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Motorhoming in Jersey

James and Carol Rowley

April 2008

Hymer owners, James and Carol Rowley, live in Jersey and provided the following useful information on visiting their island with a motorhome.

There was a very useful article on Jersey written by Barry Crawshaw in the February 2004 edition of the MMM.

To summarise matters, the salient points are as follows;

Size of Island: The island is only 9 miles by 5 miles and some of the roads are not suitable for large vans .Car and cycle hire are widely available. The island is very beautiful and very good for walking, cycling, etc.

Travel to Jersey: If coming from France, there is a one-hour fast ferry service from St. Malo. We believe that Condor Ferries (www.condorferries.com) have a limit of 3.5 tons. We do not know whether H&D ferries (www.hdferries.com) have any limits - last summer we took our old B640 Hymer which was 4.5 tons on this ferry with no problems.

If coming from England, Condor Ferries operate fast ferries in the summer and a conventional ferry all year. The conventional ferry has no size or weight limits. All ferry bookings have to be made through one of the campsites and a permit obtained from the campsite to bring a van into Jersey.

Campsites: Wild camping is prohibited. There are three campsites:

Beuvelande (www.campingjersey.com)

Rose Farm (www.jerseycamping.com)

Rozel Camping Park (www.jerseyhols.com/rozel)

Jersey tourism have a very good web site (www.jersey.com)