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Guides to Travel In and To Morocco

Helen & David Homewood

August 2008

We are grateful to motorhomers Helen and David Homewood for providing the following information about camping and travelling in Morocco and ferry crossings from mainland Europe.

If you speak French, there is a fabulous website and guidebook www.lemarocencampingcar.com, which is incredibly comprehensive, and very nicely written too. Also good are www.marocensolitaire.com and the Routard guide book.

There are crossings from the South of France, www.euromer.net is a good agency, either from Sete to Tangiers, or you can pick up an Italian boat ( GNV i.e.Grandi Navi Veloci!) which crosses from Genoa, via Barcelona to Tangier. In winter, they do a special rate for campervans, meals and cabin included. It is dearer than trekking down through Spain, but we came back via Spain and felt it was worth the extra!

Because Morocco is an ex-French colony, you find lots more useful info. if you search on Google.fr rather than Google.com.