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Ferries To, From and Around Morocco

Paul Jessup

March 2008

The following information was kindly sent to us by email from Paul Jessup.

I read your article (on Morocco) with interest. We have an apartment in Tenerife, and stay there for 4-5months during the winter. Last winter (we have just got back to France), we took our Karmann Colorado TI to Tenerife, and returned from there to Cadiz.

There is a new ferry service from Tarfaya to Fuertaventura, and one starting shortly between Lanzarote and Tarfaya. To Fuertaventura from Tarfaya it takes only 4 hours and costs about €250 for 2 people and a camping car.

There is also a new ferry from Agadir to Lanzarote (7hrs) starting (started maybe), and I have been told that the motorway now runs from Tangiers to Agadir: they say 5 hours, but we will see. I have been caught speeding in France in our motorhome on the motorway at 147km/hr, but 5 hours seems very quick!

We took the Trasmediterranea ferry from Tenerife to Cadiz. Expensive (we paid €1,565 one way, with the camping car at 6.7 metres, the best type cabin (nothing to write home about) and including €67 for our dog. The food was thoroughly awful, and that is putting it mildly! The ship is only about 20,000 tonnes, so if it is choppy… If you are a Canarian resident, there is a 45% discount (but not for the dog!)

I have not yet found out the price for Agadir to Arrecife, but I will let you know.