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In Turkey 2009 (The Owens) PDF Printable Version E-mail


Travels in Turkey 2009

Anthea and Gerry Owen
November 2009

The following notes from Anthea and Gerry update our tour in the spring of 2008. Theirs was a similar but longer tour, much extended in the far east of that vast country. They write:

We have just done a fabulous tour, similar to yours of last year, and I thought you may be interested in a few updates.

We mostly followed a similar route to you, but clockwise. We also went down the eastern border, to Kars, Ani, Van, Mount Ararat etc., before turning back to the Med. It was an excellent trip, with friendliness and interest shown everywhere, especially in the Kurdish areas. It felt safe, and there was much less hassle than in Morocco etc., but challenging for our van from the road surface point of view.

Edirne Camping is still run on strict military lines: she directed us to a spot, indicated the angle for our van to go, watched us park, level up and hook up, and only then told us we had to turn the van through 90 degrees to accommodate a large group which was about to arrive.

Sinop Campsite seemed to be on its last legs, but Sinop itself was actually easy to negotiate in the van, with a big car park (may be new since last year?) and well worth a visit.

Namrut Dagu's road is now paved all the way up in both directions.

Sedre Camping no longer exists! We were allowed to stay on the Piknik end as it was late September and very quiet. The campsite looked as though it had been violently destroyed - we wondered if they had local opposition to the plan.

Kum Hotel (on the Gallipoli Peninsula) has been thoroughly revamped, and is now an excellent site.

Comment from Koray Tezcan, President of the Turkish Camping and Caravanning Club (www.kampkaravan.org), received on 4 November 2009:

I read the message of English couple and your comments. I spoke once on the phone to the lady at Edirne Camping. I have the impression that she is someone who doesn't speak and act with logic, but with momentary feelings.

I'm happy to hear about Kum Camping and Nemrut mountain.

I was today at Sedre Camping. Yes ! the new and clean service unit is destroyed. I'm told that the former camping area was condidered as a special area ( such as antic ruines ? ) where you can not do anything.  The people of the small village went to the court and succeeded to obtain the destruction of the facility. The owner, Mr. Cemal is in bankrupcy. He transferred his rights to somebody who transferred again to a third one.

Today, I found the new "owner". He wants to make again the campsite, but on the other side of the main road. There is an underground passage to the beach. I promised to help him to make the new campsite.

Thank you, Anthea, Gerry and Tezcan!