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26 Websites listing Campsites & Stopovers in Europe PDF Printable Version E-mail

26 Website Guides to Campsites and Stopovers
Throughout Europe

Margaret and Barry Williamson
Updated December 2017

Breaking News! Regrettably, we have only just learned about park4night, a French site (our link is to the English version), which lists over 800 places in Greece for doing what it says in its title. Access is through a very user-friendly map.This is just a small fraction of the total number of over-nighting places throughout Europe (50,000 including over 5,000 in the UK) and yet more in other parts of the world. Formidable

The following websites provide free, detailed lists of campsites and stopovers throughout Europe, including the UK. In most cases you can search by country, by campsite/stopover name or from a map. They are freely provided by clubs and individuals in a range of countries - Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria. We emphasise that the listings are free: you don't have to be a club member, log in or register (if you don't want to).

The entries are usually provided by visiting travellers or even inspectors, giving accuracy and reliability. In the best cases, there are photographs, maps, GPS co-ordinates, opening dates and links to the campsite's own website. In some cases, all the information is also available on a DVD on open sale over the internet (ie not limited to members of the respective club).

Sometimes, you can search the website by theme: 'No Dogs', 'No Children', 'No Naturists', 'Motorhomes over 5 Tons', etc.

This is in sharp contrast with what is offered by the only British Club that provides any sort of list of campsites on the mainland of Europe - the Caravan Club. It publishes lists of campsites by country in three expensive volumes (costing even more for non-members); the lists are not on the Club website. Interestingly, the books are entitled: Caravan Europe. This title ignores the many members of the Club and users of campsites who are motorhomers, and is also apparently ignorant of the fairly obvious fact that Britain itself is in Europe (or was until Brexit).

The entries are made on a voluntary basis by Club members and other readers, and therefore lack any kind of format, accuracy or systematic coverage. Many entries are out of date and the directions given are famously idiosyncratic (something we literally know to our cost). For example, a pair of sites in Greece which are a 5-minute walk apart are listed under completely separate towns, lying miles away. And several CC members do not know east from west! There are no inspections and users are relied on to correct or add entries.

Countries missing from the Caravan Club books include Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco (as well as the UK which is also in Europe).

Here is our List of Free Websites

If you can add to it, please Contact Us.


Australian Martin Williams recommends this French-language site which proved its usefulness for his next motorhome tour of Europe. It is indeed one of the best, with coverage of 41 European countries and a number of ways of searching for what you need. This includes just about the best map-based search process we have ever seen, with detailed information (including comments) on each aire and site. The only negative is that it is in French!

In November 2013, Ian sent us a link to his website, listing over 22,000 motorhome stopovers and campsites across Europe. It's totally non-commercial and advert free! He wrote that it was built out of frustration at having to switch between various sources, none of which gave the layout and functionality that he wanted.

Our note: We immediately used Ian's website while travelling across France in November, a time when very campsites are open. The website proved invaluable. It was easier to use than any other map-based website we have found; the information was good and easily accessed and included a good range of campsites and overnight stops for motorhomes. Highly recommended.

The UK's oldest and biggest internet guide for campers, caravanners and motorhomers has detailed campsite lists (with reader reviews) throughout the UK and mainland Europe. You can subscribe to its regular free newsletter with message forums, classified ads, competitions and a wide range of features and tips. 


Martin Smith has created this website with some great features including exhaustive information about each featured site and a very useful and thorough search function which works through name, geographical location and clickable maps.

Here Ian Shires provides a Google-based map guide to dozens of campsites throughout Hungary from the largest to the smallest. Taken from a Hungarian source, this list may take you to places you have never been before!

Country of Origin: Holland. In English, from the Dutch Camping Club ACSI. 9,900 campsites, map-based with an excellent and detailed coverage.

Country of Origin: Holland. In Dutch with over 6,600 campsites in 32 countries.

Country of Origin: Holland. In English with many campsites listed in 16 countries with initial search by map. Multiple bookings are possible via the website.

Country of Origin: Germany. In German, from the motoring club ADAC. Map-based with an excellent and detailed coverage.

Country of Origin: France. Available in English, as well as German, Dutch and the original French. The coverage is world-wide!

Country of Origin: Austria. In English, as well as the original German and many other languages. It has 23,006 campsites in Europe, even including details of 26 sites in Serbia.

Country of Origin: Italy. In English and including 2 campsites in Albania.

Country of Origin: Probably Eastern Europe. Map-based with a limited coverage, but includes 3 campsites in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina.

Country of Origin: Bulgaria. In English with an excellent map-based coverage of Bulgaria.

Paul and Sheila Barker
are the designers, writers, cartographers and photographers for this, the best travel website we know: They list all the campsites they have used in the many countries they have visited throughout Europe. An interactive map links to a description and review of each site - and they tell it as it really is with a rating scale from -5 (dreadful) to +5 (excellent). 

Paul and Sheila have also sent us the following list of websites they have used on recent travels in mainland Europe, along with their own comments: 

http://www.camping-in-greece.gr/default.asp  Covering mainland Greece and the islands.

http://www.camping-frankrijk.nl/  A Dutch site which gives a thorough coverage of all the departments of France; we used this as an invaluable source of info about Corsican sites and found many small sites which got no mention anywhere else; they were consequently much cheaper than the outrageous prices charged by the bigger plebby sites.

http://www.motorhomefacts.com/modules.php?name=Campsites&op=search  I really don't like and never have anything to do with Internet Forums, since I generally find myself at odds with the values and culture of so many Forum-addicts, who have little else to fill their sad time but write whingeing notes; however, the Motorhome Facts campsites pages do have some value, if you accept that they are included by members' recommendation and you may not agree with what is said.

http://www.camping.hr/  The Croatian Camping Union offers both an excellent web-listing and a very helpful service on information about campsites in Croatia; they readily respond to emailed enquiries.

http://www.czech-camping.com/   This was an invaluable guide to Czech and Slovak campsites which revealed to us many smaller sites, whereas the ACSI website manages to include all the ultra-luxury, plebby and ultra-expensive sites; also of course sites full of noisy Dutch caravanners and our antipathy to this breed is well-known!


Martin Jeffes, entrepreneurial designer, owner and manager of Camping Sakar Hills in South-East Bulgaria (http://www.sakar-hills.com/index.html) has given us details of this Dutch website (with a version in English) which gives, free of charge, Points of Interest (POIs) to download to your SatNav. There are latitudes and longitudes for over 30,000 campsites throughout Europe, which does, of course, include the UK. Many thanks to Archie! Martin is happy that he is included in the list as a Point of Interest, since he is very much a POI. We have always admired his longitude (tall), latitude (wiry), attitude (positive) and altitude (above all others in Bulgaria).

John Hughes has kindly added the following Dutch websites, recommended by various Dutch motorhomers who he met while travelling in Greece. The notes are ours:

http://www.griekenlandmetdecamper.nl/ (means 'Greece with the motorhome'). In Dutch. Many free camping places in Greece, with maps and GPS co-ordinates.

http://www.campercontact.com/ A Dutch site in several languages including English. Map based and very easy to use. About 16,000 'stopovers' in 38 European countries. GPS co-ordinates and maps are downloadable; comments and photographs can be added.

http://www.campervriendelijk.nl/ (means 'Motorhome Friendly'). In Dutch. Look under 'Camper Plaatsen' ('Motorhome Places') then 'Buitenland' ('Abroad' if you are Dutch). Many free and paying camping places in Greece and elsewhere including 1 in Albania.

www.campings-in-roemenie.nl  This was recommended to us by John and Sue in August 2010.