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Barry and Margaret Williamson

Updated December 2017

The following 78 motorhomers, cyclists and other long-distance, long-term travellers have written pieces for this website, sharing their experiences and ideas.

Please Contact Us if you would like to add your adventures to this list. We will be pleased to hear from you - words and images.

Name(Click on the Title)


Nick Andrew

Choosing the Right Touring Bike

After 14 years in Hong Kong, Nick Andrew returned to the UK determined to buy the best bicyle for fully-loaded touring. What did he choose? Read on! 

Brian Anderson

Brian's Wolds Challenge

Good friend and fellow cyclist Brian has completed the tough 146 miles in 2 days Yorkshire Wolds Challenge. Over 180 cyclists raised money for a charity based in the East Riding town of Malton where the ride started and finished.

Australian Couple

Motorhoming Bureaucracy

A mature and experienced Australian couple (anonymous for obvious reasons) give advice to their fellow countrymen planning to use the UK as a base for motorhoming in Europe.

Paul and Sheila Barker

Travels in a VW Camper 

Tweleve years of travels in their VW Campervan have given the Barkers a very detailed knowledge and understanding of 17 European countries, ranging from Greece to Norway. They avoid the tourist traps and focus in depth on what makes a country work at many levels. Above all, their skill with research, writing and photography enable all of us to learn from their journeys and their insights.
Maggie Bevis 

Fire in the Peloponnese 

Maggie writes of a motorhome journey through the Greek Peloponnese in the summer of 2007, describing fire, arson, bravery and destruction. Join us in sadness at this wanton loss. 
Maggie Bevis

From Yorkshire to Greece

In the summer of 2006, Maggie and husband Pete took their motorhome on its second major journey: from South Yorkshire to the Peloponnese, the southernmost part of the Greek mainland. Follow their illustrated daily account of this great journey. 

Maggie Bevis

From Yorkshire to Slovenia 

Maggie's detailed daily diary takes us from her home in South Yorkshire to Slovenia and back again in the summer of 2005. Essential reading for any Slovenia-bound motorhomer, it gives a fascinating insight into the life of the new breed of trans-European travellers!
Maggie Bevis

Maggie's Packing List

This is Maggie's comprehensive packing list for a long-term expedition by motorhome. What would you add? What would you leave at home? 

Maggie Bevis

The Western USA

A short journey travelling by car in the Western States of the USA.

Will Blanford

Journey through Albania 

This is Will's account of a journey in a 4WD vehicle through Albania from Montenegro to Greece, passing through Tirane. Will's failure to enter Macedonia is graphically described!

John & Jennie Briden

Camping in Istanbul

In their 2009 motorhome tour of Turkey,John and Jennie found a place for their Rapido in Istanbul's fishermans' quay car park, costing 20 YTL per 24 hours. It's only 15 minutes walk from the Blue Mosque.

Andy Clarke

Journey through Albania 

This is Andy's account of a motorhome journey through Albania from Macedonia to Montenegro and Croatia, passing through the capital, Tirane.

Diane & Neil Constable

Motorhoming in Greece

Diane and Neil describe a successful visit to the southern part of the Greek Peloponnese. They found what they were looking for and are bound to return.

June Coode

Barney & June in Hungary 2007 

Travelling in their Hymer motorhome, June and Barney take a route to Hungary through Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Their first email comes from a small lake between Lake Balaton and Budapest.

June Coode

Tour of Thailand 2007 

June and partner Barney Barnett have left their Hymer motorhome in Hampshire while they make an independent tour of Thailand. Here is their emailed account, with images. 

June Coode

Deepcar in Deep Trouble

We don't know whether to laugh or cry - laugh at the absurdity of the Deepcar Motorhomes sales techniques or cry at the fate of yet another motorhome dealer (but see Brownhills Fiasco on this website for really outrageous practices).

Keith & Jenny Dear

The Dears in the Balkans 2015

Travelling in their beloved Autosleeper Symphony, a 2.5L diesel-powered Peugeot Boxer-based Campervan, Keith and Jenny make an 11-week summer tour of the Balkans.

Keith & Jenny Dear

Mostar and Half River Camping

Keith and Jenny Dear visit Mostar on a motorhome journey into Bosnia Herzegovina from Croatia. They stayed at nearby Half River Camping which they highly recommend.

Keith & Jenny Dear

Tour d'Italia

Keith and Jenny Dear describe their motorhome tour of Italy in the summer of 2011.

Keith & Jenny Dear

Travels in the Baltic Republics

Keith and Jenny share somehting of their experience of motorhoming in the Baltic Republics, part of a 4,000-mile tour in the summer of 2009.

Keith & Jenny Dear

To Istanbul and Back

An illustrated account of a 7-week, 6,000-mile journey in a high-top Autosleeper Symphony Campervan to Istanbul via Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece - and return via the Black Sea.  

Dr Bob & Sandra

The Spanish Fiestas

This adventurous couple give a full account of visiting several of Spain's famous fiestas by motorhome.

Dr Bob & Sandra

The Silver Road of Spain

The ultimate guide to motorhoming Spain's Silver Road (with its many historic cities), from Gijon on the north coast to Seville in the deep south.

Dr Bob & Sandra

Right around Australia

The complete account of a year making a full anti-clockwise circuit of Australia, starting in Brisbane, travelling by Land Rover Discovery and Caravan.

Dr Bob & Sandra

Dr Bob's Australian Prescription 

Dr Bob describes in detail the financial & other considerations for a long-term and long-distance journey in Australia by motorhome or caravan.

Dr Bob & Sandra

Dr Bob Returns to Australia 

After their earlier complete circuit of Australia in 2006/7 in their Land Rover Discovery and caravan, Dr Bob and Sandra have returned to spend more time on the south and west coasts of that vast country.

Dr Bob & Sandra

Travels in Morocco 2009/10

Dr Bob's Moroccan Prescription

Intrepid travellers, Dr Bob and Sandra Lyons, add to their illustrious contributions to the website with this excellent, day-by-day account of a motorhome journey through Morocco. Little escapes their experienced and sceptical eyes!

Dr Bob & Sandra

Travels in Portugal 2010

For ever seeking the next horizon, Dr Bob and Sandra leave their home in Spain for a lengthy and intensive motorhome tour of Portugal. Never one to shrink from a full diagnosis and confrontation with the truth, Dr Bob puts Portugal to the test.

Dr Bob & Sandra

Dr Bob's 13-point Prescription for Security and Safety

Dr Bob sends this prescription from Sri Lanka, en route to Australia. Very experienced travellers, Dr Bob and Sandra keep a McLouis motorhome in Spain and a Land Rover Discovery and caravan in Australia. They also have some great ideas on how to deal with intruders.

Dr Bob & Sandra

The Dr Bob Collection

Having written seventeen articles for this website, Dr Bob is now fully qualified for his own Collection, joining that master of the motorhome world, the Don Madge.

Keith Durham

Radical Ideas and Action

A radical motorhomer shares his thoughts, philosophy and reading list.

Ian Farrington

Farrington's Facts

Not for the faint of mind, Ian has produced the ultimate antidote to facts. Here are 118 (that may not be a fact) of a species that might be called anti-facts. Travellers whose life is dominated by facts need to read slowly with frequent pauses to return to their own reality. 

John Foster

Finkounda: Evolution or Ruin?

Finikounda, in the Greek Peloponnese, is home to two excellent campsites, open all year for motorhomers. Here, John considers the broader issues of what happens when a small fishing village slowly changes into a holiday resort. 

Gerry & Janet Freeman

GO-Box in Austria

We combine our experience with that of Gerry and Janet Freeman to work our way through the knotty problem of GO-Boxing on Austrian Motorways and Freeways.

Gary and Elizabeth Gray

Travels in South America 

Australians Gary and Elizabeth outline their journey in South America with links to fuller accounts in a Truck Camper magazine and their own website.

Susan Guscott

Morocco by Motorhome

Nearly 4,000 words and 12 images describe a 3-week tour of Morocco by Susan and Henry Guscott in January/February 2006, in their 23 ft Elddis Suntor motorhome. 

Andrew Hague

Brompton Upgrade

The well-known cyclist writes with enthusiasm (and several images) of upgrading one of his Brompton folding bicycles.

Andrew Hague

Camel vs Brompton

Can a camel outpace a Brompton? Find out from the author's illustrated experience in Jordan.

Rod Heely 

The Sundance Kid Out East 

In the winter of 2008/9, Sundance motorhomer Rod captured images of life along the beach between Camping Finikes, Camping Thines and the fishing village of Finikounda: all at the southern tip of the Messinian Peninsula in the Greek Peloponnese.

Rod Heely 

The Sundance Kid Out West

In the early part of 2007, Rod explored the southwest corner of England (Devon and Cornwall) in his newly-acquired Sprite Sundance Motorhome. Here are 18 of his photographs of that experience. 

Ian Hibell

SE Asia 2006

The detailed emailed account from the UK's most famous cycle-tourist, riding recently from Bangkok to Hanoi and the Chinese border, via Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. 

Ian Hibell

China 2006

The ongoing emailed diary from Ian as he continues his SE Asia journey into China and on to Beijing. Maybe he will reach Mongolia to link with his recent ride from Rotterdam (North Sea) to Vladivostok (Pacific Ocean).

Peter Highe

Highe in the Peloponnese

Peter Highe gives a fascinating account of an anti-clockwise motorhome tour of the Greek Peloponnese. He uses and adds to Pete Jenkins comprehensive list of places for Overnight Parking, with co-ordinates!

Malcolm Hill

Two More Campsites in Romania

Malcolm brings to 74 the total number of Romanian Campsites in our list.

Malcolm Hill

Rough Days on Romanian Roads

Malcolm encapsulates the highs and the lows, the challenges and the rewards, of travel in the Balkans, as he struggles to reach remote archaeological sites.

Malcolm Hill 

A Campground in Lithuania

We met Malcolm in Greece after his 2007 journey down from the Baltic Republics. Here, he describes an excellent Dutch-owned campsite near Vilnius, along with 8 super photos. 

Helen & David Homewood

A Winter Tour of NW Spain

Motorhomers Helen and David share their experience of touring northwest Spain in January and February 2014. Not least, they give details and co-ordinates of their overnight locations.

Helen & David Homewood

Free Camping in Sicily 

David and Helen list and describe the free camping places they used on a tour of Sicily in the winter of 2011. Each place is pinpointed with co-ordinates

Helen & David Homewood

Guides to Morocco 

Motorhomers Helen and David Homewood provide information about camping and travelling in Morocco and ferry crossings from mainland Europe.

Helen & David Homewood

Travels in Tunisia

Following their very successful 2-month motorhome tour of Tunisia in January and February of 2010, Helen and David give a summary of their experiences which compare very favourably with Morocco. 

Helen & David Homewood

Italy to Turkey via Albania

Helen & David Homewood motorhomed from Italy to Turkey, via Albania and the transit of northern Greece, in winter. If you hadn't thought of taking the ferry from Brindisi to Vlore and then heading south into Greece, here's the way to do it.

Richard & Kathy Howe

An American Perspective on Security and Safety

Richard and Kathy Howe have been travelling fulltime since 2001, initially in the Americas and, since 2010, in 40 countries of Europe, North Africa and West Asia. Here is a new and very useful perspective first published on their own extensive website.

Richard & Kathy Howe


As well as full details of their travels and vehicles, this well-travelled American couple share valuable advice on subjects such as free camping, shipping, Schengen, electrics and accessories. All this is accompanied by excellent photographs, links and apt quotations. 

John & Sue Hughes

Motorhoming in Syria & Jordan

This intrepid UK couple took their Chausson Flash 02 motorhome for a 2-month tour of Syria & Jordan, entering and leaving via Turkey. Here they share their experience in very useful and interesting detail.

John & Sue Hughes

Updates from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia

Following extensive motorhoming in these countries (except Serbia) en route to and from Syria and Jordan (more on this later), John and Sue share useful information on camping, night halts and road conditions. 

John & Sue Hughes

Campsites in Bosnia Herzegovina

John and Sue add five more camping opporunities in Bosnia & Herzegovina to our list following their motorhome journey in the summer of 2009. Like us, they plan to return!

John & Sue Hughes

Overnight Parking in Greece

John and Sue add to our list of places to park for a night within the mainland of Greece. They also share details of Dutch websites which describe yet more places.

Ingrid Hyttilä

Camping in Romania and Bulgaria

Ingrid Hyttilä from Finland was in Romania and Bulgaria in the summer of 2011 in a caravan. Using our campsite lists as a guide, she made a number of very useful comments.

Hazel Jackson

The Jacksons in Ljubljana 

Hazel and Simon Jackson, along with 13-year-old son Jack, took a year out to tour Southern Europe in an American motorhome. This is an excerpt from their book: to access their website, and obtain a copy of the book, click: Jacksons on the Road.

Kaye James

The Faroe Islands and Iceland

Kaye and Alan made this tour of the Faroe Islands and Iceland in the summer of 2010. Her very full account of the journey is a tribute to their skill as travellers and her skill as a writer. Not least, the detail will be invaluable to travellers of all kinds planning a similar journey.

Martin & Shirley Jeffes

The Jeffes Transit Serbia

Martin & Shirley usually return to their Camping Sakar Hills near Bulgaria's borders with Greece and Turkey driving from Hungary to Bulgaria via Romania. This time they drive through Serbia and this is their story.

Martin Jeffes

Muppetry of a Grand Scale

Martin, of Sakar Hills Camping in southeast Bulgaria fame, has written this tongue in cheek account of the rescue of four British expatriates whose vehicles had broken down on the wintry roads of Hungary and Romania. 

Pete Jenkins

Images of a Journey to Turkey

Already well known for their list of Stopovers in Greece (see below), the Jenkins' 84 images capture many of the 91 places they stopped-over to, in and from Turkey.

Pete Jenkins

Stopovers in Greece

Peejay's Stopovers in Greece: Pete Jenkins has produced over 130 sites for stopovers throughout Greece. There is a clickable Google map, co-ordinates and a brief description indicating the size and nature of the location and any problems of access.

Paul Jessup

Ferries to and from Morocco 

Paul Jessup used his motorhome to commute between Tenerife and France, traversing the length of Morocco on his route! 

Ruby & Bill Johnson

By Bicycle through Europe

Australians Ruby & Bill describe and illustrate their 2005 journey through Turkey and Eastern Europe with folding bicycles.

Gary Kemp

European Insurance for RV's

Gary Kemp writes that Brentacre had just insured his Fleetwood C class American motorhome, giving him a good price, 365 days Europe-wide cover and EU recovery. More details among the 36 other insurance companies we describe.

Ali Kingston

Fines for Free Camping in Portugal

Ali Kingston warns that heavy fines may be imposed on free-camping motorhomers in Portugal. You could even be fined without your knowledge and then have the penalty doubled to €250 for not paying immediately.

Andy & Mandy Lawrence

Andy & Mandy in Morocco

The Lawrences are experienced motorhomers accustomed to towing a car behind their Autotrail. However, they left the car on the Spanish mainland for their one-month tour of Morocco.

Phil Letts

Phil Letts in Turkey 2011

Phil describes a journey out to Turkey via Romania and Bulgaria and back to the UK via Greece and the Pyrenees in his Peugeot Elddis Sunseeker motorhome. He adds his reflections on motorhoming in Turkey and the journey ends with Phil cycling 25 Pyrenean mountain passes of Tour de France quality.  

Phil Letts

Camping in Turkey

Phil lists and describes the campsites he used motorhoming in Turkey in the summer of 2011. He also includes some campsites en route to Turkey from Germany to Bulgaria.

Mike Lewis

63 Campsites in Bulgaria

Mike has trawled the world-wide web collecting information about Bulgarian campsites from English, Bulgarian, German but mostly Dutch sources. The sites are numbered and linked to a map of the country.

Kate Lord

Kate's Camps in Greece

Cycling North from Turkey to Tromso in northern Norway with fellow-Australian Jacqui, Kate noted for us the campsites they used in Greece - campsites open in February when they passed through. Later, tragedy struck for Kate and great success for Jacqui.


Reflections on Reasons to Travel

These are a motorhomer's thoughts from the roads of Bulgaria. Taking time out from work Lorna and Mark maintain 3 websites describing in words and pictures their wide ranging tour of Europe and Morocco.

Henry Love

Henry Love's Spain

Chef Henry Love gives an insider's view of Spain as a traveller and a motorhomer. Here is the good news - and the bad.

Henry Love

The Henry Love Page

Classically trained chef, Henry Love, begins his page with instructions on making bacon from 2 lbs of pork loin. Setting of for Turkey in his Hymer S510, Henry will contribute a variety of motorhoming-relevant items, culinary and otherwise.

Mac and Pip

Parking for Athens Airport

New Zealanders Mac and Pip, on an extensive motorhome tour of the Balkans, propose Camping Bacchus as a good place to leave a motorhome or caravan when flying out from Atherns airport. We add some other suggestions.

John & Judy Macfarlane

Motorhoming in South America

Australians John and Judy give a full report of their 2-month motorhome tour of Argentina and Chile in October to December 2009. The article is accompanied by 56 images and a detailed map of their route.

Rev Murdoch MacKenzie

Overland from India to Scotland

The Rev Murdoch and Anne MacKenzie, with their three children Iain, Ruth and Catriona, travelled 7,000 miles by public transport from Madras (as was) to Edinburgh in 1978. This is a fascinating journey we can only dream about today.

Ruth, Catriona & Iain MacKenzie

Overland from India to Scotland

This is the account of the MacKenzie's three children Iain (8), Catriona (10) and Ruth (12). It's an example to us all of travel writing at its very best; it makes the contemporary blog appear bland and monotone by comparison

Don Madge

The Don Madge Collection

Veteran motorhomer and MMM Travel Consultant, Don Madge,  now has his own collection of 22 articles within this website ranging over the whole field of his wide experience of motorhoming in Europe.

Ian Manzie

Green Zones in Europe 

Green Zones in Europe: Ian Manzie, planning a motorhome journey from France to Norway, shares his discovery of how much more restrictive travel is becoming throughout Europe with the increasing number of Green Zones requiring a variety of stickers, permits and payments.

Ian Manzie

Motorhoming in the Balkans

Ian & Shelagh motorhome south from Hungary to Greece via Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. This account of an unusual journey encourages others to follow by describing a good route, a warm welcome and places to stay.

Jeff Mason

Jeff's 88 Short Walks

Our old friend and personal hero, Sheffield quadriplegic Jeff Mason, gives a full description of  88 short walks in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire suitable for wheelchairs, prams, learning to cycle or just for a good walk, away from traffic.

Rosemary & Andy Newton

Pippins in Spain and Portugal

Rosemary and Andy Newton write a daily account of their 2011 autumn motorhome tour of Spain and Portugal.

Rosemary & Andy Newton

Pippins in Switzerland

Rosemary and Andy Newton tour Switzerland in their Rapido Motorhome. Rosemary's excellent Travel Log gives a daily account of this fascinating journey.

Rosemary & Andy Newton

Pippins in the Peloponnese

This is Rosemary Newton's daily diary of a motorhome journey to and through the Greek Peloponnese. Husband Andy keeps a parallel photographic record of the tour.

Rosemary & Andy Newton

Pippins in the Balkans

Celebrating their Ruby Wedding, the Newtons are back on the road again and this time their motorhome takes them to the Balkans, starting in Croatia.

Andy Newton

LPG in the Greek Peloponnese

Whilst in the Peloponnese, Andy had the skill and the patience to find and disentangle this information on the ground and from a German website.

A Nomad

31 Overnight Camping Spots in Greece

A Nomad has given us this list based on her Greek tour in November and December 2016. As a woman motorhoming alone, A Nomad has added to our knowledge of where it is safe to park for the night in Greece's midwinter.

Anthea & Gerry Owen

Travels in Turkey 2009

Anthea and Gerry Owen update the Travel Log of our 3-month, Spring 2008 Motorhome Tour of Turkey. Theirs was an even longer tour and in the opposite direction! The bad news about Sedre Camping near Alanya receives a comment from Koray Tezcan, President of the Turkish Camping and Caravanning Club (http://www.kampkaravan.org/).

Alan Parkin

The Bosnian Enclave in Croatia 

Determined not to pass through the Bosnian Enclave of Neum, en route to Dubrovnik along the Croatian coast, Alan and Lynn Parkin find that Fate has more than one twist

Graham Peacock

Passing through Neum

Caravan Club Inspector Graham Peacock brings great experience, new information and a clear mind to the problem of crossing or by-passing the Bosnian enclave of Neum which lies across the coastal road between Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Verica Peacock

Verica in the Balkans 

A brief but fascinating account of Verica and Graham Peacock's summer 2007 motorhome tour of Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia. 

Bernd Pesch

A German Take on Greece

As an additional note to our article A Greek Warning, German motorhomer Bernd Pesch describes his experience of travelling in Greece in October 2012. Here is an interesting and intriguing new perspective on a contemporary problem.

Brian Picken

In Croatia

An MMM article based on the author's motorhome journey in Croatia.

Audrey & Graham Pocock

Pococks: Norway to Greece

Travels in Turkey Part One

Travels in Turkey Part Two

Return to the UK & Ireland

Travels in Ireland & Scotland

Travels in Morocco

Grand Tour of Southern Europe

Pococks Travels: Australian couple Audrey and Graham describe their motorhome journeys from Norway to Greece (where we met them at Camping Finikes in the southern Peloponnese) and then from Greece to the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey and then to Scotland via Ireland.

In their seventh detailed travel log they travel from Mallorca to Spain and then on to England by motorhome via Spain, Andorra, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Italy and France.



James & Sheila Reid

Turkish Campsite Update

James & Sheila Reid made an extensive motorhome tour of Turkey in April and May 2011. They report fully on 13 of the campsites they used and clarify the position of camping in or near the major cities of Ankara and Istanbul.

John Rhodes

Cycling in Peru, Bolivia & Peru

New Zealanders John and Ann Rhodes and their tandem, Apollo, have just returned from a journey through Peru, Bolivia and Chile which included cycling, a voyage on Lake Titicaca and the 7-day "unremitting" Mapiri Trail, reaching 4,000 m through jungle and Andean mountains.

John Rhodes

Cycling in Tibet

Based on emails as he sent them from Tibet, New Zealander John Rhodes describes cycling in what is, perhaps, the most challenging country in the world for the independent, self-propelled and self-motivated traveller.

John Rhodes

Cycling the Himalayas

In 2004 New Zealanders, John and Ann Rhodes, pedalled their tandem 'Apollo' across the grain of the Indian Himalaya from Shimla through Manali to Ladakh.

John Rhodes

Cycling in the Karakoram

John and Ann Rhodes describe riding their tandem 'Apollo' over the 4730m Khunjerab Pass on the Karakoram Highway, from northern Pakistan into China.

John Rhodes

Across China by Train

After riding their tandem over the Karakoram Highway from northern Pakistan into China, John and Ann continued by train, across China to Beijing.

James & Carol Rowley

 Jersey for the Motorhomer

Hymer owners, James and Carol, live in Jersey and provide some useful and surprising information on visiting their island with a motorhome.

Brian & Patricia Rudd

Rudds on the Road in France 2011

This is the detailed daily diary of the Rudd's 4,500 mile trip around France in a Rapido 7066dF Motorhome in July through to October 2011. Each Aire or France Passion site is described and many are co-ordinated.

Brian & Patricia Rudd

Rudds on the Road in Spain 2012

Brian and Patricia's detailed daily diary of a motorhome journey from Lancashire to Santiago de Compstela in NW Spain, via France. As ever, the Rudds eschew formal campsites in favour of the joys of Aires and other informal overnights (with co-ordinates).

Brian & Patricia Rudd

Rudds on the Road to Turkey 2012

Motorhomers Brian and Patricia follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great through western Turkey. Here is the detailed account of that well-informed journey, with co-ordinates of their many informal night halts.

Brian & Patricia Rudd

Rudds on the Road to Morocco 2013

Start with this link to follow the Rudds through five articles describing their 105-day motorhome journey to and from Morocco via France and Spain.  

Ian Shires

Camping in Istanbul 2013

Ian and Judit, share their experiences of camping in or near Istanbul. Their favourite is the car park at the Fisherman's Quay on Kennedy Caddesi, ten minutes on foot from the Golden Horn

Ian Shires

Travel Tips

Ian summarises the valuable lessons he has drawn from many years of travel. Although his vehicle is a Land Rover Defender, his accommodation a tent and his bailiwick Eastern Europe, much of what he writes will be of value to motorhomers and cycle tourists.

Ian Shires

Ian and Judit meet Bessy

Returning to the UK after years of living and working in Budapest, Ian & Judit replace their Land Rover Defender and tent with a motorhome. Many months of research led to the vehicle in which they aim to extend their already extensive travels in Europe and beyond.

Ian Shires

Finding a Motorhome

Budapest's finest Yorkshireman, Ian Shires, shares his process of finding the right motorhome for himself and Judit. What can beat a Land Rover and tent? Ian is on the road to find out.

Ian Shires

By Land Rover to Greece

Ian and Judit Shires travel from their home in Budapest to the Mani Peninsula in the Greek Peloponnese in their Land Rover Defender with a tent, via Romania and Bulgaria, and back. 

Ian Shires

On Photography 

Ian shares something of his many years as a photographer and graphic designer. He leads you from byte to pixel and from there to image and photograph. 

Ian Shires

Pigging out in Hungary 

Ian and the Budapest Land Rover Club drive to Szeged on the Serbian border for the annual Hungarian ritual of pig killing and eating. The day ends with a Discovery being winched out of a nearby lake. Fully illustrated, this article is your best hope yet of becoming a vegetarian! 

Ian Shires

World Travels

Yorkshireman Ian, now living in Budapest, writes of his world-wide travels with many great photographs.

Ian Shires

Eastern Turkey by Land Rover

Ian's well-illustrated account of his Land Rover journey from Budapest, through Bulgaria to Turkey, reaching Lake Van and the far east of the country.

Ann Speirs

A Broad Abroad

A Broad Abroad: Across the hot summer of 2011, Ann Speirs, alone in her Chausson motorhome, travelled 9,325 miles (14,920 km) in just under 5 months, much of it Turkey. Here is a unique and very detailed account of her journey, with a link to her full story and gallery of images.

Vera Stanicliffe

Cycling to Tenby, 1976 

Vera writes a nostalgic account of a family cycle ride to Tenby in Wales in 1976. Capturing the atmosphere of those far-off days, Vera reminds us that it was once possible to ride safely and happily on the roads of England and Wales.

Jane & George Swindail

7 weeks in Tunisia 

The Swindail's 7-week winter break motorhoming in Tunisia led to this thorough guide to the country. There is a map, over 30 photographs and details of 29 campsites, formal and informal.

Jane Swindail

11 weeks in Norway

Jane's beautifully illustrated description of an 11-week motorhome journey through the length of Norway to the Russian border.

Mike Thompson

Camping in Turkey


Mike shares his experience of camping near Istanbul and near Ankara on his recent motorhome tour of Turkey. He also reports on the safety of 'wild camping' in that country.

Mike Vere

Ibillin: A Village in Palestine 

Mike Spent 3 months teaching the children of Christian Palestians in a village in Galilee. Here is his graphic account of that experince and his plans for future involvment. 

Mike Vere

Journey through Albania 

This is Mike's account of his motorhome journey through Albania from Montenegro to Greece, following the Adriatic coast. 

Henk Verouden

600 km in 23.5 hours 

This is Henk Verouden's account (written in French and translated by Margaret) of his 600 km qualifying cycle ride in eastern France, where he now lives. Henk is preparing for the 2007 Paris-Brest-Paris ride of 1,200 km.

Jamie Wakey

Camping in Istanbul 2015

Jamie describes and gives co-ordinates for the new location of the Sports Complex in Istanbul which offers camping and other facilities for motorhomes. The Fisherman's Wharf location is unchanged.

David Wallis

Post-tsunami Aceh 2005

A detailed personal account of post-tsunami life on the beaches of Aceh Province in 2005.

David Wallis

Post-tsunami Aceh 2006

A detailed personal account of post-tsunami life on the beaches of Aceh Province in 2006.

Dr Paul Walsh

West Australia by Motorhome

A fully-illustrated account of a motorhome journey up the West Coast of Australia from Perth to Darwin.

Rose Walshaw

SitRep Greece 2011

SitRep Greece 2011B: Rose Walshaw, our special correspondent who lives in a village in the southwest corner of the Peloponnese, reports on the current situation in debt-laden Greece from the viewpoint of the ordinary Greek.

Rose Walshaw

Turkish Campsites

Rose added another 6 to what became a list of 54 campsites in Turkey, as well as adding further information to the original 48. This followed Rose and Alf's spring 2011 tour.

Alf & Rose Walshaw

Tour of Turkey 2011

Travelling in a 4wd Lada and sleeping in its rooftop tent, Rose & Alf make a 6-week tour of Turkey. Reaching as far east as the Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, this intrepid couple write of travelling as it really is.

Alf & Rose Walshaw 

Motorhoming in Eastern Europe

The journey from England takes this motorhoming couple through Holland, Germany and the Czech Republic, heading for Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.

Alf & Rose Walshaw

Croatian Warning

This warning for motorhomers taking ferries in Croatia followed Rose and Alf's unfortunate experience whilst travelling in their A class Hymer motorhome.
John Watson 

Leaving Istanbul

John & Sally Watson have reached Baluchistan on their cycle ride to India from the UK. Here is an excerpt (Leaving Istanbul) from John's journal with an invitation to visit their excellent website: http://www.cyclingtoindia.com/

Rebecca Watts

Cycling to Cooktown

Rebecca and her partner Kevin, made a return cycle journey from their home in the rainforest above Cairns, to the historic town of Cooktown on the Queensland Coast.10 excellent photographs capture the ride.

Rebecca Watts

Buying an Australian Campervan

Advice on buying and selling a motorhome or campervan in Queensland and NSW.

Cindy & Martin Webb

The Webb Collection

Cindy, with Martin, has so far contributed 13 articles to this website, and these have now been gathered together in one location.

Martin Webb

European Motorhome in USA

Martin Webb's summary notes on the transporting and use of a European motorhome in the UK, following the Webb's own 30,000-mile American journey in a Pilote

Martin & Pam Williams

Aussies on Tour in Norway & Germany 2017 - An Overview

Aussies on Tour in Norway & Germany 2017 - The Details 

Martin and Pam Williams used the motorhome they bought in England in 2016 to make a four-month tour of Norway and Germany. There is an overview with their impressions of the countries and a separate, detailed day-by-day account of the journey with the places they stayed, (they don't use campsites), distances and co-ordinates which link to a photograph of each stay. Both accounts are illustrated in the text and in linked galleries.

Martin & Pam Williams

Aussies on Tour in France & Scotland 2016 

Martin and Pam Williams left their home in Perth in Western Australia to buy a motorhome in England before setting off on a four-month tour of France and Scotland. It's interesting to experience Europe from a new perspective (with 141 photographs).

Martin & Pam Williams

Aussies on Tour in France & Iberia 2014

Pam and Martin give a full, daily account of their motorhome tour, with a detailed introduction and overview. Each photograph of the many in their Gallery and Slide Show links directly to a detailed map of their journey.

Martin & Pam Williams

Aussies on Tour in Scotland 2013 

Martin and Pam Williams fly into Europe to complete a 1,200-mile (1920-km) motorhome tour of Scotland. With many photographs, they also give co-ordinates for all their free-camping, and all their camping was free!

Martin & Pam Williams

Aussies on Tour in Norway 2012

Martin and Pam Williams give a full account of their 5-week, 3,030 mile (4850-km) motorhome tour of Norway in the summer of 2012. Nine images are included with a link to 148 more in their own Gallery and Slide Show.

Martin & Pam Williams

Aussies on Tour in Europe 2011

Martin and Pam Williams leave their home in Perth to motorhome from the UK to Greece and back, through 16 countries including the former Yugoslavia. It's interesting to experience Europe through fresh eyes.

Brenda & Adrian Wilson

Bulgaria and Greece 2013

Brenda and Adrian motorhome east to continue work on their house above Harmanli in southeast Bulgaria. Their winter break enables an extensive tour of Greece before returning to Bulgaria and a return journey to England via a nightmarish experience in Poland.

Brenda & Adrian Wilson

Highway Robbery in Poland

In May 2013, Brenda and Adrian Wilson were fined £750 and detained for several days when they drove onto a section of road in Poland which required the recently introduced Via Toll Box. There was no warning, no information and no way they could have acquired such a box.  

Brenda Wilson

Bulgaria and Turkey 2012

Brenda and Adrian return to Bulgaria to continue work on their house above Harmanli on their way to and from motorhoming in Turkey.

Brenda Wilson

Bulgaria and Turkey 2011

Brenda & Adrian in their Fleetwood Fiesta motorhome travel to Turkey via Bulgaria and return via Greece. Their 8-month journey contains many challenges and surprises and includes work on their new hillside property in Bulgaria. But should they have climbed Ayers Rock?

Brenda Wilson

Overland Route to Greece

Luck was not on the side of the Wilsons on their overland journey to Greece in the motorhome they had bought in the USA and imported into the UK.

Brenda & Adrian Wilson

Motorhoming in the USA 2008

143 Images of the Wilson US Tour

Brenda and Adrian Wilson, who had previously built their own motorhome in the UK, flew to Florida, bought a 26 ft Fleetwood Fiesta RV, toured coast to coast and back and then brought the motorhome with them, back to their home inNorfolk.    

Martin Wiltshire

Security in the Motorhome

Drawing on his experience of a break-in, whilst sleeping at a Service Area on the French Riviera near the border with Italy, Martin lists the10 things he should have done to avoid the trauma.