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Motorhoming in Turkey and Balkans 2009

Andrew Harris
September 2009

My 16 year-old daughter and I have just come back from a 4-week trip in the RoadPro motorhome to Istanbul, via Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and so on. We don't like campsites on the whole but did find two in Albania, one of which we spent a very enjoyable day at.

The whole trip was great fun with virtually no problems. The roads in Albania are not nearly as bad as reported (or as they might have been a few years' ago). No stress at any borders - with the exception of Bulgaria / Romania where a local wide-boy tried to extort 10 Euros from us - and friendly, helpful people everywhere.

No problems finding places to stay - basically any place where we could park up and not upset anyone - and great food often bought from roadside stalls or, in several cases, given to us.

Istanbul was great too and parking was easy - alongside the Bosphorus (or it might have been the Golden Horn). A memorable evening was spent drinking beer with a Turkish policeman (off-duty) which ended up with warm hugs and kisses all round.

Not a single British motorhome to be seen between Venice and Dunkirk but I can assure anyone who's feeling just a little adventurous that they should have no fears about heading east.

I'm going to try and write a longer account of the trip in our 2010 RoadPro catalogue.