wine our production that the customers can use it to relax. Also we plan to have 2 or 3 fast electric boilers that they can give hot water immediately. Then it is not necessary to wait a lot for the hot water.

Best regards,

P.S.  I remember you when I was child, I meet you 2-3 time with the bikes, then I learnt about your internet page and the Camping Reviews.

Theodore Michail