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Marquis: Opinions on the Web PDF Printable Version E-mail

Marquis Motorhomes: Opinions on the World Wide Web

Here, in about 13,500 words, are the results of a random walk we took around the World Wide Web in February 2017, gathering opinions from people who had used the services of Marquis Motorhomes. None of the comments are favourable, but not as a result of us being selective. It is just that none of the comments are favourable! This is raw data and we have done no editing.

It is truly amazing that this company is still in business!

The sources include Facebook, The Marquis Website and the forums of Out and About Live, Motorhome Facts, but mainly the sadly mis-named (in this case) Motorhome Fun.

Barry and Margaret Williamson
October 2017

First, a story of misery from Ken who wrote directly to our website:

Thank you for emailing me. Yes its all been a nightmare. Please add my complaint to your website.

Yes I've had many exchanges with the head office After Sales Manager, Alan Doherty, who I have found to be arrogant and the least helpful person I have ever come across.

I just hope my story can help others stay away from these rogues.

I have read some of the comments on the website about Marquis motorhomes. My nightmare began when I bought a new Autosleeper El Duo from them on 6th June last year, 2015.

The first weekend we had it the 12volt system failed. Back to Marquis Ipswich. They said that they had fixed it. Next time we used it on a trip to Wales the 12 volt system failed again as well as numerous other faults: broken habitation door, CO2 detector leaking battery, broken skylight runner. Took it back to Maquis. They sent it back to Autosleeper. They said it was al fixed again. It failed again and they then said that it was my fault because I had not turned off the isolation switch, which they had not told me to do.

Since I bought it the motorhome has been back to them 12 times and I have not had it more that for a 2 week stretch before it goes wrong again. Other faults have been heater not working, engine battery failure twice.

I've requested a refund of replacement three times and each time they have refused saying they will fix the presenting fault. The After Sales Manager (Paul Brown) is arrogant and rude. He now refuses to respond to my emails because I got annoyed with him. Who wouldn't.

I wish I'd never gone near Marquis and parted with my hard earned £50k. Please no one else be as silly as I was buying a motorhome from them.

Motorhome Facts

Ok ... to all you 'NON' believers ... I will name them ! I tried to cover this by saying I would mention them via an e.mail privately but some are not happy with this and want this so here goes .....

I really don't want to as this will only open a can of worms for people who have, I am sure, a good experience of our branch & others within the dealership.

However, this thread is about OUR own experience and to people who don't think we are telling the truth I will give just some of the examples of the incompetent's & rudeness off this dealership ! But after having several private PM,s mentioning the same company / other branches & being treated the same or worse, I am now willing to name if not shame.

The company is Marquis and the branch is Tewkesbury. Our salesman was Jonathan & the Manager is Justin.

To start with everything was great, very friendly atmosphere, so unlike Brownhills who we found very pushy, we chose to place the order through them last September.

Obviously once we left we had a few extra questions to ask once we had time to think. So we phoned up about, 1. Cruise ... 2. Upholstery ... 3. Factory Tow bar. This was over several weeks not all at once ... it culminated in the tow bar question. Jonathan clearly stated it was not possible to change the order ( he thought !! ) but when I nudged him that I had spoken to Swift .. he said ' OH ! Ok ' Left it with him to confirm order .. gave him my e.mail as well ... 1 week later still no reply. We wanted the tow bar so what do we do to confirm. Left a message for him to confirm ... still no answer.

Ok ... we popped up to the show at the NEC, came across Alan Buckwell from Marquis ( MD !! ) asked & did NOT complain why no answer ... told us he would sort it out. It took a week or so because of the show but he eventualy left a message on our phone to say all was done. This was NOT anyone from my branch by the way.

Left it til mid November then had a question about finance. Phoned Chris Archer from the finance department & explained our question ... told us he would get back ... didn't! Waited over the wkend ... still no phone call ... left a message on his answer phone ... still no reply. So started a thread on here about the problem and through advice from you contacted Mike Crouch via e.mail. Things happened & appologies came in thick n fast from everywhere !

Now, left any contact til Friday 4th Jan ( and some say we pestered them !!! ) phoned Justin at Tewkesbury ... asked re delivery date. Said he would phone back Monday, didn't ... we phoned Tuesday. Told they would let us know a date as soon as they knew.

Contacted Swift ( can't fault their customer service ... excellent ! ) asked myself re date, told a few days later from Kath Powell our delivery date. She then confirmed a few days later when the home was on the lorry. Still no contact from dealer. Left a few days so they had time to realise they had it, take into account it is only a small branch !!! Eventualy we phoned them and were then told " Oh! you M/Home is in" !!!!

Phew ... comin up for air !

Organised an appointment to sort finance out ( this had not been done yet ... not due to us ! ) & agreed a date of Monday 4th Feb at 10.am. Nicky my wife took the morning off work so we left Hereford in good time to be at Tewkesbury for 09.45 ( approx 50 min journey )

After sitting listening to Justins snowboard exploits, house flooding problems etc we put some points we had written down we wanted carried out / checked ( alarm changes, bike rack change etc etc ) things generally that could have been done over the phone. Now came the crunch ... Justin explained he was NOT FSA trained, Jonathan was off & Steve Riggs who is the finance manager had not turned up !!!! He phoned Steve who was stuck in traffic ( ??????????? )... this was at 10.45 & said he will be an hour or so. As we had to be back in Hereford for 13.00 we left at 11.00 no further knowing if we could get finance or not ! Take into account we had agreed a finance appointment with Justin for 10 am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to go on .. you lot asked for it !

After several days and no call ... I phoned the branch ... still no answer. Now about the 10th Feb, due to pick up M/Home 03 March .... little worried so contacted Steve at his office. Things started to move but heard nothing for a few days so phoned him again ... no answer ... so left a message to call us. Didn't ! Phoned again then asked by Steve to supply 3 mnth Bank statements. This I did via special next day delivery & asked him to let me know as soon as he took delivery. Checked at 14.00 next day via Royal Mail & item had been delivered that morning ... so ... phoned Steve ... apologetic he had not phoned but said he had rx'ed them & will fax to Bank of Scotland & send back same day ... this he did.

Ok, weekend went by .... Monday ... Tuesday .... Wednesday .... Thursday ...call in the afternoon to be told they have LOST our bank statements faxed over to the bank ( MMM ID Fraud now to worry about ! ) .... reason for delay ...... and as copies were taken by the branch they will re send. !!! ( NO I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP !!! ) Phoned by Bank of Scotland about 16.25 to be offered the finance ... monthly payments were higher than expected but Ok. Steve phoned at 17.25 to tell us news ... told him about higher payments and he told us as we had been accepted by B of Scot ... he fired it a Lloyds Bank & they have the payments we originally agreed at point of sale!!!!

So ... left it til Wednesday 27th til we contacted Tewkesbury & asked to come over & sign docs ready for collection of M/Home Monday ... this I did but whilst looking at M/Home on site it was apparent all the wiring was open around the dash. The electrical guy ( Martyn ) was there so spoke to him & he said it was just finishing off the alarm. So left happy all was ready for collection Monday.

Nicky had by the way, booked Monday of WITHOUT pay as she had no holidays left.

Took my son to football Saturday morning, arrived home about 11.45 to meet Nicky on our doorstep looking ashen white. As her Grandad is unwell I feared the worse but then was told ... "we can't pick up on Monday ... management light come on" !

As I own a Benelli TRE sportsbike, the weather was dry, I decided to 'pop' over to Tewkesbury to find out face to face the problem ( Don't like sorting thing out via tel ) so asked Jonathan to a private conversation to clear the air as my 'complaint' last year re the tow bar appeared to have soared the salesman / customer relationship. We both had points, the air was cleared & was told they had only had the problem when they moved the home Saturday morning for cleaning. He assured me it will go to Fiat Gloucester 1st thing Monday, probably a 're-boot' and back by 11. Left feeling confident air was cleared & things all Ok.

Monday heard nothing so being a little excited phoned up early at 10.30 ... to be told by Justin .... '' No chance of M/Home .... going in as we speak'' ! I mentioned '1st thing NOT being midday ... told he knew nothing about it as he had been in Sweden Thurs / Fri at a funeral '' !!

Plot thickens ... I decided to phone Fiat direct to find out the problem ... was then told by their sevice dept the M/Home had been booked in LAST WEEK for Monday AFTERNOON. I then phoned Justin who assured me he would get back in the next 10 mins .... 3 hrs later & at 17.25 he phoned to say '' Only just been able to get hold of Fiat, on the diagnostic machine now & will phone you by 10 am tomorrow''! ( Tues ) I can pick up the phone at ANY time and get through ... strange it takes him 3 hrs !

10.30 came ... so at 11.00 decided to phone Peter at Fiat who explained the M/Home came in on Monday around 13.00 into there compound to be processed Tuesday afternoon to find out the problem. He also mentioned Dave ( workshop Manager ) was currently 'Booking' home in. Nicky then phoned Justin to ask what / why no call at 10.am to be met by a load of lies ... she stopped him mid flow to explain we had been onto Fiat and had been told the above ... the line went VERY quiet !!! Told us he would phone back in 15 mins.

Now being really peaved off I decided to phone the main Marquis HQ at Southampton to speak to Alan Doherty direct. Spoke to Sharron Fernns ( PA to GM ) who tried his line but '' sorry ... it's busy ... I will get him to phone you ASAP though'' ! By the way .. we had sent an e.mail to Mike Crouch earlier to ask to phone us ASAP.

Now .... some 3 or 4 hrs later ( NOT 15 mins ) Justin phoned me to say Fiat will have an answer Thursday afternoon ( this being Tuesday ) in his words '' It is NOT something we have done'' ! ( meaning fitment of alarm etc ) of what he was really pleased. He said it was a wiring loom fault, the whole loom has to replaced & he will let us Know Thursday afternoon when it will be able to be done. This is on a Brand new £50,000.00 M/Home we were expected to take delivery of !

I NOW hit the bloody roof ( having stayed calm and polite and rational over the past few months ! ) and lost it with Justin demanding to know when the hell we could eventualy have the M/Home ? I also explained we have holidays booked with the home etc but all to no avail. The 15 min conversation ended in him saying '' Well Mr Shaw ... where can we go from here'' ? When I asked 'What do you mean ' his reply .... ''I am prepared on this occasion to cancel the order & refund your deposit'' ! Totally gobsmacked my relpy .... ' Fine .. do it ' .... phone slammed down by me !

Ok ... I am near the end of the thread now ..... it ended with Nicky being upset ... me VERY angry over our treatment ... & hopefully our deposit back yesterday.

I really am sorry to have put such a long somewhat boring explanation of our experience with buying a M/Home .. all the above is 100% true ( I am not on here 'making this up for attention' as someone has mentioned ! ) I work 12 1/2 hr night shifts & have stayed up to write this ... I am very tired due to work & past few days disappointments but am determined to get across to some very harsh commented people on here that we have NEVER been pushy, have tried our best to let things sort themselves out but in the end it was just not going to happen.

The relationship between Marquis Tewkesbury & us had all but gone, there was no way we wanted the M/Home now so in a way ... they answered our prayers by offering our deposit back. We are almost certain if we had asked to cancel ourselves ( something Justin was obviously pushing for ) then we would not have had our deposit returned . Also very surprised a branch manager had the authority to cancel an order so quickly ... me thinks Mr Doherty may be lurking in this story somewhere !

To sum this all up ... if the above is our fault ...what the heck! We have purchased 2 new caravans & 3 new cars over the past 5 or 6 yrs and NEVER been treated this way! We have had a terrible experience ... we started this thread for general advice to ask what to do next & in the end things took there own journey. On deep reflection we are now glad this happened, had we taken delivery & needed to go back with a problem ... despite what Justin / Jonathan said re '' no hard feelings held to any customers '' we are sure there would have been ... and judging by some PM's from other readers exactly the same has happened to them at OTHER Marquis branches.

We are not a stupid couple, very sensible in fact ! We are well aware things go wrong with vehicles, but if they had told the truth instead of telling 'white - lies ' and been up front & honest, whilst being severely disappointed of having to have to wait, we would have done! Problem was in the end the lies, the other things in the past & generally very bad comms has made us happy this has ended the way it did.

As for the new BMW .( Sorry KevWright re your comment, we are comfortably off .. not rich ... so didn't need to cancel anything in ''order to order the M/Home'' in your words ! LOL !! ) .. wife has an 06 1 series ... decided to swap for a 3 series tourer as this will be our new 'Holiday Home' .... taking Nicky, Ben, Poppy ( our black Lab ) & myself away on hols .............. TaTa

Please remember ... this is OUR story of treatment by Marquis Motorhomes ... we are sure they have very many happy customers. Also please take note ... this is NOT a personnel dig at Jonathan / Justin or Marquis ... I am more than capable of sorting problems face to face .. this is here so I hope they / Marquis may take note ... make the effort to change and reap the obvious rewards. I am a little concerned that they do have the MMM award for good customer dealership 2008 .... mind boggles !!! LOL !!!


Shantelle Button — 1 αστέριIf I was Able to give them a -* review I would pay all that money for a Caravan when they charge £400 for a service and then the electrics don't work after that they say you have to take it bak to them to have it fixed when you are already on holiday and painful for electric you can now no longer use!! Didn't fix anything on the list of things that are wrong when it goes in for a service would definatly not reccomend this comany to anyone looking for a caravan poor after care and over priced for a service!!!

Hannah Lake
— 1 αστέριMy parents bought a motor home and have had problems with the cooker, they have taken it back 4 times to try and get this fixed and it's obviously still not done as there was a fire in the van this weekend which started from the hob. Luckily everyone in the van at the time were unharmed but OMG what an absolute mess, how dare they put lives at risk?! It could have been so much worse but it left us all shaken up

Chris Brailsford
— 1 αστέριTook my caravan in for an insurance quote 2nd week of August I'm still waiting for it and it's nearly November. Phoned them on numerous occasions keep getting fobbed off they said waiting for elddis to get back to them. Spoke to elddis they don't even deal with vans over 7 years old! Wotf is going on they need a kick up the rear.

Marquis Website Reference

Marquis Motorhomes 2 June 2010

Our Aftersales Manager, Alan Doherty is celebrating 30 years of service with the Marquis Group today.

Alan joined the group back on 2nd June 1980 as a valeter at the Hampshire branch and has since worked his way up through the Service Centre to Foreman and subsequently became Marquis Group Aftersales Manager in 2003.
Alan is now the main point of contact for all Aftersales enquiries and deals with any issues that cannot be dealt with by our nine branches.
Alan will be enjoying the celebrations today by taking lunch with our MD Mike Crouch and a presentation took place this morning with gifts & cakes to mark the momentous occasion.

Congratulations Alan & thank you for your hard work!

Motorhome Fun

Within our family we have 2 Bessacarr motorhomes and as motorhomes go they are great vehicles. The Fiat reversing judder issue does detract from an otherwise excellent vehicle but hopefully this well known problem will soon have a solution.

However, I wish we stumbled across this website before parting with sizable sums of money to Marquis motorhomes! I have read the comments made by other users and feel the need to echo these concerns.

As sales facilities go, Marquis provide acceptable service but when the transaction goes beyond the sales team it all goes horribly wrong. As a 58 plate vehicle, it went into Marquis Cheively in November 2008 and was returned in April 2009. They were given a list of defects and would you believe that after a 5 month repair, less than half were completed and worse still, the vehicle was returned unsafe.

Calls to Bessacarr Customer Care have suggested that Marquis have not charged Swift (Bessacarr) for the PDI and therefore Swift suggest it was not performed. This would explain the list of repairs needed, many of which should have been identified at PDI.

It is fair to say that our gripe is with Marquis Aftersales and mostly their so called Aftercare Manager. How many people would pay £50,000 plus for a car and accept a 5 month repair. How many would accept repairs where safety covers are left off 240volt heaters risking serious injury or death!

If you are thinking of buying a motorhome then be warned, Marquis boldly claim that they NEVER give refunds. A good company would say they do but NEVER HAVE TO! There are other Motorhome suppliers out there and just maybe they value you as a customer and your life!

Motorhome Fun

I have posted a thread on the site before reporting how we have waited 7 weeks for a shower tray to be replaced before we paid the balance on our first second hand motorhome. the dealer yes it's Marquis. The Tray was on factory back order, fair enough, but in my view should never have been presented for sale like it. I have been left in the dark throughout the whole waiting time, I have had to ring the salesman everytime for a progress update, his anwser evertime is Oh you saved me a phone call,customer care & communication seems non existent i am appaulled at their attitude so far, I'm sure this is because I wouldn't take the van as he offered until the jobs were complete.

I rang last Friday after waitng to hear from the salesman for a week desite him promising a call which never happened to let me know when the shower tray was going to fitted, after being told he was in the yard but he will get back to you, which of course he didn't, i eventually rang and insisted I wait for him to be fetched, he replied yes Mr ****** it's nearly finished If I wanted to collect on 30th April I could but vehicle would be taxed from 1st April (something I told him I didn't want to do from the begining) failing that the earliest he could do was 7th May, Thats 10 weeks after leaving a deposit, absolutly disgusting service.

I am going to check the vehicle again Wednesday & pay the final cheque but only if it meets my satisfaction, now reading CUSTOMERS thread i'm worried, I feel angry, and I don't, because of the salesmans negative take it or leave it attitude really want to deal with Marquis again, & thats before I pick the motorhome up.

The last 8 weeks now have been pure hell after having so much of my savings tied up in the deal, they took my caravan in part X at the begining of March meaning they ended up with a 40% deposit leaving me with nothing I haver never felt so cheated. This has all been due to very poor communication from dealer to customer. A letter of complaint will be heading their way believe me.

From a livid customer

Motorhome Fun

Hi reference marquis motorhomes i had the same proplems with them this time last year once they have had your money you will wait months to get your repairs done only if you do all the chasing customer service is a waste of time the good news is collins/lowdhams of padworth was bought out last week by webbs motorhomes of warminster a family run setup good quiltey motorhomes and good stocked shop.

Motorhome Fun

It would appear that this is a national service level and not isolated to the Cheively branch. Having spoken to a few other disgruntled customers I would conclude that the problem is down to their Head Office staff who seem to set the service levels. We have spoken to a Alan Doherty (Aftercare Manager) who I have to say is more interested in his own ego than in rectifying the problems that HIS STAFF caused.

My advise would be that you avoid Marquis like Swine Flu, if you really do have to purchase from them then remember, if you have a problem with a new car and it needed a 8 week repair on delivery the manufacturer would replace your car with a new car. After 5 months all Marquis say is that they have a policy of NOT refunding.

IF you really do have to buy from Marquis then I would suggest that you fully inspect the vehicle, inspect the paperwork, drive the vehicle and preferably for a few hours. Don't part with a penny before you ahve physically seen the vehicle and its specification. Don't be fobbed off with having to leave a deposit, there are plenty of other dealers out there and one should have the vehicle you want in stock.

ONCE YOU PART WITH YOUR CASH THEY HAVE YOU HOOKED and trust me, thats where any customer service ENDS! Aftercare is a joke! Service quality is a joke.

In closing I would say this, as a General Manager withing a major car dealer group, I would sack Mr Doherty if I heard him talk to one of my customers the way he feels he can speak to Marquis customers.

As for the new management at Collins Caravans, I have noticed the change and I think if they have a degree of customer care skills, they will have a very sucessfull operation and I wish them all the best!

Motorhome Fun

IF you really do have to buy from Marquis then I would suggest that you fully inspect the vehicle, inspect the paperwork, drive the vehicle and preferably for a few hours. Don't part with a penny before you ahve physically seen the vehicle and its specification. Don't be fobbed off with having to leave a deposit, there are plenty of other dealers out there and one should have the vehicle you want in stock.

ONCE YOU PART WITH YOUR CASH THEY HAVE YOU HOOKED and trust me, thats where any customer service ENDS! Aftercare is a joke! Service quality is a joke.

And there lies the answer. Easy enough to get caught up in the exitement of buying a new motorhome and naturally you want nothing more than to take possesion and hit the road, but there must always be the obligation on the part of the buyer to fully inspect and be satisfied that everything is in good working order before any money is paid over and that van leaves the forecourt.

The majority of motorhomes bought will prove to be trouble free and 'fit for use', but with price tags running into the tens of thousands that van really has to be spot on before we commit ourselves to taking ownership.


Dead right, we bought a van that had been used as a demonstrator, small problems, nightmare to solve. Sales reps will tell you that they are part of the Autosleeper group, so faults and repairs fixed quickly. Don't you believe it. Communication from both was C!!!. And they could tell a straight story, if their lives depended on it.


ought one from them never again.


I have a twin camera fitted by Marquis in Tewkesbury on a new van 20 months ago. Unfortunately, I have a failure in one of the cables .... (checked by swapping out etc).

Note: two cameras = 2 cables but will discuss just one of them.

The cable has a 3.5mm Jack socket to the rear of the van which the camera lead/s (fitted with a 3.5mm Plug) plug into. The cable then has some form of filter moulded on it before passes through the van etc to a 4 din mini where it enters a block along with the cable from the other camera, before emerging as a single cable to the clip on screen fitted to the mirror.

Marquis as per usual have been poor with their service declaring its over a year old and the warranty has run out and you need an entire new setup ...... this just for a cable fault!!!.

My question is does anyone have a similar setup (2013 van) and do they know where they bought it from, as Marquis don't know where they got it from even though the likelihood is the manufacturer probably offers 2 year warranty as many do. I have searched and searched but with no success.

AS an aside they we equally unhelpful when the electric step motor failed and the step would not come out and wanted a min of £36 +vat to look at it to see it it was warranty claim. I got a motor from H Bowers for 28.75 +vat (see my post Thule V10 Step) and fitted it myself (even checking the aligment of the gears before fitting) in 22 mins!!!
This are just two instances of a very poor service from Marquis since I bought the vehicle, so I'd never give them the pleasure of selling me a van again.


Have emailed Marquis and they have replied saying they cannot do anything. So now its off to see what my position is .... Need to contact small claims court or something like that - not sure who as it is a first for me!


My experiences with Marquis Tewkesbury have all been less than successful, even when trying to buy a new motorhome from them. When I called in to discuss a prospective purchase all the more senior salesmen were unavailable, so the receptionist said I could have a chat with the "numpty", who turned out to be an apprentice salesperson and knew nothing about the van I was interested in. What a strange way to describe your own staff.


I find Marquis a waste of time. I had a set of windscreen blinds supplied and fitted by them (around £800.00) when I came to use them the first time found they had been fitted wrongly. I was away so emailed them twice, no reply in the end on the phone, kicked up sh.t big style. they put it right, just about. Workmanship was cr.p. Came to habitation check after first year of ownership, thought in warranty will take it to them for check. Told me £60 per hour, takes 3 hours, thought okay.....Total bill......£220 oh yea plus VAT. I will be after a brand new one in four years time, Marquis......no chance.


Part of the problem,which will be eliminated tomorrow is that the MH had batteries of unknown age and quality. The solar panels fitted previously kept the batteries fully charged. We have had the MH only since June and clearly this is our first winter and the first time the MH has remained unused for about 2 months now.The solar system did perform really well but there are/were so many system unknowns and erroneous advice from Marquis,


Had a look at the 201, I thought Marquis were taking the piss though with my trade in van as they wanted me to sign for the 201 without giving me an agreed trade in price. The 201 is really nice and I thought well made, but the table was far too large for the Van and the shower curtain a complete waste of time and weight! The coach work I particularly liked and the solid construction of the plastic shell.


We bought our van second hand from Marquis (not a brand they normally deal in, but it was a trade-in and at an excellent price) and although there was nothing specific wrong, I certainly wouldn't be in a rush to buy from them again. We haven't had a reason to use the warranty, but as we took it somewhere else for a hab check and somewhere else for engine service, I'm not convinced they'd honour it anyway.


We went for the Majestic 105 The reason we went for the dealer special rather than the Elddis Accordo version were all the extras, most of which we probably would have retro fitted anyway at a greater cost.

The main thing was the uprated engine to 150BHP. Nothing is any problem to it.

We did have some minor niggles from new like locker catches not catching through being fitted incorrectly and a piece of split wood due to screws being screwed in without pilot holes. Other things were a falt in the drivers seat cover and various screws being over tightened so that they didn't hold so that the bed box hinges were permanently loose. The Elddis fitters must have had an off day and quality control must have been on strike.

It took me 6 months to get Marquis to try and sort things out. Once again the Marquis fitters did not impress me and I was having to push them all the time.

I am just glad that they were only minor faults and having said all that we now love the van.


Yes it is absolutely great now it is sorted and to put it into perspective I have heard of all sorts of much worse faults on much more expensive vans than ours.

Having said that I have found a much more local Peugeot dealer and Elddis approved service centre to do any future servicing.

For one thing it is a lot cheaper than Marquis and the second thing is that I would not trust Marquis technicians again.


Hi David and Barbara

In July we bought a 2013 majestic 175 from marquis. It had done just under 3,00 miles. It was 40th anniversary edition with extras.

We found marquis after sales poor and wouldn't buy from them again. There were a few niggles but then at August bank holiday weekend the big Heki leaked badly causing staining to ceiling. Long story short - we had to have new ceiling panels and replaced heki. They told us they would fix all other niggles at same time But they didn't. They had the MH for 4 weeks and only did the ceiling and heki. They never return phone calls we had to keep chasing them. They have now said they will do the other little jobs if we care to make a date to take it to them.

Having said all that we love the MH. We love the huge fridge and freezer, the layout, big end bathroom. We have had caravans since 1985 and decided to change to a MH - very pleased with our Majestic. Looking forward to travelling around in France in it as well as this country.


Marquis were difficult to deal with re a px and getting a final price for a trade in, and were insisting on all sorts of tests other dealers had never asked for. They also had an unhelpful attitude towards some conversions I wanted and that put me off them.

had things been different with marquis I would have bought the 201 as its the best specced for a long range off grid jaunt, and junked the table and shower screen immediately and replaced them with something lighter and better and freed up loads of space in the lounge with a simple removable table.


Tried to buy a Hymer from their Preston branch but the salesman was far too pushy for my taste, very much felt like he was on commision only so I walked away


We went to them in Sept, said they would call us on the Monday. Still waiting to hear from them.


I got my van from Marquis a couple of years ago. They fixed the failed step under warranty without any problems but were so utterly hopeless at providing the missing carpets that I simply gave up and had some made. It was cheaper than going back to them.


We used Marquis Ipswich for after sales warranty work, which was good. We then used them for a habitation check, and they blew up the leisure battery!!


I bought a skirt rail off the Preston/Riversway branch 4 mts in length two workshops and none would either cut or lend me an hacksaw for a minute, service none told me they didn't have one, my fridge broke first thing they asked what make of MH when it was something they didn't sell said it would be 3 months before they could look at it , standard Thetford fridge, won't be going again. Pete


They must be very different from the Southampton (Lower Upham) branch then.

Wouldn't trust that branch to fix or even sell me a wheelbarrow.


Don't bother with Marquis!


Hi has anyone had dealings with Marquis? I bought an Autosleeper van conversion from them last year with a "full warranty" and am now being told a leaking door seal is excluded, I can not find seals in the excluded section. Has anyone else had a problem with them? I found the company very difficult to deal with even when it came to paying, but the staff are all very good, so I am not sure about the company at all. Any help would be welcome.


we brought our first brand new van from Marquis, and the problems getting them to honour warranty work, within weeks of purchase put us off buying new again. In the end we sold the swift on at under a year old and 3000 miles with faults still there to a couple who were legal proffessionals and they took over dealing with Swift and Marquis

I would never recomend them to anyone as a business. Some decent staff members, but the management are awful


Bought one van from them NEVER again:Angry:


We bought a new swift kontiki 669 got fobbed of on late deilivery extras were not fitted as promised they left tools and screws laying in one of the beds put scratches on the front bumper. Every time I went back their attitude got worse our bathroom door kept opening whilst driving they wanted to fit a plastic bracket on the outside I just laughed at them and told them they must be joking the whole experience was one of the worst we have been through I sorted the problems myself and vowed never to return they have no respect for their customers and know nothing about customer service just want your money you don't survive in this economic climate treating customers this way :Angry:

After buying my first van from Marquis at Lower Upham (Southampton) I wouldn't buy a wheelbarrow from them.

IMO Untrustworthy, deceitful, unprofessional and dishonourable.


This is or second van from MARQUIS and even though they have done the warranty work each time we have had out back there has been some aspect of the work that hasn't been done, for example I told them about a sink top lifting in September, they wanted to see it so travelled to them so they could inspect out themselves, I had already sent them pictures, they found damp behind cooker so told us that this would have to be done even though it had passed a hab test by themselves, 6 months earlier.

They said whole kitchen needed taking out and rebourded, fact its they just boarded behind kitchen whet you can see and didn't do the sink and they lied to us that we hasn't even reported the sink tip so we have to wait again for that to be ordered from swift.I reminded him that I had sent him pictures of the sink to which he looked blank and said they he would order the sink top for us, after about half an hour he came back into waiting room and apologised to us and said he remembered now but had forgotten to write it on the work sheet at the time

we have had a lot of dealings with MARQUIS over the last three years we have owned this van over numerous branches but I have found the staff to be pleasant in our dealings with them but the workmanship leaves a lot to be desired.


My dealings with Marquis was the absolute pits, dealing with the so called CEO will be a complete waste of time as well. For me to explain my experience would take to long but all I can say is my solicitor sorted them out with one phone call. I would NEVER EVER think of doing a deal with them no matter what. Most third party warranties aren't worth the paper they are printed on. I would like to know how you define abuse where a door seal is concerned, is it based on the amount of times that you open and close the door?


I have had a few dealing with Marquis Plymouth and have to say they were excellent :thumb
:(Bar for one idiot) :Eeek:

No names but I went to have a repair done to the hab door at A/S Broadway last March on our way home.

It was Friday 13, the Service Manager was on hols and the "front of house" Manager was probably the rudest man :Angry:I have ever come across in the M/H world. He refused to answer my questions, and when I inspected the door I found a screw a bit loose. When I asked him to have it tightened, he slammed the door. found a fitter who did it in 2 seconds and stormed off to his office.

I wrote to their Customer Services and had an apology and he was removed to a back office as this wasn't the first time he had acted this way.

Sadly there will always be people in all walks off life who are incompetant and rude


We then bought an Autocruise Startrail from Marquis Northampton and it was a nightmare from the start. We only had it a couple weeks before the 12 volt electrics failed. The problems we encountered are all on the forum, which was very helpful (especially Jim) in sorting everything out and eventually - after they had the motorhome for 13 weeks ! - we received it back and traded it in a few months later for a new Bentley Oulton!!


We have had our Autocruise Oakmont for a year, it has been back to Marquis 5 times for varous reasons ranging from them having fitted the towbar too low, the step stopped working the habitation door doesnt fit and an ongoing issue with the shower door which having been identified as a problem when we ordered the MH in October 2011 marquis have apparently received 3 new doors from Swift all of them being wrong.

Motorhome went back to marquis again this week to have its first year habitation service, new shower door fitted and hab door adjusted and once again we have been told that the shower door received is stil the wrong one and that the hab door cannot be adjusted and a new one will need to be ordered (why they didnt admit this when we first reported the fault with the door i dont know)
I feel like we are being fobbed off all the time and have finally run out of patience, just not sure what to do. :shout:


Now THERE is a surprise... Jeez, Is there a WORSE company out there for customer care ?

They make eBay customer service look great !!! :Angry


Hi, sorry to hear you are having problems with Marquis, we look at buying a motorhome from them but they talked themselves out of a sale didn`t like the attitude or set-up.

Personally if I was you I would just leave the motorhome and the keys with them, better if you park it across their gate and keep the keys stating when it`s fixed I`ll come and pick it up.

This "We have your money and couldn`t care less attitude" from dealers is nothing less than disgraceful. the majority of them have the Morals of Alley Cats.


I'm afraid that you are in for a very tough uphill struggle with Marquis. I hope you have the patience of a saint, the strength of a bull elephant and the courage of a lion.

Marquis has a terrible reputation for aftersales and will lie and procrastinate for ever rather than give you the service to which you are justly entitled to.

There are 2 very unhappy customers on the 'other side' going through a much worse experience than you and have been for over a year.

I had just a mild :Sad: experience with their Southampton (Lower Upham) branch which was enough to put me off for life.

One incident says it all....water ingress from a window frame......"no problem sir we have a spare at another branch". ...."we didn't have a replacement after all but we have resealed it". No they didn't, they plastered black gunk round it and painted (!) the silver frame black, which all peeled off within a fortnight.

You have my deepest sympathy.


Yep same motorhome, and i stand by my original post, i love my motorhome, it is the service from Marquis i am fed up with, what started as niggles being sorted out have turned into ongoing issues. letter written and sent to director today, will await outcome.


Popped into Marquis Motorhomes to buy a rear number plate, had my V5 and my photocard driving license at the ready..

Asked the girl in reception if they made plates, to which she replied, yes, but you need your V5 and your PASSPORT .. I said, why, I have my driving license, why a passport ?

Off she went to see the boss, so I followed and popped my head into his office.. yes he said, you need a passport AND your MOT and insurance ..

Again, I asked why .. but no amount of asking for an explanation produced a sensible answer.. finally I said FINE .. thanks for your help .. not.. :RollEyes:

So, off I went to Halfrauds, and they asked for the V5 and photo ID.. so I asked about the fiasco at Marquis .. the girl said that was a load of nonsense, the online form they fill in has all the vehicle details, keeper, MOT and insurance, so all they need is a photo ID (driving license is best ) with your address..

So what was all that about at Marquis ??


All that has happened here is Marquis have made a mistake, and lets face it they are very very good

at making mistakes.


Yes don't be put off by Marquis, they seem to be consumate time wasters when it comes to buying second hand vans or trade ins.


Bought our motorhome last November, 3 year warranty, mentioned to the company that it seemed to have a slight list towards the passenger side but nothing major, they eventually suggested, after being told umpteen times to bring it in but then never looking at it, to take it to our local garage and get them to look at it and provide a quote for warranty, it actually turned out to be a weak spring which they said was no big issue and can be replaced further down the line.

This however has opened a huge can of worms!!

On looking for the spring issue, the garage has discovered holes beneath the wheel arch on both sides which he has said will be an MOT failure and it shouldn't have passed last year!!? 2 weeks later our MOT has failed and now we are sat with an unusable van :cry:

Marquis has requested a quote for the repair as they initially said "well if we have missed it then we should be held partly responsible", my garage said they were unable to provide quote as they have realised the job is too big for them to do, marquis has insisted on an estimate to get the ball rolling with a potential claim through the warranty company (which I don't think it will cover) and requested that the garage over estimate it to cover all costs.

This has come in at £2800!!!!!!!!

Now marquis are jumping up and down and said they have to discuss with directors and we just have to wait, as they now are saying that it's the MOT company problem (which they sorted) and trying to bounce it back to us. We know that the MOT company cannot be held responsible as there is only a three month window to claim.


With the amount you paid for it I personally would be hounding Marquis for money back.

How long did they have it in stock?
Has vehicle been submerged due to flooding? (Lots have)


So today I went to my local dealers (Marquis) just having a look around, the strangest thing happened, I wasn't approached by a single salesperson, didn't even see a salesperson. Is this normal??


The one and only time we went to our local Marquis, I'm convinced they took one look at our battered old car, and decided we wouldn't be able to afford anything. They never stepped out of the office! Needless to say we've never been back!


In a nutshell, no Ruth but Marquis (De Sade) had a large number of 'sales executives' at the NEC so the chances are the 'A'Team were on leave post NEC . In my opinion you were lucky, but then I am a bitter and twisted former Marquis dupe/ customer/sucker/mark/gullible git/ enter terminology of choice here.


I have wandered around Marquis Tewkesbury three times now without seeing a salesman once........

Went to their open day on Friday to see the new Benimars they had said would be there. They were not there so it was a wasted journey (we were looking for motorhomes with a garage and they didn't have a single one on show), but we did get one of their goody bags, which was nice. However, apart from a pencil, a pen and a pad, all that was in there was a tax disc holder. This years must have! (not).


Our only experience of Marquis was at the NEC Show & one salesman knew the basics about the product but another didn't even know that Benimar are part of the Trigano group (again like Chausson) even though that was the opening sentence in the brochures on their stand!


Marquis were difficult to deal with re a px and getting a final price and had an unhelpful attitude towards some conversions I needed and that put me off them.

I have put a deposit on a T132 instead, but had things been different with marquis I would have bought the 201 as its the best specced for a long range off grid jaunt, and junked the table and shower screen immediately and replaced them with something ligher and better and freed up loads of space in the lounge with a simple removable table


Hi Mousy, we got our van from Marquis. Tried them first, just for an idea of price, and after several phone calls to them they promised to ring back several times but never did. gave up on them then.


Shame on Marquis for the lack of consideration and attention to their customers, hopefully they might happen on this, or one of us who knows them can let them know how bad they look


We bought our 1st motorhome a Swift Sundance from Marquis 7 years ago and they were fairly helpfull in sorting out the many problems we had, although they never did sort out the electrical problems.However we had a habitation service and damp check done by them when the van was 2 years old and six weeks later we decided to exchange it for a Rapido. The Rapido dealer checked for damp and found extensive damp in the rear and in the front of the luton, although this was remedied under warranty I would not trust them again for any service work


Thanks to everyone for your replies. I have emailed Marquis and am waiting for a reply. When this is resolved I will let everyone know how it went. I am thinking of reporting them to trading standards, or even paying for the repair then suing in the small claims court


The manager told my wife that he thought we may have damaged it ourselves. The camper had to go to a local garage for a minor bump and they sorted it out FOC

I now take the camper to them for service and have told Marquis they will not get 1 more penny out of me


Out and About Motorhome Matters

Has anybody any experience of dealing with this company?? I have now been waiting for some action 6 days after having correctly submitted a claim, following 5 telephone calls each time an average of 20minutes on hold, lots of promises to phone back in 10 minutes which actually happened at 5.30pm the following day. A patient local garage to me is now waiting for somebody to come and inspect the problem on the motorhome. My Auto-Sleeper Windsor was bought from Marquis in Preston in April 2010, has done 6.000miles since then, has had all the correct habitation/service etc carried out,so no reason to not get job sorted, why do they make life so difficult?? It needs a replacement control unit(the one inside the wardrobe) also a replacement pump to the Thetford toilet, Preston is quite a lot of gallons of diesal away from Penrith in Cumbria, although Marquis Service Preston does not seem too interested. Anybody any suggestions or does anybody know the CEO of Auto Marq?????



i two have bought 5 used vans from marquis Poole in the past  ive now got a auto trail cheyenne,on a mercedes sprinter chassis.  its developed a fault,and i cant get it started,so cant take it to them they have told me they cant recover it,as they have now way of doing so if i get it recovered i have to pay for it.the problem started a month back,it would start,then cut out and would take ages to start.once i finally got it going it was ok. but if i left it for a day it did the same thing.

now it wont start at all. i cant use it or move it with out incurring costs. its only done less than 1,000miles since i got it back in September 2012 its covered by the automarq,but they don't seem interested to try and sort it... does any one know MR crouches contact number ive tried before to call him but hes never at the head office

does anyone know what else i can do ???


Have to agree Marquis Preston have taken a leaf out of Brownfools book, at the middle of November last year I took my van into them for some minor body work to be carried out, went to collect it a week later and when inspecting the work it had originally gone in for I noticed more damage on the offside panel, when I pointed this out to the manager he said he was unaware of this and it looked like someone driving a blue car must have run into it on the car park and ripped the chrome trim off, found this hard to believe as the traces of blue paint remaining on the damaged panel are an exact match to the paint on the workshop door pillars, it looked to me as if some dip stick had tried to reverse it into the workshop and clipped the concrete door pillar then cleared off hoping no one would notice, the workshop manager agreed to repair damage FOC but would have to order the chrome trim and would give me a ring as soon as it was in stock, a month later I was still waiting for the phone call so I rang him only to be told that the part had not arrived yet and as it's coming up to Christmas he was not hopeful of it arriving until the week after christmas, 2 weeks after Christmas I rang him again, part has still not arrived but will give me a ring as soon as it does, it's now 26th March and I am still waiting for a phone call, going away for a few days over Easter but will go in and stir the sh one t up when I get back.


That one firm I would not touch again witha barge pole.

We bought our first new M/home of them, once we had signed the Cheque they were not interested in anything after that. We had 2 problems both took 6 months to fix. One of the problems they told me they had no evidence of me ever telling them about the problem, yet they were the ones that diagnosed the issue. The only way I got the work done under warrenty was to tell them that I would go to the factory and get the parts.

A friend had similar problems, between several of my friends and myself we could write a book about them.


A friend of mine had problems, well lots of them, and eventually got so fed up with the response from Marquis that he detailed the whole sorry story and sent it to the MD plus a copy to the Marquis branch involved and stated that should they allow the situation to continue without resolve then he intended to publish the E-mail contents on all of the motorhome forums to which he belonged.

He was of course concerned with his own situation, but would not want others to suffer through ignorance of life in certain quarters.

The problems were then resolved, one hopes because the MD was unaware of the situation and not because of the effects of bad publicity. After all one lost sale could amount to a large amount of profit being lost.

No idea what the Auto Marq warranty covers or who is responsible.


None of this adverse publicity about this company surprises me one bit.


Suprised no one has mentioned Sale of Goods act or Trading Standards yet.........I would be thumping someones desk pretty hard by now..........


s this man Mike Crouch the same person that was high up in the ranks and worked for the company SEA and traded out of Worcester or somewhere near there.

If so then I would not have very much confidence in him he is a wast of time when I had a problem with my motorhome A SEA Sharky he tried to deny every problem that I had and tried to backtrack on everything that I asked him and had to go to court for almost five years,

I finally won but it may have been sorted much sooner if he had told the truth in the beginning.

I would love to meet him and tell him just what I think of him the two faced git.

If he is not the same person responsible for my demise then I apologize


So sorry to hear of others with marquis problems, I thought it was just me.

We have been waiting 11 months for the Upham (Hampshire) branch to repair faults on our van, some on there from new. As someone said once they have the money they really don't care.

As a last resort we tried the rejection route and they said they would make it as difficult and expensive for us as they could. The law needs changing, these people have made our life hell since we bought the van. We also have had damage. I have no confidence they will ever repair it!!

Best of luck to you all and your problems get resolved!


The whole customer service ethos and staff attitudes in general seem to have changed for the worse at Marquis over the years and they have, in my estimation, gone from a company that I knew and trusted for fairness and efforts to keep customers happy, to a company that I would no longer feel happy dealing with - so we have not in recent years as, in my view, they now reside in the lower ranks along with a couple of other firms who are also generally well known on this forum for attitude problems and poor customer service.


Until retiring I owned a distribution company covering the whole of South East England for international companies so was well used to dealing with hundreds of suppliers and customers alike. Without doubt Marquis is the worst company I have ever had to deal with.


 have a majestic 135 picked it up new in march. Problems we had so far have been incorrect front table fitted. New correct one supplied 6 months later.seat bases in rear that make the bed up have rubbed through on the metal slides .bases have just gone in today for repair, been waiting since june to get them sorted. Instrument cluster warning lightsfor air bag and door ajar glow dim, new cluster fitted by Peugeot cured that. Auto watch alarm supplied with van was constantly going off was in marquis for 6 weeks they couldn't sort it . Sorted it my self found bonnet trigger switch was touching under side of soft sound proofing under bonnet. So when bonnet was shut switch wasnt releasing when sound proofing was squashed. We charge leisure battery ever 2 weeks. And van battery .


Ps forgot to mention fresh water gauge didnt read correctly found it had not been calibrated at pdi. Adjusted it my self by the grub srew on the printed ciruit working spot on now. Also found waste water pipe from shower was nit connected to drain on shower tray. All in all between elddis and marquis they have built and supplied an over priced poorly built motor home and been none to helpful to fix it , guess which manufacturer and supplier I won't be buying from again .



I know we have had a lot of rain in recent weeks/months, so I have been checking the van with a proper damp meter.

even though a dehydrator has been in frequent use in the van, yesterdays weekly check showed up to 30 percent in the same area as had been twice "fixed" by Marquis. Most recent return from the fixer was mid november.

having fallen out with them , I decide to investigate myself today.

I checked behind the Fridge, by removing the upper vent.

reading just inside the vent below the opening was 30 percent, and above a lot lower.

I have today replaced the vent and resealed around the aperature, and the blowere heater is now opsitioned to attempt drying out once again.

I donthave any faith that the dealer checked properly, on either occasion, hence my own investigation

Hopefully I have now foundand fixed the offending leak.


Hi folks, having had damp problems, allegedly fixed by marquis before purchase, and second attempt this year by them again sadly disputed under warranty(long sad tale), I have now and for last 2 weeks put a dehydrator in the van permanently running. Each day checked how much water in tank, and nearly always the little tank was close to full. It holds about 1 litre.

today, I have plumbed in a short hose and run it down into and through the fresh water tank to drain away continually. This is because when the little tank is full, the dehydrator stops and waits for it to be emptied.

all cupboards etc are left open in the van, and soft furnishings are stored in house

I hope that this will help prevent any further problems..

according to marquis, the wet was getting in through the cable entry through the floor front nearside just behind front wheel. And possibly through the nearside locker fixings.

they say that it has all been resealed in relevant places..

I hope they have repaired it properly this time.


Thank you for the info. More or less go past their repair centre so will call in. Actually bought the van from Marquis but not that outlet. Not very happy with them in the past but hopefully new staff now


Marquis sort it out ..... you`ll be lucky ......lol .....I hope for your sake they are nothing like the branch

near me. It`ll come out worse than it went in.


above sounds about right. Any time now this thread will be pulled. The truth hurts


Hi, as a matter of interest, the much vaunted 3 year warranty offer on vans from Marquis, are fine in first year, but fall to 1000 pounds in second year, and 500 pounds limit in 3rd year..


my cobra alarm is rubbish, fitted when new by a marquis sub contarctor, alarm reverses often, the ulta sonic is poor would not get one again wish i had paid extra and used vanbiz and not listened to marquis salesman at time of purchase. This was 5 years ago so may have improved.



If Marquis had dumped cheap and nasty tyres on me I would be straight on the phone or email to their head office to complain politely but loudly, not forgetting to mention the forum!


I have bough several vans from various Marquis branches over the years but we had a bad experience, funnily enough also with the Ipswich branch, a couple of years ago when we agreed a stonking deal at a show.

Fortunately, knowing what an issue alleged damp can be, I agreed that they would damp check our van before delivery and of course they found it had 'extensive' damp that was going to cost over £3000 to put right. Funny that because the two other dealers that checked the van found it to be exceptionally dry - even on wet days.
That and the attitude of the then branch staff plus the lack of interest in resolving the deal by head office decided us to cancel the deal and we have not been back.

Having heard of other dis-satisfied customers leads me to believe that Marquis is now run by accountants who see only the theoretical bottom line and take no account of the power of advertising and referrals from satisfied customers.

So don't stand for being ripped off - get after them for the decent set of tyres that you are entitled to, and do please let us all know how you get on!


I'm thinking of getting in touch with BBC Watchdog or Don't Get Don get Dom programs to see if they can assist in any way?? Even though the programs are not being aired at the moment they may be filming for the next series.

I can't expect another dealer to clean up the dirt that marquis have left and marquis say Swift will not repair the roof lining or bathroom door so perhaps another dealer can't help. There are still a couple of issues still not done that should be under guarantee though!!

It may have to be court but against Swift or the marquis?


Bought a pre- reg. van Bessacarr E495 last July and have had nothing but problems with it from the start. The day we collected a light fitting was missing in the bathroom, interior mirror not fitted and other little jobs not done. We took the van and have used it three times in the year each holiday cut short due to something going wrong. The dealer has had it back lots of times, all documented, and has failed to fix the faults, some of which were on the van when we purchased it others seem to crop up as we use it. They have damaged the van, small dents in the bodywork and a dent on the inside of habitation door, also broke the nearside mirror glass but didn't admit to it until I pointed it out when collecting the van.

The "manager" said he would sort it all out so we gave him a list and then never heard back from him. Left it a couple of weeks and took a letter in saying a week to reply and a month to fix or we reject it. They phoned and said bring it in on 16th of June for THREE DAYS!!! and we will fix it all. Three days past heard nothing, 7 days later get an update, "the part we ordered for the fire didn't fix it so will order another part that will be here tomorrow". They have just phoned today, 7 days too late to say the van is fixed but are disputing the damage at this late stage. Now they have gone past the deadline, what do we do?? Anyone been through this? I hope no one else has to, it's realy taken the edge off the new van and put me off motor-homing altogether!


Colin sorry to hear that the problems are still ongoing. If you haven't already now is the time to start a paper trail, with a letter, could be e-mail, to the managing director at Marquis.

Lay out what your problems are, what the workshop has claimed to do and hasn't especially the tracker evidence. Give that person a reasonable time to reply,10-14 days, with the promise of small claims court action, not a threat, if he one doesn't reply. Similarly time to physically solve the issues to your satisfaction. Finally if no agreement can be reached follow through on your promise.


Just phoned Swift to see where I stood with warranty and the lady was quite concerned about what has been going on. She went on to tell that marquis have put in a warranty claim in for the habitation door, very naughty marquis, it is not faulty it is DAMAGED. Now I do want the motorhome fixed but I am an honest person and think that he who damages should pay not everyone else through Swifts loss of profits!!

Swift want me to send all documentation to them to see if they can help, but unless they get a proper engineer down here I don't see how they can.

Oh I did ask and marquis IS an approved dealer for Swift!

Just checked my emails and there is one from marquis this morning saying habitation door on order, but surly they new that when they told me they weren't going to repair it.

Thank you AliB, why could't I find that, must admit I've been looking for a head office phone number but marquis at Upham tell me they are the head office?


marquis said they wont change PSU because if they send it back and it isn't faulty Sargent will charge them for the unit. Sargent & Swift say that is not true, they don't pay for the unit but don't get their labour for fitting it. So marquis arguing over a £15 labour bill against nearly £43k of motorhome? Sargent are brilliant, I said I could fit it and he said they would post it direct to me but I think with all the other problems I shouldn't get involved.

"manager" from marquis calls me to say my van is ready for collection, I say is it repaired, he said yes, but earlier you told me you have ordered a door? so it's not ready is it? He then went on to say that if I wanted everything done before I take it back it would be another 2 months, of coarse that's nothing compared to what we have waited already. He said the van was repaired enough for us to use, even with the non existent electrical fault, and wasn't going to keep it there on his forecourt and said he would drive it over and put it on our drive!!

Swift tell me they haven't got involved yet but for some reason things are starting to move. it may be @colin0456 but he says not and what I am writing on the social media is slander, I told him I am just telly my true story, if it's slanderous then get your legal team to contact me!!


He said it does not matter what I do you will never be happy. He is probably correct, we have lost our enthusiasm for the van and our enthusiasm for motor-homing, they have caused that, I said you are about 9 months too late trying to fix it to make us happy. We will be satisfied with a complete repair but will we ever be happy with that van, only time will tell. It's really not the vans fault the faults are not that major just their inability to fix minor problems. It leaves a sour taste, I hope it will go off.

Still we haven't got the van back yet!!!


No I have not asked, they said they would keep me informed of the progress and it would go for body repairs on the 28th. I do know on the 28th it was driven to Bishops Walthem and then over to Middle Wallop, presumably to have the body work done. It returned to Upham on 30th where it remains. I was told that even if the door had not been replaced, hadn't been delivered, I would have to remove the van from their premises as they would not "store" it for me.I had a letter saying the van was fully functional but that I had" declined the opportunity to collect the van in preference to allowing us to store your motorhome on your behalf"

I was away on holiday, without a motorhome, when this letter came, the holiday already booked because we didn't think they could repair it in time. Also in the letter it states I will have to sign to say everything's okay before we have time to test it!

The letter to the MD brought another letter, whilst away, from the "group aftercare manager" that was the man who said they weren't going to repair the damage even though we had an email from them saying they would!!!!

He say's that the "request to receive a full refund is wholly disproportionate to the issues raised and therefore declined" I written again to the MD to ask how many months/years would we have to wait for repairs before a refund would be appropriate.

It's such a long story and I'm going to learn how to do a blog, I just feel it's important to let people know not to make the same mistake that we have made.


Hi Chris, thank you very much for your concern, it is now getting me down, very much, and starting to get angry and that knotted feeling but not really affecting my sleep, I do stay up late.

I would never ever do a deal with marquis over anything, I would rather scrap the van, if they were the last dealer on earth they will never get my, my family, friends or work colleges business ever.


That would be for Marquis to start legal action, and if Colin has a good paper and email trail then what's he got to lose. Why haven't they started proceedings already, are they afraid they will lose. Trading Standards have given their verdict. My solicitor gives the first half hour free, I'd think about going there next.


I do agree though, that life is too short.....and marquis seems to be making it shorter for Colin. Just another point pepe, if colin had started to do these simple jobs....how would it affect the warranty on the van if they became aware that he had done work on it


We went to collect our van on Monday; I said I would like to check it over before signing for it so we were taken into the van by one of the managers.

Now, before I go on, I have been told that I only post negative comments on here so I must say how absolutely delighted we are that marquis has given us 3/4 of a tank of fuel, a first service and a habitation check, also they have repaired all the dents that have mysteriously appeared in the van as compensation for the 12 months of not been able to repair the van. Oh, and also a FREE valet!!!!! Wonderful!!

So, we went into the van, I turned right and stood by the bathroom door and the manager stood in the entrance and said "have a look around, any problems come back in to me" I said I hope there aren't any problems, I then went to open the bathroom door and he said, "Ah, we have a problem with that, Swift will not pay for the door to be replaced as the seal has been left 'puckered up' and has gone out of shape,” I said yes it has been like it from when we first saw the van at the show, so I said the van isn't fully repaired then? I asked him to go and we will go through our list. I next went to the rear window where they had fitted a new seal, there was still the rubber from the old seal stuck on the window, not cleaned off… what will this do to the new seal? Will it seal correctly?

I next went to one of the other windows, which also had a new seal this was the same. Then went to the crack we have in the over cab bed liner, I couldn't see the crack (oh, and by this time I was videoing everything) so I rubbed my thumb over the edge of liner and a piece of silicon, or something like it, fell off to reveal the crack that they had tried to hide. I then noticed that the rear window blind and fly screen were still dirty with fingerprints from their, I can't say engineers or repair people, men from a previous repair which we had listed to be cleaned. This was after our FREE valet which we are so grateful for. I asked for the other "manager" to come and have a look and he said "it's only a minor problem and I'll get my valet team up to clean it off now" I refused, I think we have wasted enough time with this inept company. He couldn't seem to understand why we were annoyed after having waited 12 months, and it's still not fixed or even cleaned after their working on it.

I do blame Swift though, not because of the faults with the van but because this is their face to the public, their dealer network, I know nothing will happen because I'm sure marquis sell a lot of vans for Swift.

I was also told that Swift will not replace the over cab bed roof liner for such a small crack and he said it won't crack any more than it has. I suppose I should leave it and if it gets worse out of guarantee I can pay for this repair myself, that'l be good. Trying to attach picture of crack, and I admit it is small but where will it go from there, don't think silicon will help Ha Ha!!


Hi,we bought two motor homes from Spinney,they are simply excellent before,during &after the sale,very honestl & helpfull in every way. We didn't buy our third van from them because we wanted a Continental Adria Coral, wish we had as the third dealership was terrible.we also looked at Autosleepers,excellent we think but from our experience we wouldn't go within a mile of Marquis side of business.