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Greece: 69 Overnight Parking/Night Halts PDF Printable Version E-mail


Margaret and Barry Williamson - Updated December 2017

'Overnight Parking' = 'Night Halts' = 'Stopovers' = 'CamperStops'. These are terms we prefer to 'Free Camping' or the wildly exaggerated 'Wild Camping'. Most are simply free car parks or parking spots, while one or two have a small charge to cover extra facilities such as electricity. Sometimes you might be expected to make use of the taverna or kafenion on whose ground you are settled!

Breaking News! Peter Jenkins has updated his Peejays Greece Stopovers following a 3-month tour in the spring of 2016. There are now 240 entries, half of them in the Peloponnese. Each stopover can be accessed through a very detailed clickable Google map or from an alphabetical list by place name. There is a description for each stopover and, for the most part, an accompanying photograph showing PeeJay's motorhome comfortably settled for a night. Returning to Northern Greece later this year, PeeJay will add to his Stopovers from Thomas Fettback's list of 24 Camperstops as well as his own researches.

Breaking News! In November and December 2016, A Nomad (the lone woman motorhomer) made an extensive tour of northwestern mainland Greece and the Peloponnese. Thanks to her generosity, we are happy to publish her list of 31 'Overnight Parking Spots' on this website.

Breaking News! Regrettably, we have only just learned about park4night, a French site (but also with an English version), which lists over 800 places in Greece for doing what it says in its title. Access is through a very user-friendly map.This is just a small fraction of the total number of over-nighting places throughout Europe (50,000 including over 5,000 in the UK) and yet more in other parts of the world. Formidable


Here's our own list of 54 Overnight Parking Places in the Peloponnese, mainly round the coast, described anti-clockwise from Patras, followed by 15 spots in Northern Greece. GPS co-ordinates are given where we have them (some pre-date our SatNav). In general, overnight parking is often possible outside closed campsites in winter, in car parks at the ends of roads leading down to the sea, outside restaurants (ask permission if they are open), by harbours, and adjacent to some ancient sites/museums. This list is particularly useful when most campsites are closed - usually between the end of September and Easter. Water is often available at beach showers or harbour taps but can't be guaranteed drinkable.

All the ones listed below have been safely used in wintertime by us or a known fellow traveller. In the high season they may be more crowded, restricted or forbidden. Some of these, but not all, are listed in the guidebooks we used (2014 editions): 'Camperstop Europe' and the German 'Bordatlas', available from Vicarious Books (www.vicarious-shop.com) or Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk). Both have drawbacks -'Camperstop Europe' has brief entries, annoyingly including many actual campsites, but it does have a good range of places in Greece. The more detailed 'Bordatlas', which is in German, has very few entries in Greece but is much more thorough on its home ground.

See also fellow motorhomer Peter Jenkins' comprehensive list: PeeJay's Stopovers Link 

1. Patras: Warning! Overnight parking is not allowed at the new ferry port, nor would we recommend trying to park anywhere near the port, due to the presence of illegal immigrants trying to stow away to Italy. Better to leave, SW on the New National Road (Pirgos direction) or NE on the motorway (Corinth direction).

2. Kato Achaia: Colin & Jan reported a quiet night outside the closed Camping Kato Alissos (open 1.4-25.10), on the Old National Road about 12 miles W of Patras. They even found water.  N 38.14986  E 21.57740

3. Kalogria Beach: About 20 miles S of Patras, turn right off the New National Road for Kalogria. After the Arachos air force base, 5 miles along, turn left for another couple of miles to Kalogria Beach. Several places to stay in winter, under the pine trees by the shore or on the car parks of empty tavernas and cafes.  N 38.15986  E 21.37162  

Note: The official Kalogria Camper Stop (€10 a night including water, disposal, WC, showers and WiFi, plus €3 for a hookup) is only open from 1.4-31.10. From mid-July to the end of August the price rises by €2. Everything is locked up for the rest of the year. See Camperstop Europe and Bordatlas.

Warning! In March 2008, Colin & Jan wrote to say that they were disturbed at night by a group of youths on motorbikes throwing rocks at their motorhome at Kalogria Beach. On the other hand, we had a quiet night there in December 2007 and again in March 2011. Viv Luscott warned of flooding there in the storms of December 2011. All was quiet when we returned in November 2014.

4. Killini: Turn right off the New National Road about 35 miles S of Patras, to Killini, the ferry port for Zakinthos and Kefalonia. Well lit parking on the harbour (water and toilets behind the Port Police office), or on the sea front W of the harbour.  See Camperstop Europe.  N 37.93460  E 21.14664  

5. Ancient Elis: About 40 miles S of Patras on the New National Road, turn left at the traffic lights (rather than right for Gastouni and Loutra Killinis). Continue 6 miles to the site of Ancient Elis. Level parking area on right opposite the original museum, which has toilets. Entry to site, ancient theatre etc is free. (For the new museum, with small entry fee, continue along road and take next right. This also has a free car park but it's very sloping.) 

6. Loutra Killinis: 5 miles S of Killini, accessed via Gastouni. On the sea front at the end of the cul-de-sac, in a turning circle.

7. Thinnon Forest: 3 miles S of Vartholomio (which is between Gastouni and Loutra Killinis). On the beach by the tavernas in a large level car park.

8. Amaliada Beaches: Several lanes lead to quiet seaside parking areas and seasonal campsites SW of Amaliada. For example, turn right at traffic lights on New National Road (rather than left for supermarkets and Amaliada town centre) to Kourouta Beach, 2 miles along. Level well-lit sea-front parking area with Tavernas and cafes nearby. Next to Municipal Camping, so probably unwelcome when it's open in summer, but very quiet in winter.  N 37.77052  E 21.29399

9. Katakolo Harbour: Turn right off New National Road before Pirgos and continue 6 miles to Katakolo. Vast free parking area on harbour with water (and electricity, maybe €5 extra if Harbour Master calls). In March 2011 we were the only campers. Busy in season when cruise liners dock for Ancient Olympia. Train runs to Pirgos and Olympia year round.

Warning: In June 2015 Carol Bond found that building work on the harbour (for sea defences) meant that much of the space was fenced off. It was also busy with cruise ships.

10. Pirgos: The car park of the AB supermarket on the right of the main road (New National Road), waiting for the store to open! It has a fuel station too.

11. Lake Kaiafas: 5 miles N of Zacharo, level parking area by the warm springs and sulphurous baths at Kaiafa Lake. Approach on minor road leaving main road N of lake. No-one has troubled us during overnight parking in winter, when the spa complex is closed. See Camperstop Europe.  N 37.51917  E 21.60248

12. Zacharo: Warning! The Camperstop at Zacharo listed in Camperstop Europe appeared closed in Jan 2015. Austrian motorhomers who visited it in Nov 2014 reported that the electricity had been cut off and the facilities were dirty, so no point in paying €12 there!

13. Kakovatos: By the beach, off E55 just south of Zacharo. Well-lit parking area near a fish taverna and a hotel, both open in December 2014.  See Camperstop Europe.  N 37.45721  E 21.63869

14. Giannitsohori: 10 miles S of Zacharo. One of several cul-de-sacs leading to seafront parking.

15. Kalo Nero: About 5 miles north of Kiparissia, turn right off E55, cross the railway line and continue to the sea front. Turn left and there is a large level well-lit parking area by the beach. We shared it with one Dutch motorhome in Nov 2017.  N 37.298043  E 21.695282

16. Kiparissia: On the sea front off the road leading to the former campsite.  N 37.25697  E 21.6712016

17. Marathopoli: 3 miles W of Gargaliani on minor seafront road. By the harbour or on the sea front of this small fishing port.

18. Gialova: 10 miles N of Pylos. Follow tracks leading to headland on N side of Navarino Bay (you will probably have company near one of Greece's best beaches). There may even be flamingos, though when we found the bird hide they had obeyed – and hidden!

19. Pylos: Plenty of space for parking on both sides of the harbour, although Rosemary Newton was moved on by the local police in October 2010. Others have reported being moved from the busier commercial side of the harbour. We've had no problems during several stays on the other side of the harbour, where the palm trees are, except for disco noise on Saturday nights (especially St Valentine's evening in Feb 2015!) We joined a couple of other motorhomes there for a night in Nov 2017, with no problem. See Camperstop Europe.  N 36.915601  E 21.695262

20. Methoni: On the extensive harbour car park near the Municipal Camping (usually closed in winter). No problems parking here, day or night.  N 36.817890  E 21.707781

21. Finikounda: Parking at the eastern end of the seafront (not the harbour end) is OK for a night off-season. With nearby campsites open in winter, a longer stay might be discouraged. There is a one-way system: coming from Methoni, turn right at second roundabout, then left at beach.  N 37.298043  E 21.695282

22. Ag Andreas: On the coast road north of Koroni, 7 miles before Petalidi. Parking at the harbour, by the entrance to the long-closed campsite. N 36.86309  E 21.92223

Warning: In June 2015 Carol Bond reported that itinerants were on the derelict campsite, with washing hung along the fence, so she didn't stay on the nearby harbour.

23. Petalidi: Level well-lit parking on the waterfront south of the town centre. All quiet in Nov 2017. (Beware parking there Thursday night - you will be blocked in next morning by the Friday market!)  See Camperstop Europe.  N 36.958788  E 21.935025

24. Ag Nikolaos: South of Stoupa. Large free car park in the village on the sea front. Water tap. (Further along by the beach there are 'No Camping' signs.)  N 36.82314  E 22.28353

25. Nea Itilo: 4 miles N of Areopoli. Turn right off the main road to the N of Nea Itilo to find small parking (signed) by the 'Black Pirate' fish taverna. Alternatively, park on the level well-lit sea front that we always find quiet (most recently in December 2014). The road on through the village is very narrow - go back and leave the way you entered.  See Camperstop Europe.  N 36.69246  E 22.38969

26. Areopoli: Large well-lit free car park between school and bus station. Café and toilets at bus station. A market occupies half the space on Saturday mornings, so best to avoid Friday night. Otherwise, quiet in Dec 2014. Short walk to town centre.  N 36.66810  E 22.38289

27. Gerolimenas: Near the foot of the Mani peninsula, west side. Small car park behind the tiny harbour, W of the road, near Hotel Akrogiali. Great place from which to cycle to Cape Matapan. Hotel/restaurant open year-round and wonderfully quiet in December 2014.  See Camperstop Europe.  N 36.48230  E 22.39969

28. Marmari: Near the foot of the Mani, east side. Small parking area before the hotel at the end of the road, signed 'Parking for Car and Mobile Homes'. Even nearer to Cape Matapan.

29. Kotronas: On east side of Mani peninsula. Parking by the harbour, near a taverna. In December 2014 it was too stormy to stay, with no shelter from waves washing over!  See Camperstop Europe.  N 36.61899  E 22.49367

30. Gythion 1 (Mavrovouni Beach): Turn off at sign to beach, 2 miles S of Gythion. Level parking near a taverna (that was closed in December 2014).  N 36.73120  E 22.56095

31. Gythion 2: On the promenade on the N side of town there is usually space in winter.

32. Gythion 3 (Valtaki Beach): 3 miles along road towards Skala, turn down narrow track to beach near a shipwreck (signed 'Valtaki Beach & Archaeological Site').  Sandy parking area by a taverna. In March 2015 we found the taverna closed and the ground too soft.  See Camperstop Europe.  N 36.78883  E 22.58225

33. Gythion 4 (Valtaki): 4 miles along road towards Skala, a simple taverna called 'O Kavos' on right. In March 2015 the friendly owner gave permission to park there overnight, with no obligation to eat, though we did. The food was good and the wood-burning stove welcoming!  N 36.76258  E 22.59551

34. Glikovrissi (Kokinnia Beach): 20 miles SE of Skala. Take the road south from Kato Glikovrissi, past the permanently closed Camping Lykourgos to the coast. Turn right along the beach for seafront parking (well lit, beach shower, rubbish bins). Quiet night here in March 2015, though a new harbour is being built further along.  N 36.79870  E 22.78324

35. Boza Beach: West coast of Laconia Peninsula. Turn off the Neapoli road at Assopos, through Boza village then 2 miles to end of road by beach. Good parking outside and behind a motorhome-friendly taverna (closed in winter). Taps, beach shower, rubbish bins. Quiet in March 2015.  N 36.70414  E 22.82050

36. Pouda, Vigklafia: South of Vigklafia, turn left in Pouda shortly before the ferry for Elafonissos island. Just along the lane (ignore 'No Camping' sign) there is permitted level grassy parking opposite and next to a motorhome-friendly Restaurant  'The Pouda' or H  ΠOYNTA.  Tap, rubbish bins and lights. Restaurant was closed in March 2015 but we stayed anyway.  N 36.52177  E 22.98339 

37. Ag Fokas: On east coast of Laconia Peninsula, 9 miles south of Monemvassia. Parking opposite small church by the shore at the very end of the road. No lights, just a tap. Well worth the detour for a magical moonlit location all to ourselves in March 2015. See Camperstop Europe.  N 36.59539  E 23.06101   

38. Monemvassia: See Camperstop Europe. By the harbour at N 36.68240  E 23.03821 or on the parking area on the causeway to the fortified old town (may be crowded in peak season) at N 36.68875  E 23.05076.

39. Limenas Gerakas: Turn off coast road 16 miles N of Monemvassia towards small port of Limenas Gerakas. Free parking area before the village, by start of footpath up to ancient acropolis.  N 36.78831  E 23.08211

40. Plaka, Leonidio: Near Plaka harbour (2 miles S of Leonidio). Free parking in a small square by the Coastguard Office. Well lit, rubbish bins, beach shower, public WC. Free WiFi in Foinikas Café, if open. Parked here for 4 nights in March 2015 with no problem, despite 'No Camping' sign. Perhaps that is enforced when the nearby Camping Semeli, listed in Camperstop Europe and the Bordatlas, is open (from early April).  N 37.14771  E 22.89383

41. Leonidio: Free parking by the river, both sides of the bridge. Handy for shops. Maybe noisy at night. N 37.16631  E 22.85818

42. Kosmas: Free parking in square behind church in mountain village. Well lit, rubbish bins, flowing water fountains. Taverna nearby. Some snow still up here in March 2015!  N 37.09171  E 22.74030

43. Paralia Astros: 30 miles N of Leonidio along coast road. Free car park by beach, 2 miles N of Paralia Astros. Beach shower and rubbish bin. See Camperstop Europe.  N 37.44475  E 22.74800

44. Nea Kios: 5 miles S of Argos, 5 miles W of Nafplio. In large car park on seafront road.

45. Nafplio: See Camperstop Europe. Plenty of opportunities in large parking areas around commercial harbour and railway station at N 37.76860  E 22.99850 or on the marina at N 37.56823  E 22.80170

46. Irion Beach, Iria: Free parking area at end of road, beyond the harbour. Beach shower and rubbish bins, just past taverna (closed in March 2015).  N 37.47750  E 23.00039

47. Salandi Beach, Didyma: 4 miles W of Didyma. Very large gravel parking area by the shore, near a derelict hotel and holiday village. No facilities. Very peaceful for a short stay in March 2015. See Camperstop Europe.  N 37.44748  E 23.12474

48. Kilada: Due south of Salandi across the bay, 10 miles by road. Free parking on the waterfront road, opposite the harbour. Well lit, rubbish bins, good taverna opposite with WiFi for customers (but not working in March 2015!)  N 37.41364  E 23.12659

49. Epidavros: Ancient site and theatre of Asklipio, 20 miles E of Nafplio. Usually possible to stay in the extensive free car park. (Not to be confused with Palea Epidavros on the coast, where there are seasonal campsites.) See Camperstop Europe.  N 37.59675  E 23.07444 

50. Corinth: At Isthmia, the far E end of the Canal. In large car park at the very end of the canal near control station, or just south on a small seafront road near gardens.

51. Ancient Corinth, Corinth: Afrodite's Waters Camperstop: Guarded parking at €10 per night including water, dump, WC, shower, kitchen and electric hook-up. Friendly family run. Open all year and very convenient for the archaeological site. See Camperstop Europe and Bordatlas. More detail on our list of Greek campsites open all year.  N 37.91139  E 22.87861

52. Nikoleika Beach, Aigio: 'En Plo' Beach Café and Camperstop  (+30 6932-541101):  New in March 2016, a CamperStop on the Gulf of Corinth between Aigio (5 km) and Diakopto.  Click for website. Open all year. Owner John Karvelis speaks English and lives on-site. Offers secure shady parking, fresh water, waste water disposal, WC, hot showers and a BBQ place. 10 euros per day + 3 euros for optional electric hook-up. Motorhome storage also possible. Only 47 km from the port of Patras. (Not yet visited this one but it looks very good.)  N 38.223790  E 22.147049       

53. Rion: 5 miles NE of Patras, near ferry or new bridge across the Gulf of Corinth. Lots of space on large waiting areas for ferry (which costs less than the toll bridge).

And finally, one that is not on the coast but in Arcadia, the mountainous interior of the Peloponnese:

54. Dimitsana: Large free well-lit car park at the Open-air Water Power Museum, 2 km S of Dimitsana. An excellent new museum, open all year 10 am-5 pm, except Tuesdays. Free for age 65+ (and well worth the small entry fee if younger!) Café and toilets in museum. A fascinating visit and a quiet night in December 2014. Well signed turn off the main road between Dimitsana and Stemnitsa, then downhill for 1 km.  See Camperstop Europe (their co-ordinates are for the turning, ours for the actual car park).  N 37.58485  E 22.04657

Warning! Dimitsana and Stemnitsa are both long mountain villages with a narrow thoroughfare, making access difficult for larger motorhomes and caravans. Not recommended for anything over 7 metres!


In February/March 2011, returning from Turkey across Northern Greece, hardly any campsites were open along our route after Alexandroupolis, apart from Kalambaka (for the Meteora Monasteries). We used many of the following parking places, with no problems at all. Again, in the high season they may be more crowded, restricted or forbidden. SatNav co-ordinates are given. Others were added during journeys from Bulgaria to the Peloponnese in November/December 2014, and again in November 2017, when all were peaceful – in fact, we had no company at all!

Maronia Harbour, Thrace - N40.5234 E25.3036  Parking space at harbour, near ancient site of Maronia. Fish taverna, waste bins, water. Fishermen keen to sell you their catch, dead or alive!

Fanari, Thrace - N40.95497 E25.14750  Beyond the EOT campsite (open mid-June to end September), there is over a mile of parking space along the wide road, between sea and lagoon, with flamingoes and pelicans for company. Very quiet, one restaurant open in winter.

Porto Lagos, Thrace – N41.00633 E25.112028  Huge free well-lit parking area at port. Excellent fish taverna open (Dec 2014). Avoid Saturday night as there is a huge market on Sundays, all year round, until late afternoon. See Camperstop Europe.

Avdera, Thrace - N40.55596 E24.58191  Parking opposite entrance to Ancient Avdera. Tap at church, opposite. Also parking and water on nearby harbour. Excellent free archaeological museum in Avdera village, 3 miles inland.

Paralia Orfani (Orfani Beach), Near Amfipolis, (Greek) Macedonia - N40.74988 E23.94127  Free well-lit car park alongside beach opposite cafes. Tap nearby at Lifeguard post, opposite children's fun park (closed). Maybe less welcoming in summer, with a seasonal campsite 2 miles west in the village. Avoid Sunday night, as there is no parking from 4 am to 4 pm on Mondays for the busy market, all year round.

Elodia Taverna, Kerkini, (Greek) Macedonia - N41.211441 E23.095873  Just 36 miles from Bulgarian border, by Lake Kerkini (a National Park wetland with pelicans, flamingos, pygmy cormorants and many more species). In Kerkini village turn left on lane signed 'Limani' (= harbour), towards the western shore of the lake. About a mile along is the friendly Elodia restaurant with extensive grounds and parking. Open all year except Mondays. Customers can  park overnight and the food is excellent. Free WiFi covers car park. WC and water available. A very welcome meal and stay when we entered Greece from Bulgaria in Nov 2017.       

Thessaloniki, (Greek) Macedonia – N40°30'9” E22°58'15”  18 km from Thessaloniki, near the airport at Perea. Free 'no obligation' camperstop (with water, WC, dump, hookup and WiFi) at Zampetas motorhome/caravan dealers: www.zampetas.gr. A friendly family firm, with accessory shop and workshops. English and German spoken. Closed Sundays. After our visit in Nov 2014 we left with new air suspension on the rear of our Carado motorhome. Highly recommended if you need servicing or repairs. See Bordatlas.

Vergina Camperstop, (Greek) Macedonia - N40.48514 E22.31957  Private guarded car park with optional hook-up, recycling bins and drinking water. Friendly German-speaking owner in adjacent house. Short walk to the magnificent Royal Macedonian Tombs. Overnight parking still €4 (or €7 including electric) in Nov 2017. Free WiFi. See Bordatlas.

Vergina Parking, (Greek) Macedonia - N40.48447 E22.32195  Large open parking area in village, with no facilities except bins and theft warning notices! This one is free.

Thermopiles, Central Greece - N38.79446 E22.53034  At the Thermal Springs there is a vast expanse of rough ground for parking. Signed along a short lane beside the Shell fuel station/cafe, past a police station and a spa hotel (closed). You can bathe al fresco in the sulphurous pool or just join other free campers for the night. Usually busy but only 3 other motorhomes in Feb 2011. In November 2011, Viv Luscott reported the large parking area fenced off, though still possible to stay overnight under the trees by the (closed) hotel.

Farsala, Hotel Aigli, Central Greece - N39.30610 E22.354167  Hotel/restaurant with large well-lit car park, less than a mile off the Farsala ring road. Hotel open in Nov 2017 but restaurant was closed. Parked overnight with manager's permission.

Episkopi, Lake Kremaston, Central Greece - N38.88534 E21.60224  A well lit parking spot outside an abandoned café, by the bridge across a dammed lake on the mountain road E952, north of Agrinio. No facilities, but tavernas open on far side of bridge.

Psilovrachos, Lake Kremaston, Central Greece - N38.879050 E21.599769  Parking in front of a tavern/grill, across the bridge, by the dammed lake on the mountain road E952 north of Agrinio. Good simple food by a blazing fire in Nov 2017. Free WiFi. WC and water.

Vonitsa, Epiros - N38.92070 E20.89859  Excellent place to east of town, just off E55, with plenty of parking space along shore. Short walk into centre. Water tap behind shed by footbridge to island.

Lake Vouliagmenis, Nr Perachora, Attica - N38.03185 E22.87323  Plenty of level parking space at far western end of lake, by a couple of tavernas. Well lit, with rubbish bins and WC. Maybe busy with coaches in summer but empty in winter.

Peter Highe in his article 'Highe in the Peloponnese' uses some of PeeJay's places, adds others and gives handy GPS co-ordinates.


In January 2010, John Hughes added the following information based on a motorhome tour of Greece earlier in 2009. His experience seems to show a greater use of overnight parking opportunities by motorhomers, more notices 'prohibiting' overnight parking, and some evidence of police activity in at least one location.

Given the extent to which Greeks park their cars, vans and trucks where they will, at any time of the day or night, it seems to us that such notices are not enforceable. It is more likely that nearby campsite owners are using their 'contacts' to erect signs to force or con motorhomers onto their overpriced sites. At the time of writing, Greece is in no position to oppress tourists and new legislation brings in, for the first time, the chance to question the questionable actions of the police. (For an example of oppressive police action against tourists see, for example, our own bad experience in: The Siege of Kalithea)

John Hughes writes:

"Last year (2009) we spent some 8 weeks, in spring, exploring Greece. As this was our first visit to the country using our motorhome, we are indebted to you and all the information on your website (www.magbaztravels.com). Apart from a rather out of date German publication (Stellplatzen in Griechenland), we relied heavily on the information we had printed from the Magbaz website in order to find suitable places for overnight halts.

Below are a few notes I made which may help you keep your invaluable list up to date:”

* Nafplio: We, plus all the other motorhomers there during the day, were warned by a police roving patrol that there was definitely no overnight parking on the large parking lot in the docks. (Late April 2009)

* Mycenae, Messene and Mystra: No Overnight Parking signs were very prominent in the car parks at the ruins.

* Monemavassia: Water tap at harbour parking. This is the large parking lot by the fishing harbour. The parking by the causeway had signs up forbidding overnight parking.

* Parolio Beach: No parking at Parolio Beach but just north of the town we found a large beachside car park at Vernena Beach (not the nature reserve, where the car park was very muddy and totally unsuitable). A tap was available out of season.

Other excellent free stopovers we used (not on the Peloponnese) were:

* Vliho on Lefkada: Harbourside

* Xiliadau: Some 15 km east of the northern end of the Rio bridge. This was a tranquil spot with a tap and a taverna next to the harbour-side parking. We shared the spot with two Dutch motorhomers, who said that it was listed on Dutch websites.

Various Dutch motorhomers whom we met during our stay in Greece recommended the following Dutch and German websites:

www.griekenlandmetdecamper.nl (means 'Greece with the Motorhome'). In Dutch. Many free camping places in Greece, with maps and GPS co-ordinates.

www.campercontact.nl (means 'Motorhome Contact'). In Dutch. 6 free camping places in Greece plus many sites in many other countries.

www.campervriendelijk.nl (means 'Motorhome Friendly'). In Dutch. Look under 'Camper Plaatsen' ('Motorhome Places') then 'Buitenland' ('Abroad' if you are Dutch). Many free and paying camping places in Greece and elsewhere including 1 in Albania.

www.womo.de (means 'Motorhome') In German. Devoted to selling books of free camping places.

I am not sure how useful these sites are but both Dutch and German motorhomers seemed to have a wealth of detail of safe places to stay in Greece."

MAPS FOR GREECE (Barry Williamson)

Note that Greece is sometimes not included in SatNav systems: their definition of Europe often ends at Italy and Austria! However, our 'Garmin Nuvi' model (bought in 2013 at Halfords in Arnhem, Holland, when its predecessor let us down) has thorough coverage of Greece.

Most maps made and sold in Greece are simply misleading: they are hard to read, inaccurate and very selective in their content. This is equally true of the atlases that are on sale at inflated prices. If you do buy an atlas, check that all the pages are there, in the right order! (We once returned a faulty one bought in Igoumenitsa, only to find they were all alike!)

The best map of the Peloponnese, made and available in Greece, is number 5 in the 1:250,000 series 'Road Editions' which cover Greece in 5 overlapping maps (Crete is the 6th). There is an index in Greek and English, including separate indices to monasteries and ancient sites, and street maps of key towns. Of all the road maps of Greece, this one does the most to show contours. The Greek Islands are covered separately in 18 maps with scales ranging from 1:20,000 to 1:1,000,000. Another series for walkers covers 8 mountain areas at 1:50,000 (roughly 1 mile = 1 inch).

Available in the UK, but not seen on sale in Greece, is the much cheaper option, the 1:300,000 GeoCentre Euro Map 'Greece and the Islands', published by RV Verlag GmbH in Stuttgart. Available from good bookshops in the UK; we bought ours in Blackpool. Printed on both sides, it covers the whole of Greece on a good scale, clearly and with considerable accuracy. All the islands are included and there is a splendid little map showing the regions. The index is in English only, with a very few street plans.

Stanfords of Covent Garden, the best map and guidebook source in the UK, will post maps and guides to Greece, to a Poste Restante for example, paying by credit card. Their International Mail Order Service Number is +44 (0)207 836 1321. Website:www.stanfords.co.uk

And, of course, there are the Google maps!