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33 Motorhome Insurers PDF Printable Version E-mail


Margaret and Barry Williamson

Updated September 2016

Insurance agents advertise widely and frequently; we often think that this is where our premium goes. This, and giving money to people who don't drive as well as we do! In their advertising, the agents always extol their own virtues but rarely do they mention the snags, limits, conditions and pitfalls. It's up to all of us to find out what these are and share that information.

The following notes on 33 motorhome insurance agents are based on our own experience and research, plus information gleaned from fellow travellers and motorhome magazines and websites.

Contact Us to add your experience and information to this shared pool.


In general, the person(s) being insured need to be residents of the UK, having held a valid UK driving licence for at least 1 year. There is often a lower age limit of 25 (with SAGA it's 50) and an upper age limit of maybe 80 (SAGA is an honourable exception with no upper age limit).

Comprehensive Cover: This is usually for 365 days in the UK. However, the length of time you can spend out of the UK with comprehensive cover can be as little as 60 days or as much as a full year. Sometimes this length can be varied for a greater or smaller premium (this used to be true of Bakers of Cheltenham, now known as Towergate, and also applies to Sureterm Direct). Sometimes the upper time limit is rigidly applied. Sometimes '90 days' means a total of 90 days in any one year; sometimes it means in any one trip. But who counts the days?

Check which countries have comprehensive cover in your policy. All the 28 EU countries are usually included along with Norway, Switzerland and more recently, Serbia. These are listed by the insurance companies as 'Territorial Limits'.

Green Card: 48 countries accept a Green Card or its equivalent as proof of minimum insurance in their country. 34 of those countries have agreed to accept each other's insurance without the need for a Green Card as proof of cover. In other words, full insurance bought in one of the 34 countries gives the minimum insurance required in any of the other 33. The 34 consist of the 28 in the EU plus Andorra, Norway, Iceland, Serbia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Your insurance company may extend your cover to include one of the remaining 14 countries, or you can buy a Green Card at the border (eg Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Alabania, Montenegro, etc). For others among the 14, for example Russia, you will have to buy a Green Card in advance from a specialist broker.

In summary (and very few people seem to know this), your UK comprehensive cover may be extended to a list of UK countries for a specified time. This can vary from 90 days to 365 days. If you don't have comprehensive cover. you will still have minimum ('Green Card') cover in the 34 countries listed above. Outside of those 34, you can usually get a Green Card at the border (eg recently we paid €55 for 15 days in Macedonia), or perhaps your insurance company will issue a Green Card for a fixed period (eg 25 days in Turkey). For a few countries in the Green Card system (eg Russia and Belarus), you need to get insurance in advance of travel.

For more information: COB Green Card Details and see a map at: COB Map of 48 Green Card Countries. Here is a brief statement of the UK Government's Position on the Green Card.

Only very rarely have we been asked to show our insurance documents in routine stops or inspection at the border or by police on the road ('Carspapers!!') The documents they usually want to see are the ownership document, passport and perhaps driving licence. However, you still do need to be insured!

Breakdown cover in the UK and on the Continent is often an optional extra with the insurance policy and is usually good value. Check that your breakdown cover (if any) operates in the countries for which you have insurance. Often breakdown cover is limited to countries within the Territorial Limits; sometimes it is extended to include any country listed on the Green Card.   Get fully briefed on the procedure for summoning help in the countries in which you aim to travel. Make sure the breakdown operator covers your vehicle for height, weight, length, age, whatever. For vehicles over 3.5 tons, you are likely to need commercial vehicle cover of the kind offered internationally by the AA and the RAC.

Check what the breakdown cover covers. For example, it could cover towing, local repair, shipping parts from the UK if necessary, another vehicle for you to use during the repair, hotel accommodation and, if required, repatriating the vehicle and occupants to the garage of your choice in the UK.

See if the motorhome insurers will also offer discounted home and travel insurance, to include health insurance and cover for extra contents such as bicycles. They may also offer insurance for your car, your motorbike, your pets, your very life!

Some insurance agents stick with one major insurance company and are likely to offer a fuller and more reliable service, with an established claims procedure. Other agents search a wide range of companies looking for the best terms and lowest cost - companies such as AXA, Equity, NIG and Royal & Sun Alliance, Allianz & Cornhill, Equity Red Star, Groupama, Highway, NIG, Norwich Union, Planet, Premier, Provident, Zenith. With such wide-ranging agents, you are more likely to be on your own when making a claim or seeking details of the policy.

Check which insurance company your agent is using. If there is a choice, which is the best for you? Why does one agent, using Norwich Union (say) offer a full year out of the UK when another agent, also using Norwich Union, only gives 90 days?

Agents vary widely in how you can contact them. In the best practice, there is a website full of information about the policies and exclusions. You may be able to complete a form online and get a quote back by email or through a phone call. Some agents ask you to email them with your request, giving a phone number for them to ring you. At least one agent asks you to text them a simple message, and they will ring you back to discuss your needs and give you a quote. In another case, you may be asked to contact a local shop or agent, and a list of branches is given along with addresses and phone numbers.

Insurance and breakdown companies might well expect that your Road Fund Licence and MOT are up to date. They may use their absence as an excuse not to pay or tow! Above all, don't declare a SORN as a way of avoiding the Road Fund Licence and MOT, and then expect to be legally insured on the road! The insurance agent will indeed issue documents (you may wish to remain insured while your vehicle is in store, for example) but the cover won't be valid if you have declared a SORN and then drive on the road, inside or outside of the UK. We have met motorhomers doing this and it can have dire consequences. Being on the road anywhere in Europe, having declared a SORN, is a criminal offence, not just a road traffic offence, and it carries a heavy fine and up to 2 years in prison if caught!

Safeguard spelt all this out to us, as follows: "Although we offer extensive cover for Europe, the acceptance criteria is that the vehicle must be taxed and MOT'd and that the policyholder is a UK citizen and resident and has a property in the UK (to ensure that the customer is not full-timing). We also do not cover a vehicle where SORN has been declared. If, for example, a vehicle was a total loss abroad and needed to be repatriated back to the UK, there are issues attached to the fact that the vehicle was declared SORN. I expect there are other reasons including how the vehicle was taken to the coast whilst the vehicle was declared SORN and so on."

Unadvertised, a given insurer may exclude you if you are over a certain weight (A-Plan), over a certain engine size (CIS), an American vehicle (Saga, MTC, Caravan Wise), a fifth-wheeler (most), a self-built conversion (most), etc – so read the small print!

Discounts may be offered for a limited annual mileage, a good alarm/immobiliser, tracker, reversing camera and membership of some clubs. No Claims Discounts (up to 66% after 6 years, typically) may be safeguarded so that, in effect, you can make 1 or 2 claims before you lose the discount. Some companies (eg Safeguard, Scenic) offer a large introductory discount to new customers.

You may be able to pay in instalments, if you want to – but check what fee or percentage may be added for this privilege. We find it convenient to renew by email with a card number and to receive the documents as an email attachment, although not all agents offer this service.

A new requirement, discovered in 2010, is that at least one insurer (Sureterm Direct) required the motorhome to be your second vehicle! This was to minimise the use of the motorhome and would be a problem for people with a small campervan, specifically bought as a sole vehicle for daily use.

For a discussion of motorhome insurance and what some agents call 'full-timing', see (Cold) Comfort and 'Full-timing' on this website.



Very wide range of vehicles of all kinds, sizes and weights including American motorhomes, classics, kit cars and motorbikes. Full insurance cover in 'Europe'.

'Dave of Essex' recommended them (he has a large RV, winters in Spain, summers in the UK). He also put us onto Motorhome Medics, so his judgment is sound!

Age Range: 25 to 79.

Restrictions: Only 60 days breakdown cover per year outside UK.

Breakdown Cover: Europ Assist (an optional extra).

Underwriters: Equity Red Star.

Adrian Flux Insurance, East Winch Hall, East Winch, Kings Lynn, Norfolk  PE32 1HN.

Call 08000 3698590, or 0330 1231232, or +44 3335555000 (from abroad), or request a call-back on the website.


Motorhome insurance including American models. 90 days maximum for mainland Europe in any one trip. No breakdown cover available.

Telephone contact only: website contains little information except a free phone number, or you can book a call-back.

Our call was handled by a young man with no knowledge of the special requirements of motorhomers and no information on which European countries were covered. If interested, we'd need to talk to 'the insurers', he said.

Academy House, Unit 11, Horseshoe Park, Pangbourne, Berkshire RG8 7JW

Call 0800 0839883


Insurance for motorhomes with cover available for England, Scotland and Wales. You can phone A-Plan or complete a simple form on line.

Check restrictions on weight and length of motorhome.

Call 01993 709081


A large UK motorhome insurance broker that deals with all the major UK motorhome specialists including Aviva, KGM, Equity, Axa and many more. 

In addition to regular motorhomes, they can design a specialist policy including, for example, RVs, self-build motorhomes and campervans.

Cover can be arranged for 365 days in the EU, Norway, Switzerland. There is a specific mention of 'full-timers' being covered by special arrangement.

Call 02380 268351 or get a quote on-line. 


Motorhomes covered with Bromwich Insurance. Driver age limits 25-75.

Breakdown cover available.

Underwriters: Lloyds.

Call 0845 3456001 or 0121 5023603, or get a quote on-line.


In February 2015, Gary Kemp wrote that Brentacre had just insured his Fleetwood C class American motorhome.  Brentacre were very helpful and gave the best price he had found: £365, allowing a No Claims Discount for one claim. 365 days of EU cover and EU recovery is available for an extra £83.50.

Call 01792 650 933 or get a quote on-line.

Thanks very much, Gary.

http://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/      http://www.clubcareinsurance.co.uk/

Motorhome insurance available to C&C Club members (but they will give a quote to non-members, who can then join). Full insurance cover for up to 365 days per year in 'Europe'.

Restrictions: Larger vehicles excluded by a 'Maximum Engine Size 7 litre (7,000 cc)' clause.

Age Range: 25 to 80

Breakdown Cover available (optional extra): Discount rate for members from the RAC, but limited to 90 days per trip in 'Western Europe' (no limit on number of trips per year).

Their Carefree Travel Insurance may also be of interest, available in 2 age bands (under 65 or 65-79) and for single trip, annual multi-trip or long-stay options. Non-members pay a surcharge.

The Club also offer a new Home Insurance policy allowing up to 180 days away from home in any one trip. (Many such house & contents policies have a one-month limit.)

Insurers: Equity Red Star.

Club Care Insurance, Juniper House, Warley Business Park, Great Warley, Brentwood, CM13 3BE

Call 0800 1244633 or 01277 243000, or get a quote on-line.


Insurance for motorhomes including American models and demountables. Club membership discount. Up to 365 days per trip in mainland Europe.

Age Range: 25 to 74

Breakdown Cover: Not available for larger vehicles (over 3.5 tons).

Underwriters NIG and KGM

Campton Insurance Brokers (UK) Ltd, 126 High Street, Godstone, Surrey RH9 8DX

Call 01883 742460


Insurance available to Caravan Club members. Maximum of 270 days in any one year in the EU and associated countries. Discounts for mature drivers but with a maximum age of 80.

Age Range: 21 to 79

Breakdown Cover: Complicated and costly. 'Mayday' scheme from Green Flag in the UK for CC members. 'Red Pennant' for rest of Europe but they would not cover larger vehicles (over 3.5 tons).

Brokers: Devitt Insurance Services Ltd. Underwriters: Aviva

The Caravan Club, East Grinstead House, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 1UA

Call 0345 5040334


Caravan and motorhome insurance, including American models. Extra premium for maximum 8 months full cover in mainland Europe.

Breakdown Cover: UK cover included and European breakdown cover available as an extra. Heather at Caravan Guard writes: "We now cover American motorhomes under our motorhome insurance policy and our breakdown service has no weight or length restrictions, so we can recover any size of motorhome or RV."

Age Range: 25 to 74. Renewals up to 89!

Underwriters: Royal and Sun Alliance.

Caravan Guard, New Road, Halifax, HX1 2JZ

Call 0800 1488400 or 01422 396769, or get a quote on-line.

Looking for renewal in November 2010, we wrote:

"A very helpful company, now specializing in motorhomes and RVs as well as caravans. Their adviser, Paul, phoned us back when the call was cut off and followed up by emailing details of their quotation.

Cover includes a protected no claims discount, and 24-hr breakdown cover is available throughout Europe with HGV Partner Assistance. The territorial limits are the usual 'EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland'. A Green Card could be supplied for Turkey (an extra £26.25 for 14 days, £52.50 for 28 days) but not for Morocco or Tunisia.

The only drawback was that cover is limited to a total of 8 months outside the UK in any 12 months. You don't need to inform them when leaving but you must keep ferry tickets, in order to prove when you left in the event of a claim."


Includes motorhome insurance.

Restriction: 5,000 cc engine size limit and 'No American Vehicles'!

Discounts for police and public employees.

'Unlimited cover throughout the EU for temporary travel'

Age Range: 25 to 74 though renewals accepted at higher ages. Monthly instalments available.

Breakdown Cover: None

Underwriters: NIG

Caravanwise Ltd, 100 Ringwood Road, Walkford, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 5RF


A newcomer to the world of motorhome insurance but long and successful experience of motorbike and off-road insurance. Could be good for the motorhomer with a motorbike.

Call 0800 0932950 or request a call-back on the website.

Full 12-months cover in the EU and several other countries, extendable to others for an extra fee. In some cases will insure a genuine known full-timer (for a surcharge) and they offer a good range of European countries and breakdown cover, but for the highest premiums we have met!

Also offer a Home Insurance policy allowing up to 180 days away from home in any one trip. (Many such policies have a one-month limit.) Travel/health insurance also available.

Don Madge insured with them (for Home and Travel too) and thinks they're worth it. Paul Barker uses them for Home and Travel, but his motorhome is with Safeguard.

Age Range: 25 to 79

Breakdown Cover: RAC commercial breakdown cover in UK and throughout Europe with no weight or size limit, within the 'Advantage Policy'.

Part of Victor Millwall Insurance Agency Ltd. Underwriters: Norwich Union

Comfort Insurance, Comfort House, 8 Goresbrook Rd, Dagenham, Essex RM9 6UR

Call 0800 0304206, or request a call-back or get a quote on-line.

Looking for renewal in November 2010, we wrote:

"Quotations are available on-line but if you are either over retirement age or 'full-timing' the quoted figure will increase and you are asked to phone. This was not a pleasant experience!

A man called 'Nish' began by saying in a very off-hand way 'you're looking at a minimum of £1,200' (almost double our on-line quote). That was before he'd taken any details whatsoever (though he may have had a date of birth on record), nor did he show the slightest interest. Asked if that amount would be reduced by a full no claims discount, he said that no claims discount didn't come into it, there wasn't any. He stressed that £1,200 was a starting point and it would probably be more. As he clearly couldn't be bothered to discuss any aspect of our insurance needs, we rang off.

This shocked us, coming from a company we had used for many years when it was a friendly family-run business specializing in motorhomes. Why load a policy against a particular category or age of driver without taking their history and claims record into account?"

See also our article: (Cold) Comfort Insurance and 'Full-timing' on this website


Mike Cruckley deals with insurance for caravans, campervans, motorhomes and statics.  Complete the on-line form with your details and requirements, then he will find and compare quotes from a range of companies.


Long-term and short-term cover for motorhomes and campervans. 12 months cover in mainland Europe. Breakdown cover available.

The only site we know which states: “We can cover Australian, New Zealand, South African, Canadian and American residents from the age of 20 to 70.” They will also insure UK nationals, of course.

We have had confirmation of this from antipodeans seeking motorhome or campervan cover for Europe, though it is not inexpensive!

Call 0800 393908 or get a quote on-line.


Call 0344 3816530, or 0330 1231840, or request a call back on the website, or get a quote on-line.

http://www.insurancechoice.co.uk/professional-build-motorhome-insurance/ http://www.insurancechoice.co.uk/self-build-motorhome-insurance/  

Up to 365 days foreign use, cover for awning, personal effects, UK, European and American motorhomes, professional and self-builds, only or second vehicle, agreed values, breakdown cover, etc.

Underwriters: Aviva/Norwich Union.

Call 01926 454454, or request a call back on the website, or get a quote on-line.


Offers contents cover up to £5,000, free unlimited 'European cover', and UK and EU breakdown cover.

Call 01246 216350, or get a quote on-line.


Free 60-day 'European cover'.

Call 0800 0501170, or get a quote on-line.


A member of the Lifesure group of companies. 12 months Continental Green Card cover and optional Continental breakdown cover (latter has a 3.5 ton limit). Minimum age 25. American vehicles not covered. Check size limits.

Age Range: 25 to 79 with renewals if DVLA issues licence.

Breakdown Cover: Europ Assist extra. Limit 4250 kg, 8m long, 3.5m high, 2.5m wide.

Underwriters: NIG, AXA

Lifesure, 34 New Street, St Neots, Cambs PE19 1NQ

In 2010, Maggie Wakefield, not happy after 4 years with NFU, wrote:

"So started looking for other quotes, came across your site last night and emailed several from your list. Had a call back this morning from Darren at Lifesure who offered two quotes that have beaten NFU (one was £61 less): 183 days European cover, on a new scheme that the company have recently set up and are underwriting themselves."

Call 01480 402460, or get a quote on-line.


They specialise in Classic Campers.

In December 2013, Martin Pagett wrote:

“We can insure 10 year old and older Classic Campers with no club membership required, for a mileage limit ranging from 1500 to 8000 pa. Cover extends throughout the EU with free UK& EU breakdown/recovery (we were the first company to do this). Drivers must be 21 years old or older and we do not have any particular cut-off age, though beyond 75 we may expect a doctor's note. It may also be possible to provide agreed value cover. The minimum value is to be £1,000 and no business use is possible. Cover also extends to parts and accessories kept at home - and we allow self-repair if wanted, paying the parts costs AND your own labour. This is rather unique.”

Call 0845 130 4662, or 01277 206285, or send an email through their website.


From the home page: click Useful Links, and then Insurance, for a list of motorhome insurers. Members may get discounted insurance rates with some of these companies but there is no reference to this on the Club's website.


Motorhome insurance including dismountables and fifth wheelers. Unlimited cover in mainland Europe. Size limit 3.5 tons.

Prefer customers with more than one vehicle insured with them! They insure through Mutual Direct.

They ask you to contact your local NFU branch (to be found through the website).

Martin Wiltshire insured with them (changed from Comfort because of Ben Cue's attitude and a higher premium).

Looking for renewal in November 2010, we wrote:

"A friendly young lady at our local office asked us to ring back in 30 minutes to speak to the insurance adviser.

When we did that, there was still no-one available so Rachel took our details and noted our questions. She said there was no limit on time in 'the EU', and National Assistance Breakdown Cover could be arranged as an extra. She could not say how much that would cost, nor exactly which countries might be included or available as extras, and again asked us to ring back in the late afternoon (when we couldn't get through).

Next morning a different young lady knew nothing of our enquiry but said Rachel would be in at 9.30 am. Ringing again at 9.40 am, a recorded message told us no-one was there and asked us to ring back later. Having already phoned NFU five times (from 'Europe') we gave up."

Maggie Wakefield writes:

"I've insured with NFU for 4 years and been very happy but just lately they seem to have gone to pieces - they overcharged me for adding a temporary vehicle, they don't return phone calls, they don't answer emails or letters."


Call 0845 4859600, or 0333 2221070, or request a call back on the website, or get a quote on-line.


Up to 90 days in mainland Europe.

Age range: 25 to 70

Breakdown Cover: Europ Assist package, UK and Continent for extra money. Limits 7m long, 3m high, 2.25m wide.

Underwriters: NIG

Park Home Insurance Services Ltd, Helix House, High Street, Wadhurst, East Sussex  TN5 6AA

Call 0800 614849, or get a quote on-line.


Cover for motorhomes, with 10% discount for members of relevant clubs.

Tel 0800 1303744, or 0800 1601239, or request a call-back on the website, or get a quote on-line.


Safeguard is part of the Swinton Group. They also offer caravan, pet and travel insurance. Personal Accident Cover available as an optional extra.  

Underwriters: Allianz

Fully comprehensive cover with no size or weight restrictions. No time limit in mainland Europe.

AA breakdown cover within the UK and Europe is included, for motorhomes under 20 years old, with no size or weight restriction.

Driver age Range: 21/25 to 79. (80+ if already insured with them).

Although they offer extensive cover for Europe , the acceptance criteria are that the vehicle must be taxed and MOT'd and that the policyholder is a UK citizen and resident and owns a property in the UK (to ensure that the customer is not full-timing). They also do not cover a vehicle where SORN has been declared. Safeguard tell us, for example, that if a vehicle was a total loss abroad and needed to be repatriated back to the UK, there would be issues attached to the fact that the vehicle was declared SORN. There are other reasons, including how the vehicle was taken to the coast whilst the vehicle was declared SORN and so on.

365 days 'foreign' use: The territorial limits are the usual EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. A Green Card extending the territorial limits could be supplied at no extra cost for a number of other countries.

Paul Barker insured with them: "cheaper than Comfort; claims promptly met". It's a good choice at a reasonable price.

 2.5% surcharge for credit card payment.

Call 0800 0113064, or get a quote on-line. (Complete a form on-line and they will phone you within 24 hrs with a quote - and they did).


Excellent cover for the over-50's with good recent insurance record. No upper age limit, but no cover for American motorhomes. Full year's cover in mainland Europe (the EU and some other countries on request). Saga's list 'B', of countries for which you have to apply for a Green Card, is excellent: Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Morocco, Romania, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine.

We've met several satisfied customers, eg Mike Vere, Cindy Webb.

Age Range: 50 until no longer holding DVLA licence!

Breakdown Cover: UK and Continental package as an extra at a good price.

Underwriters: Acromas

Saga Group, The Saga Building, Middleburg Square, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1AZ

Looking for renewal in November 2010, we wrote:

"Saga insure many risks through their underwriters, Acromas. We know from other motorhomers that they offer a wider range of countries than most other companies, with unlimited access.

We rang and, having pressed all the right call centre buttons, we were eventually connected to an anonymous assistant, only to be told that Saga do not insure 'imported vehicles'. Asked if that meant they would not therefore insure a German, French or Italian motorhome, we found that 'imported' meant 'from the USA' – even if imported by a specialist dealer and professionally adapted for European use.

When pressed for a reason (beyond the initial excuse 'it's not our policy'), we were told that the underwriters say the cost of spares is too high for American vehicles. So why not check that out, take no claims years into account and give a quotation for the estimated risk?

A friend (or rather his insurance company) was recently charged over £3,000 to replace a broken side window on a Hymer (which Saga would insure) – and that was in Germany, where Hymer parts are readily available! How can American vehicles be a greater risk than that?

We did ask to speak to someone else, to point out how much business Saga are missing, as most RV owners are careful drivers in the Saga age bracket. We were told to write to 'Customer Relations'. They did not reply. A final irony is that a Saga brochure we once saw pictured a large American RV on its cover!

Maybe a good choice for those aged over 50 and not driving American vehicles."

Call 0800 0964553, or get a quote on-line.


A division of the Swinton Group, they search a panel of insurers for the best price. Optional breakdown cover and legal expenses cover available.

Swinton Group Ltd, Swinton House, 6 Gt Marlborough Street, Manchester  N1 5SW

Call 0800 9544724, or get a quote on-line.


Insurance for touring caravans, motorhomes and folders (including self-built or professionally converted panel vans) and pets. Optional breakdown assistance. Maximum 90 days in mainland Europe per trip. Unlimited trips, but inform Shield before travel. Size limit 3,000 cc.

Age Range: 25 to79 but can be extended for existing policy holders.

Breakdown Cover: Europ Assist package as an extra. Limit 8m long, 3.5m high, 2.5m wide and 4250 kg.

Underwriters: HSBC Insurance (UK) Ltd, Corinthian motorhome scheme.

Call 0800 393966, or request a call back on the website, or get a quote on-line.


Insurance for caravans and motorhomes. Cover available for self-build motorhomes and DIY conversions, as well as RVs and left-hand drive models.

Up to 365 days European cover. Caravan Club member discounts. Travel insurance and breakdown policies also available.

Call 0333 370 7777 (Mon-Fri 9 am-6.30 pm, Sat 9 am-12.30 pm), or get a quote on-line.


Insurance specialists for 4x4, classic cars, kit cars and American cars. Also cover UK, European, Self-builds and American motorhomes (including full-timers).

Drivers aged 25-74 only. Discount if annual mileage limited: options are 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 miles. 15% discount if vehicle has been owned for over 12 months, and another 15% for club members.

European cover included for 90 days.

Underwriters: Enterprise.

Breakdown cover available as an optional extra, but not for larger vehicles.

Tel 0800 1313780, or request a call-back on the website.

Looking for renewal in November 2010, we wrote:

"A company advertising 'cheap insurance for RVs'. Their adviser, Gareth, was helpful and followed up with an email and phone call. The price was competitive.

The territorial limits are the usual 'EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland'.

However, it was not possible to obtain cover for any other countries at all. Nor could they arrange breakdown cover for vehicles over 3.5 tons. The policy had a limit of 90 days per trip outside the UK.”

TOWERGATE BAKERS (formerly Bakers of Cheltenham)

Looking for renewal in November 2010, we wrote:

"The excellent Bakers of Cheltenham, with whom we insured for several happy years, became Towergate-Bakers (though still with a hospitable office in Cheltenham). Last year their motorhome insurance was transferred to Towergate's Dagenham office and dealt with by a less than friendly call centre.

Phoning, we were told that Towergate are 'reviewing motorhome policies' and no new quotations can given at this time. We were advised to call back 'in the New Year'!!"

In Nov 2011, their website offered motorhome insurance once again, though we didn't pursue it.

Call 0344 8921413, or request a call back on the website, or get a quote on-line.