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Campsites in Bosnia PDF Printable Version E-mail

Camp Sites and Camping Grounds in Bosnia and Herzegovina

John and Sue Hughes
January 2010

John and Sue wrote us the following note on campsites after their motorhome journey through Bosnia and Herzegovina in the summer of 2009.

"Many thanks for putting together your useful list of campsites in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Your list, along with a local publication, (Bosnia and Herzegovina Campsites) which we spotted in the Tourist Office in Sarajevo, helped make our brief venture into Bosnia such a success. Next time we will make sure that our additional insurance is valid for longer!

Below I have listed places we found which we thought would be of interest to you and could perhaps be added to your list.

Details are all as we found them last June (2009).

* Autocamp Plivsko Jezero: This is excellent with immaculate,clean facilites of a very high standard, including laundry facilities. The site is located on the E761/M5 Bihac to Sarajevo road some 5 kms west from the town of Jajce in Central Bosnia. English was spoken at Reception. We have completed a site report for MMM on this site.

* Secure Overnight Parking: Driving north from Sarajevo on E761/661 (M4/16) towards the Croatian border at Gradiska, we noticed a couple of areas advertised. Unfortunately we didn't have time to try them out.

*  Motel Carousel at Vitez: On right hand side of the road to Travnik when travelling north. Advertised as secure parking with a restaurant, pizzeria and mini golf. Tel: 030 717 555. We didn't stop here but the site looked clean and it had a gated entrance.

*  A Motel at Gradiska: Close to the Croatian border, the motel was advertising motorhome secure overnight parking.

* Camp Krupa na Vrbasu: A campsite we passed along the same route, it is near the town of the same name. The town and site are approximately 25 km south of Banja Luka. Approaching from the south, turn right after the bus station in the centre of town. 3 euros per night.

Bosnia seems to be gradually realising its potential as a motorhome destination and it is certainly a country to which we will return."

Barry and Margaret add the following:

Our extensive list of websites, which in turn list thousands of campsites throughout Europe, can be found at: http://www.magbaztravels.com/content/view/885/27/

The following information about campsites in Bosnia and Herzegovina was compiled following a query from motorhomers Caroline and Robert Henderson.

Overall, there is little information on this subject on the internet. The major campsite guides either do not mention Bosnia and Herzegovina or they only mention Autocamp Oaza near Sarajevo. If you can add to the following data, please Contact Us!

On this website, in our diary for 8 April 2007, we describe our visit to Bosnia's Autocamp Oaza, situated about 9 miles (14 km) from the centre of Sarajevo. See also the information about this campsite in the ADAC website mentioned below.

The website http://www.bosniatravel.net/camping/ lists 22 campsites, though with minimum supporting detail:

1. Campsite Ustikolina, Gorazde - Tourist Centre Ada
2. Campsite Bihac - Orljani
3. Tourist Centre “Balkana”, Mrkonjic Grad
4. Camp “Bjeli”, Bihac
5. Camp “Brštanovica”, Foca
6. Camp “Tara – Raft”, Foca
7. Camp “Sastavci”, Foca
8. Camp “Montings”, Foca
9. Camp “Kiro”, Bihac
10. Eco Centre “Ljekarice”, Prijedor
11. Camp “Mlinska Rijeka”, Celinac
12. Camp “Oaza”, Konjic
13. Camp “Oaza”, Sarajevo
14. Camp “Ontario”, Lukavac
15. Camp “Orlovo Jezero”, Petrovo
16. Camp “Ramska Kuca”, Prozor
17. Camp “Scorpio”, Zenica
18. Camp “Sutjeska”, Tjentište
19. Camp “Unis Ishrana”, Konjic
20. Camp “Zebed”, Gradacac
21. Camp “Zelenkovac”, Podrašnica
22. Camp “Zemo”,Medugorje

The excellent and wide ranging German 'Campingfuehrer' books, CD and website published by the German motorists' organisation, ADAC, lists 5 campsites in Bosnia:

1. Autocamp Orljani. Bosnien und Herzegowina - 77000 Bihać/Una, Band Süd, HZ 110, Seite 1067

2. Autocamp Oaza. Bosnien und Herzegowina - 71000 Ilidža bei Sarajewo Band Süd, HZ 310, Seite 1067

3. Autocamp Plivsko jezero. Bosnien und Herzegowina - 70101 Jajce/Plivsko jezero Band Süd, HZ 240, Seite 1067

4. Camping Unis Ishrana. Bosnien und Herzegowina - 88400 Konjic/Boračko Jezero Band Süd, HZ 320, Seite 1067

5. Camping Zemo. Bosnien und Herzegowina - 88266 Medugorje Band Süd, HZ 375, Seite 1068

However, the Bosnian Embassy in the UK claims that there are 'thousands of campsites' in Bosnia. Despite giving links to camping in 10 major centres, the website fails to list a single campsite!

If you can't find a campsite, look for secure parking at a hotel or motel (preferably with a guard and/or a closed gate), a truck park (often called 'TIR') or a 24-hour service station. It may be appropriate to buy a meal or fuel, or to tip the guard with cigarettes or cash. We have spent many safe nights like this throughout the Balkans (including Albania), in eastern Turkey and other countries where campsites are absent or closed, or if we just want to pause overnight on our way somewhere else. We use campsites when we want to settle for a while.