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A Motorhome Journey in the USA: from Florida to San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley and Las Vegas

Brenda and Adrian Wilson
February 2009

Click: 143 Photographs of the Wilsons' Tour of the USA

Last December we bought a 26-foot Fleetwood Fiesta RV in Cocoa, Florida. We have now travelled from coast to coast and are starting to come east again. We would really have liked to go further north and into Canada but, as you know, it's not a winter job so we hope we can return at some time!

We went as far north as San Francisco and had nothing but rain and cold which, after the deserts, wasn't very nice. We then went up across to the Yosemite National Park, which was even colder. We had to buy snow chains which we had never fitted before but were sold some that were too small for us - even though they came out and looked at our motorhome. The place we bought them from had just closed as we got back so, as it was getting late, we had to find somewhere to stay the night and return in the morning. Anyway, we changed the chains the next day (after several inches of snow fell overnight) and we were on our way again.

Don't know if you have ever had experience of snow chains but they really are wonderful things. The next night we had about 12 inches of snow and the following night a further 4 inches. It was like going down a toboggan run. We were amazed at how many people there were, up there in the National Park. It was a holiday weekend and very busy with many tents - yet no-one had electricity and it was extremely cold. But what a wonderful place. Absolutely stunningly beautiful! I think that has been the highlight for the journey - so far anyway.

After that we went to Death Valley National Park and we are now in the 'Circus Circus' Casino RV park in Las Vegas, where I see you (Margaret and Barry Williamson) also stayed. We haven't been to the Hoover dam yet or the Grand Canyon - we leave these for later. Walked for nearly 4 hours last night and will take the bus to see the rest of the Las Vegas strip tonight. We have so loved being without the flies here and the people are so laid back, friendly and helpful.

We must have been to nearly all the National Parks! We bought a year's pass for $80, and it was certainly well worth it!! Not sure yet if we will ship our RV back home at the end of May. This probably depends on how the pound is doing at the time. Although the RV is only supposed to have done very few miles, Adrian doubts this very much. So, whether it will be to our advantage to ship it back to the UK, or not, remains to be seen.

(to be continued)