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Arriving in Greece Winter 2017 PDF Printable Version E-mail

Arriving in Greece for the Winter of 2017

Barry and Margaret Williamson
December 2017

We moved into our 2-room, en-suite, sea-view apartment in Finikounda last week at the end of a 6,215-mile (9,950-km), 15-country, 4-month motorhome journey from the UK. It was arranged on a handshake with local fisherman Kostas and we pay him the cash whenever we decide to leave. He lives here with his German partner, Iris, and their seven cats. Free cake for us yesterday, as it was Kostas's father's 97th birthday! 1.5 litres of free olive oil today, fresh from the family grove and the local mill! For more, we have to empty another water bottle.

The 10 a day hire car, a newish Nissan Pulsar (we ordered a Ford Focus), arrived after free delivery from Pylos about 14 miles away. It was driven by the head of the family business (Adonis Kassimiotis) and the deal was sealed by his daughter Aleftheria (= 'Freedom') with a gentle handshake, in contrast with that from the grizzled Kostas. The Greek rental form required only one signature and that on the car's bonnet out in the road. Again, we will pay cash when we decide to return the car.

This is where we belong! This is a country where the strictures and the competitiveness of capitalism just don't work because the people have knowingly rejected all the commensurate stress and lack of trust. They put their faith in the family. People in the UK are trapped in systems designed not for them, but by and for capitalism. They live in a simulation of reality with false hopes, exploited ambitions and the delusions of choice. Brexit is happening only because capitalism of its nature rejects its own regulation and demands limitless expansion.

The 'democratic will' of the 65 million 'British People' to leave the EU has been 'expressed' by 17 million (26%) of their least qualified and least well-informed members. So, the other 48 million had better get used to it. Or do something about it before it is too
late ...

2017: From the French Basque Country to the Southwest Corner of the Greek Peloponnese
Flamingos at Lake Kerkini: our first stop in northern Greece soon after leaving Bulgaria
 Laundry Day at ionion Beach: on our way south through the Greek Peloponnese
Finikounda: View of offshore islands from our apartment. Next Stop Libya!
Life goes on in the Hill Villages of the southern Greek Peloponnese
Having been given these oranges while cycling in the hills near Kaplani, Margaret began
making 12 jars of Marmalade. This made Paddington very happy!

Paddington (made in Huddersfield) is our travelling companion. He was rescued from one
of our aid trips when he refused to stay in a Romanian Orphanage. He wears a 
Russian Army hat and has a piece of the Berlin Wall, both collected when returning  
through Berlin in February 1990.